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Update 20 March 2018: Hi. I have switched to a new tracker and won't be using the Vivoactive HR anymore. Hence I won't be updating this watch face. But I will leave it up here for those who still want to use it but won't be able to assist in any queries. Thanks for your support.</p><p>*****************************</p><p>This is similar to Chief Dexter ( except that I have made most of the fields configurable and everything is vertically centred to the left. This watch face is a result of feedback and ideas from users.</p>

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version 1.0.1: Added the option to turn on or off the battery % next to the battery icon. I had to make the font small to have it fit within the height of the battery icon or else it will look untidy.


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Alberto Souza 🏃🏃 - Beto😄♈
20. tammikuuta 2020 | Versio 1.0.1

Perfect! Simple, beautiful and functional. Everything I need is on the home screen to check quickly. The only thing missing would be to include in the last line, the icon separately from the bluetooth icon for the function do not disturb when activated. So it would be complete.

27. huhtikuuta 2019 | Versio 1.0.1

Nice clean watch face!

26. elokuuta 2018 | Versio 1.0.1

How do you change the colors? Regards, Rain

23. maaliskuuta 2018 | Versio 1.0.1

Nicely neat done, easy readable, font size just about. I've try few different ones, this one suits me best.

Simon Bradley
16. helmikuuta 2018 | Versio 1.0.1

Excellent, simple, clear watchface which I keep coming back to after trying others. I have Steps and Heartbeat as my two Data Fields which is all I need apart from the time. I would love a white background and have requested such from the developer, but a minor niggle only.

9. helmikuuta 2018 | Versio 1.0.1

What mins the number on the down left?

the walking dad
9. marraskuuta 2017 | Versio 1.0.1

Viele Möglichkeiten zum einstellen,nicht zu verspielt und gut je nach Färbung ablesbar!

17. lokakuuta 2017 | Versio 1.0.1

Eine Einstellung das die Sekunden immer angezeigt werden, wäre Super. Dann gibt es 5 Sterne

Marlon Meese
31. heinäkuuta 2017 | Versio 1.0.1

*Sekunden hinzufügen und immer anzeigen *Datumsformat: Di, 1.8.2017

11. heinäkuuta 2017 | Versio 1.0.1

My favorite watch face so far. Fonts are good. I can actually read the data without my reading glasses! And I like the data choices you've given. Thank you!

Wes Metcalf
30. huhtikuuta 2017 | Versio 1.0.1

Its good and easy to read. Would love to see an option to add the Move bar and a daily steps progress bar.

Marion & Maxi🚴‍♀️🚶‍♀️🇩🇪
19. huhtikuuta 2017 | Versio 1.0.0

hr auswahl und % Akku wäre toll dann 5 sterne

Kc Han
19. huhtikuuta 2017 | Versio 1.0.0

Another great job, thank you. If the battery icon beside can have percentage will be better. Thank you again

17. huhtikuuta 2017 | Versio 1.0.0

Amazing! I love it. This is exactly what I'm after. Can you also add Bluetooth and other icons at the bottom? You're the hottest new developer on here and I like that you listen to the users and make changes. Great developer.

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