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Balinese Cat

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Watch this adorable Balinese cat catch his meal for the day as you reach your step goal! This watch face also displays the date, step total, steps goal, and remaining battery charge.</p><p></p><p>This app requires access to your Garmin Connect™ fitness profile


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Keskiluokitus: (11 luokitusta)

4. kesäkuuta 2018 | Versio 1.3

Очень красивый и качественный циферблат. Анимация качественная не назойливая.

3. elokuuta 2017 | Versio 1.3

really cute just the steps are hard to read white on grey can you maybe change the grey background to other colour so the text would be better to read maybe white with black text thanks

Deidre Emerson
14. huhtikuuta 2017 | Versio 1.3

Definitely one of Garmin's best. Works very well, is readable, and the battery life with step counter are easy to glance at and see. I use this face the most out of any of mine by far.

Rebecca Szpara
18. maaliskuuta 2017 | Versio 1.0

This is my favorite watch face so far. So cute!

Vic Lin
18. heinäkuuta 2016 | Versio 1.0


10. heinäkuuta 2016 | Versio 1.0

Very cute !

Jason Shaw
6. heinäkuuta 2016 | Versio 1.0

This is one of Garmin's best. Everyone who sees it loves it

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