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WaterLogger is a simple widget to track your daily water intake and make sure you stay hydrated. No more guesswork when trying to remember how much water you drink each day. WaterLogger will log it for you! </p><p></p><p>Controls are simple:</p><p></p><p>* For touch-enabled devices, simply tap the screen to add either 4 oz or 125 ml to your total.</p><p>* For non-touch devices, press the Ent...


Version 2.2.1</p><p>* Added support for Vivoactive3</p><p>* Minor visual and performance improvements</p><p></p><p>Version 2.1.3</p><p>* Minor visual improvements</p><p></p><p>Version 2.1.2</p><p>* Progress bar/arc now restarts when you reach 100% of daily goal.</p><p></p><p>Version 2.1.1</p><p>* Water total now resets automatically every night.</p><p>* Up to seven days of history stored on dev...

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Moyenne des évaluations : (32 évaluations)

2 octobre 2018 | Version 2.2.1-upd1

Why is the default water pitch set to 125 ml? What if I drink 500 ml at a time? Press the button several times ???? '!!!

Réponse du développeur
2 octobre 2018, Bananaroo

125ml was chosen because it is the closest equivalent to 4oz. The widget counts taps, not actual ml/oz, and then multiplies the number of taps by 125 or 4 to get the displayed ml or oz total. A user can switch between ml and oz and still have a reasonably accurate total. I am based in the USA, where drinks can range from 8 to 32oz in 4oz increments, so the only way to be able to accommodate all those sizes is to set the default as 4oz, or its close equivalent, 125ml.

20 août 2018 | Version 2.2.1-upd1

thdythjdrhjxh ngfdcgfytftyhgvfhjgvhgjvghvghvghgvhjgvhjvghjvvggvhgvhghvgvhgvvghvghvghvghvghvvghvgvgvghgvhgv like the app

22 juillet 2018 | Version 2.2.1-upd1

Bonne application, il manque de pouvoir changer le volume de 125ml par defaut.

G Denise
14 juillet 2018 | Version 2.2.1-upd1

Great widget, but need to be able to customize the amount of water consumed and a drink reminder.

Cadran Waldner
8 juillet 2018 | Version 2.2.1-upd1


Martin Skapa
25 juin 2018 | Version 2.2.1-upd1

Amazing app. I wish I was able to show the water consumption directly on the watch face.

G Denise
30 avril 2018 | Version 2.1.3-upd6

Wish i could set a custom amount of water for my entries. But thats not such a big deal to give this 4 stars. Its a VERY handy widget.

Scott Van Kooten
12 mars 2018 | Version 2.1.3-upd5

Good would be great with drink reminder.

14 février 2018 | Version 2.1.3-upd3

very basic solution and the drinking remainder is missing. But one option is to use the movement reminder also as for the drinking water.

17 janvier 2018 | Version 2.1.3-upd1

Perfectly fit the purpose

Jukka Eväluoto
12 janvier 2018 | Version 2.1.3-upd1

I really like the idea! Couple of suggestions - To be actually useful the amount should be customization. - Reminders would be great Then perhaps a bit harder or if not impossible without help from Garmin sync to MyFitnessPal. I really wish Garmin would show water logs in the Connect App.

David Baril
11 janvier 2018 | Version 2.1.3-upd1

Would be great if data could show in dashboard.

Roland Bencz
10 janvier 2018 | Version 2.1.3-upd1

Nice widget and usefull. Please, add an option to set the default unit freely. 125ml is just not really usable...

Carola Gentz
20 novembre 2017 | Version 2.1.3-upd1

I miss a reminder and water intake portion must be customized (desirable is 25ml, 50ml, 100ml)

19 novembre 2017 | Version 2.1.3-upd

Without reminder it is close to useless. I don't mean to bash the effort though but I think reminder is essential feature of such widget.

Janne Mäntylä
9 novembre 2017 | Version 2.1.3-upd

Please make available for Vivoactive 3.

23 octobre 2017 | Version 2.1.3-upd

Need to be able to customise the amount you add. I add mine when my water bottle is finished (600 ml) and I either have to enter over or under and catch up elsewhere.

17 septembre 2017 | Version 2.1.3-upd

App intéressante, mais il manque un rapel chaque heure

14 août 2017 | Version 2.1.3-upd

A customizable alert to remind you to drink would make this 1000 times better

Александр Кубаткин
13 août 2017 | Version 2.1.3-upd

Very close to 5 star, but only 4 for now. Water intake portion must be customized, my one sip is ~100ml and two sips is 200ml, not 250ml and for the whole day the difference increases, which leads to the need for correction and adjustment of the values. Also, сustomizable reminders for drinking are welcome.

Sander Hofstede
1 août 2017 | Version 2.1.3-upd

4 stars for the app. Very nice app and it works simple. 5 stars if you can check youtlr history in the Garmin Connect app.

Ahsan Haider
30 juillet 2017 | Version 2.1.3-upd

Nice and simple app to log water intake. Would be great if oz/ml could be customized and not fized to 125 ml and if there was a way to delete the accidently input additional amount of water. Lastly there should be an alert and the total intake of water should show up the Garmin Connect profile.

8 juillet 2017 | Version 2.1.3

Very good app. Only reason for 4* vs 5 is not having the ability to change the amount consumed down.. of you accidentally over log you have to reset the day cannot take off any amount after logged. Other than that of you are looking for just a water consumption log. This is it. Thank you.

Harry Blake
5 juillet 2017 | Version 2.1.3

Going to give you 5 stars for the moment because its just what I've been looking for. Someone mention that it should reset each day, maybe it could reset everytime the watch indicates you've gone to sleep? That seems more appropriate to me but I have no idea how difficult that may be! Thank You either way!

Réponse du développeur
5 juillet 2017, Bananaroo

Thank you for your review. The app currently resets automatically every night at midnight, and will store up to seven days of history. I have not looked into using a sleep cycle as the reset, although it might not be welcome for those of us that like to take naps!

4 juin 2017 | Version 2.0.3

looks great. but on fenix3 no meno. all buttons only adds value!? misoperstion from my side or is something wrong with widget!?

Réponse du développeur
4 juin 2017, Bananaroo

The standard action to open a menu on a Garmin without a touchscreen is to hold down the 'Up' button for approximately one second.

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