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Insta360 One R Remote


This is a very early, in progress, under development widget to Remote Control via Bluetooth the Insta360 One R Modular camera. Don't expect this widget to work ;) Test it at your own risks. Please use the "contact developer" link to report any issues. You can also use the following forum to discuss issues and eventual new functionalities </p>

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V0.9.17 Bug fix</p><p>V0.9.12 Added Scan timeout for battery preservation</p><p>V0.9.0 Added Highlight and MarkThat functions. </p><p>V0.8.4 Better support for watches with Glance mode.</p><p>V0.8.2 bug fix & UI improvements </p><p>V0.8.1 bug fix and better support for touch screen devices. </p><p>V0.8.0 Now with GPS telemetry </p><p>V0.7.0 added Suport for HDR Video, Timelapse, Bullet Time, Photo Interval & Night Shot. Still working on supporting GPS telemetry.</p>



Sovellus edellyttää käyttöoikeutta seuraaviin:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy -tiedonsiirto
  • GPS-sijainti
  • Captain Marvel Captain Marvel
  • D2™ Air D2™ Air
  • Darth Vader™ Darth Vader™
  • Descent™ MK2 Descent™ MK2, Descent™MK2i
  • Descent™ Mk2S Descent™ Mk2S
  • Edge® 1030 Edge® 1030
  • Edge® 1030 Plus Edge® 1030 Plus
  • Edge® 530 Edge® 530
  • Edge® 830 Edge® 830
  • Edge® Explore Edge® Explore
  • Enduro™ Enduro™
  • First Avenger First Avenger
  • Forerunner® 245 Forerunner® 245
  • Forerunner® 245 Music Forerunner® 245 Music
  • Forerunner® 55 Forerunner® 55
  • Forerunner® 645 Music Forerunner® 645 Music
  • Forerunner® 745 Forerunner® 745
  • Forerunner® 945 Forerunner® 945
  • Forerunner® 945 LTE Forerunner® 945 LTE
  • fēnix® 5 Plus fēnix® 5 Plus
  • fēnix® 5S Plus fēnix® 5S Plus
  • fēnix® 5X Plus fēnix® 5X Plus
  • fēnix® 6 fēnix® 6
  • fēnix® 6 Dual Power fēnix® 6 Dual Power
  • fēnix® 6 Pro fēnix® 6 Pro, fēnix® 6 Sapphire
  • fēnix® 6 Pro Dual Power fēnix® 6 Pro Dual Power
  • fēnix® 6 Pro Solar fēnix® 6 Pro Solar
  • fēnix® 6 Solar fēnix® 6 Solar
  • fēnix® 6S fēnix® 6S
  • fēnix® 6S Dual Power fēnix® 6S Dual Power
  • fēnix® 6S Pro fēnix® 6S Pro, fēnix® 6S Sapphire
  • fēnix® 6S Pro Dual Power fēnix® 6S Pro Dual Power
  • fēnix® 6S Pro Solar fēnix® 6S Pro Solar
  • fēnix® 6S Solar fēnix® 6S Solar
  • fēnix® 6X Pro fēnix® 6X Pro, fēnix® 6X Sapphire, fēnix® 6X Pro Solar, tactix® Delta Sapphire, quatix® 6X Solar, tactix® Delta Solar, tactix® Delta Solar Ballisitcs
  • MARQ™ Adventurer MARQ™ Adventurer
  • MARQ™ Athlete MARQ™ Athlete
  • MARQ™ Aviator MARQ™ Aviator
  • MARQ™ Captain MARQ™ Captain, MARQ™ Captain: American Magic Edition
  • MARQ™ Commander MARQ™ Commander
  • MARQ™ Driver MARQ™ Driver
  • MARQ™ Expedition MARQ™ Expedition
  • MARQ™ Golfer MARQ™ Golfer
  • Mercedes-Benz Venu® Mercedes-Benz Venu®
  • Montana 700 Montana 700, Montana 700i, Montana 750i
  • quatix® 6 quatix® 6
  • quatix® 6X quatix® 6X, quatix® 6X Solar, quatix® 6X Dual Power
  • Rey™ Rey™
  • Venu® Venu®
  • Venu® 2 Venu® 2
  • Venu® 2S Venu® 2S
  • Venu® Sq. Music Venu® Sq. Music
  • vívoactive® 3 Music vívoactive® 3 Music
  • vívoactive® 4 vívoactive® 4, GarminActive
  • vívoactive® 4S vívoactive® 4S, GarminActive S
Keskiluokitus: (29 luokitusta)

Martijn Bogaard
18. heinäkuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.15

Works perfectly on my Venu in combination with Insta360 X2, recommended!

Nik Barnes
18. heinäkuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.15

Amazing app, use it for when windsurfing and kitesurifng due to camera being to far away to start and stop and with water play wouldn't be able to use the GPS remote with ease. Only down side is that GPS has decided to not fix so no green bars ever since latest watch update. 5 star app non the less and the telemetry returning would make it epic.

Kehittäjän vastaus
18. heinäkuuta 2021, ars.fabula

Thanks for the review. What watch model do you have ? don't hesitate to use the contact developer link to further discuss the issue.

11. kesäkuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.14

On my fēnix®6 Sapphire still on scanning 64 I'm doing something wrong? It is not working, no idea if there are any particular settings... Regards Stefano

Kehittäjän vastaus
12. kesäkuuta 2021, ars.fabula

Make sure that your camera is powered on and that bluetooth is activated on it Use the contact developer link to further discuss this

7. kesäkuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.14

Great Application! For the first try the connection between my Fenix 6x Pro Solar and Insta One X2 was good and I could record s short video. But then I could not vonnect them again, sometimes the cam was pipsed a ton, dometimes it does not react at all.

Kehittäjän vastaus
7. kesäkuuta 2021, ars.fabula

Try going to the widget's menu (Display widget, long press the UP button, Select One R Remote) and select one of the shooting modes. This will reset the widget. If you still have problems, please use the contact developer link on the right.

6. kesäkuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.14

I tried this out with the Insta360 One X2 and the Garmin Forerunner 245. It works, and I am very thankful to you for making and maintaining this widget. I have tried only the 5.7K video mode and HDR photo modes, so I don't know if the other modes are buggy on those two devices or not. Even if they are, you already mentioned it is still a WIP and is expected to have bugs. This widget definitely deserves five stars.

Kehittäjän vastaus
7. kesäkuuta 2021, ars.fabula

Thanks, much appreciated!

Brandon Fasan
2. kesäkuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.14

Ok, it's install, but how do I start it.. (this makes me feel old lol)

Kehittäjän vastaus
2. kesäkuuta 2021, ars.fabula

1) Switch On your camera, 2) Browse through your widgets by pressing the Down button (on button operated watches) or swipe up (on touch operated watches) until this widget is displayed, 3) After a few seconds the widget will have connected to the camera, 4) Press start button or touch the screen ... Voilà ;) 5) for further discussion, use the forum link in the description

Muhammad Shukri
27. huhtikuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.14

Great job.installed it with my fenix 6 but only able to start/stop. Couldn't get stat data for my one X2.

Kehittäjän vastaus
27. huhtikuuta 2021, ars.fabula

Please make sure that you have a good GPS signal, this is indicated on the widget by 3 green chevrons. Also when adding the stats with the IOS or Android app (not the desktop), add them 10-15 seconds after the start of your video as their might not be stats right at the beginning of the video.

23. huhtikuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.14

Works like a charme on a vivoactive 4s Good job

Kehittäjän vastaus
23. huhtikuuta 2021, ars.fabula

Thanks for the feedback!

Serpentras D
22. huhtikuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.14

One R is working with this, just record or stop it is enough for me because I need to remove my helmet to actually see what's going on for the cam. Perfect application for it.

Kehittäjän vastaus
23. huhtikuuta 2021, ars.fabula

Thanks for the feedback!

19. huhtikuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.14

I am happy to see this app. But I test this with thé insta ONE X2 but it's not functional. If you néed help for test with X2 i am hère. I think it's easy to add thé cam. it's thé same cam of oneR

Kehittäjän vastaus
19. huhtikuuta 2021, ars.fabula

Other users have reported that the widget works with the X2, please use the "contact developer" or forum link to further discuss the issue. What watch are you using ? are you able to connect to the camera ?

11. huhtikuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.14

Great idea, i installed the widget on my Edge 530 and it is able to connect with my Insta360 . Unfortunately there are no button assigned to Start function. So I can’t start recording from my garmin . Please add start recording command to one physical button or in the menu

Kehittäjän vastaus
11. huhtikuuta 2021, ars.fabula

If you press the upper right button it should start the recording, and if long press that button , you should get to the menu (at least that's how it works with Garmin's simulator). If it's not the case, please use the "contact devlopper" link to further discuss this.

5. maaliskuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.13

It is very smooth except I have to click the watch every minutes... I understand it is not fixable. Just an suggestion, is it possible to create an app version too? It would be ultimate if you are kind enough to provide an app as well~ xd. Anyway it is amazing!

Kehittäjän vastaus
5. maaliskuuta 2021, ars.fabula

Thanks for the review. No need for an app ;) if you start one of Garmin's built in activity and then long-press (2s) on the back button, you will come back to the watch-face and widgets while still recording your activity. If you select the Remote Control widget from there, it won't exit anymore. You can come back to the activity at any time. So in short you can record an activity will all advanced features of that activiy and still use the remote control that won't exit.

28. helmikuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.13

Funktioniert an meinem Montana700i. Auf der Statusseite (1xPowertaste) ein/zweimal nach links wischen und schon kann die Insta360 one R gesteuert werden.

Aurélien Riquer
15. helmikuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.13

It works with insta360 One X. Very promising. I would appreciate if we could change the recording mode.

Kehittäjän vastaus
16. helmikuuta 2021, ars.fabula

When you go into the widget settings, none of the recording modes work with the One X? Please use the "Contact developer" link to further discuss this.

Alan S.
30. tammikuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.13

It automatically start video recording in HDR photo mode, after taking one HDR picture.

Kehittäjän vastaus
31. tammikuuta 2021, ars.fabula

Can you check that you are really recording a .insv file and not a .insp ? When shooting any photo mode, the app starts a timer as if it was a video but actually it takes photos. With normal photo you almost don’t see the timer, but with HDR (3-5 photos), Burst (7+ photos) and interval, you’ll see the timer. Please use the « contact devlopper » link to further discuss the issue.

17. tammikuuta 2021 | Versio 0.9.13

ONE X2 with fenix6 works fine! Looking forward to being able to use GPS data from Garmin watch.

14. joulukuuta 2020 | Versio 0.9.13

I already installed this application and connect it to my insta360onR , its pretty works.

Davide Belletti 🇮🇹
25. marraskuuta 2020 | Versio 0.9.11

It works well on One R. I like it very much

Kehittäjän vastaus
27. marraskuuta 2020, ars.fabula

Grazie per il feedback.

23. marraskuuta 2020 | Versio 0.9.11

Amazing, I can confirm it works on ONEX. Thank you soo much! It has some slight hiccups with starting in photo mode. And I would love to be able to chose the order of the functions in the gold menu (so just have 5.6k25fps & HDR photo on top). But this is amazing as it is, so no need to indulge my desires. You are a star!!!

Kehittäjän vastaus
24. marraskuuta 2020, ars.fabula

Thanks for the feedback, I'll think about your suggestion, if I can implement it easily. Don't hesitate to use the "contact developer" link if you have quirks with this widget.

Rafael R Rebouças
4. marraskuuta 2020 | Versio 0.8.3

Works fine! I'm using Fenix 6 and Insta360 One R. Thank very much for this app!

Luiz Maia
28. lokakuuta 2020 | Versio 0.8.3

Parece ser bom, sugiro implementar o suporte a One X 360 também.

Kehittäjän vastaus
28. lokakuuta 2020, ars.fabula

The app should already be compatible with the One X and the new One X2 and any device that is compatible with the official Smart Remote. However as I don't have those devices, I cannot test to be sure.

Alan S.
18. lokakuuta 2020 | Versio 0.8.1

Photo GPS is always set to Geneva?

Kehittäjän vastaus
18. lokakuuta 2020, ars.fabula

yes, that will be corrected in next version along with some other bugs

30. syyskuuta 2020 | Versio 0.6.1

Wow love it. Works super fast to Start and Connect. Can you add the video Timelaps and the Intervall Photo ?

Kehittäjän vastaus
30. syyskuuta 2020, ars.fabula

Thanks for the review. I'll try to add those functions for the next release.

Alan S.
22. syyskuuta 2020 | Versio V0.6.0

Is it possible to use the watch's GPS for photo/video exif? Just like the insta360 app does. Thank you!

Kehittäjän vastaus
22. syyskuuta 2020, ars.fabula

Not at the moment, but I'm working on it; however it's going to take me some time before the functionality is implemented.

2. syyskuuta 2020 | Versio 0.3.1

Super pratique, très prometteur, il ne manque plus que les paramètres de la caméra sur le cadran (fenix 6 pro). Merci

Kehittäjän vastaus
3. syyskuuta 2020, ars.fabula

Merci pour le retour. Je vais voir pour ajouter cette fonction, mais ça va me prendre du temps avant d'avoir décortiqué complétement la communication du One R.

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