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80/20 Run Zones


For more information and instructions please refer to my website:</p><p></p><p>Creating this datafield was inspired by the "80/20 Training System". The datafield gives a visual feedback to the athlete to get brief information about the training zone he/she is currently running at. This helps to plan and train more effectively and you do not have to tinker with the preset training zones of your watch. The zones are labeled as specified by the "80/20 Training System" with "Z1", "Z2", "ZX", "Z3", "Z4", "ZY" and "Z5". You will get a zone reflecting summary after training that shows your times at low and high intensity to verify your training goals and to plan your further training accordingly.</p>

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V2.0.0 (beta):</p><p>- added dual data screen (can be activated in Connect App/Garmin Express)</p><p></p><p>V1.9.x:</p><p>- added super small bar display for more information even when using in combination with 3 or more datafields</p><p>- optimized full screen layouts for Garmin Venu, Forerunner 735XT and others</p><p></p><p>V1.8.x:</p><p>- new option allows to change metrics from the watch by pressing stop/start during activity (must be enabled in app settings!)</p>



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Keskiluokitus: (24 luokitusta)

22. tammikuuta 2021 | Versio 2.0.0

Thanks should go to you again and again for implementing so many user requests and ideas.

Nitesh Divecha
21. tammikuuta 2021 | Versio 2.0.0

Thanks for the app! Works great and makes it easier to follow the workouts. I don’t know if this is a bug or my setup but my HR stopped reading when I pressed “Start/Stop” button. I had to press “Stop” at traffic light and pressed “Start” but it kept on showing “No data”. But when I went to Garmin screen it showed HR but nothing on 80/20 app. I used chest strap for HR and Garmin D2 Delta. Cheers!

Kehittäjän vastaus
21. tammikuuta 2021, EHO-Systems

Hello, no, it's not a bug, it's a feature! Please disable the option "Use start/stop to switch metrics". Otherwise the app will toggle between hr, pace and power each time you press Stop/Start.

Ruslan Mulyukov
10. tammikuuta 2021 | Versio 2.0.0

That's amazing! Thank you very much for your quick update and having possibility to show 2 parameters on single screen!

Ruslan Mulyukov
31. joulukuuta 2020 | Versio 1.8.3

Would be great to have possibility to show 2 zones in time. I mean I want to see both HR and Pace based zones. I need to install Run zones, put pace as an indicator and install HR zones field application to port it as second field on 2-fields screen as a workaround. It duplicate data in report. I could install both HR an Pace zone simplified apps, but pace one is not adapted well for 2 field screen. Can you please either update pace one or add this functionality here. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Kehittäjän vastaus
7. tammikuuta 2021, EHO-Systems

Hi, thank you for your request. Dual screen was added with v2.0.0!

Edoardo Cittadini
8. joulukuuta 2020 | Versio 1.8.1

Nice datafield, it would be great if one can see time and percentages spent in zones also in the connect graph on smartphone in the last tab or at least if it is possible to see the percentages in the activity summary where "time low intensity" and "time high intensity" are showed. Thank you.

Kehittäjän vastaus
4. tammikuuta 2021, EHO-Systems

Hi. Thank you for your request. I will see how to solve this. Infortunately there are not much options to display data with the Garmin platform.

Alan Shrimpton
27. marraskuuta 2020 | Versio 1.7.3

This is a great app. Would be good if you could easy swap between HR and Pace instead of App settings or if you have Pace selected you could see HR zone instead of the percentages in High/Low or vise versa

Kehittäjän vastaus
4. tammikuuta 2021, EHO-Systems

Hi, added with version 1.8.x! Now you can switch metrics during activity by briefly pressing "Stop/Start" once.

Christof Varga
3. lokakuuta 2020 | Versio 1.7.3

Very Good. But it would be great to add 30sec smoothness for easy or longer runs. Or hilly courses.

Kehittäjän vastaus
6. joulukuuta 2020, EHO-Systems

Hi, 30s averaged added with version 1.8.x!

James Nash
29. syyskuuta 2020 | Versio 1.7.3

Unsure as to the reasoning behind removing the lap time during a training session. Was very useful to know how far into a Zone 4 sprint you were!! Now I only have the split between high and low zones, which is easy to look at AFTER a run. Please undo this update, or at least give the user the option to have lap times if they choose to. Otherwise it is a brilliant app!!

Kehittäjän vastaus
29. syyskuuta 2020, EHO-Systems

Hello, thank you for your review. The cycling view between lap time and zone summary has been removed for a more transparent layout. Now the datafield only shows 80/20 zone summary. If needed, please simply add laptime as second datafield. I see no reason to display lap time directly inside the 80/20 datafield when there already exists a generic datafield. Putting lap time in the 80/20 datafield makes things much more complicated (more code, more app size, more error prone, less transparency). So I decided to remove it, as there was no real need to put it there. If you overlay the summary with lap time, you will still see the zone summary when activity is paused/finished!

Eric Kahler
21. elokuuta 2020 | Versio 1.7.3

Very powerful and much appreciated data field. Easily allows one to monitor, and thus apply, the 80/20 principles while on a run.

7. elokuuta 2020 | Versio 1.7.3

You reacted pretty fast, so did I. Thanks for the reverse change.

4. elokuuta 2020 | Versio 1.7.2

From a user perspective it was a very bad decision to remove the low and high from activity screen. I think there is much less value in checking actual lap time during a 80/20 training than getting a constant feedback how much time/percentage you spent low and how much high. It is evident that the purpose of a 80/20 training is not to control the lap times, but the times spent in different HR/pace/power zones. Therefore it is not understandable for me at all why one cannot check the actual low and percentages. As a sidenote: I switched off autopause, because any pause during an activity done with the purpose of training often distorts the real peak power (or pace or HR) data over different time spans. So I cannot check low and high at all.

Kehittäjän vastaus
7. elokuuta 2020, EHO-Systems

Hello, fixed this with version 1.7.3 ...

🏃‍♂️🇦🇷 Alejandro Zunino 🇦🇷🏃‍♂️
13. heinäkuuta 2020 | Versio 1.6.3

Es un campo de datos excelente para mejorar los entrenamientos siguiendo las ideas de 80/20. Su uso es muy sencillo y los datos que aporta son muy útiles. Me resulta imprescindible.

5. heinäkuuta 2020 | Versio 1.6.3

Great for following 80/20 zones during a run and for reviewing in Garmin Connect afterwards. A nice addition would be do display a decimal place when using the data field on a screen with other fields (eg on a 4 field layout). Currently it will just read Z2 but I can’t tell where in zone 2 I am. If it said eg: Z2.9 then I would know I am at the top end of that zone.

mark cameron
20. kesäkuuta 2020 | Versio 1.6.3

was great but seems to have stopped working on my 935, screen no longer shows gauge or % in zones, doesn't vibrate as I move through zones, no graphs in the run data?

Kehittäjän vastaus
29. kesäkuuta 2020, EHO-Systems

Hello. Why not contact me so we could find out together why it is not working?! I must say, I don't see any issues with my app at this point, so there must be wrong on your side...

14. kesäkuuta 2020 | Versio 1.6.3

It's nice to have instant feedback during running and this part of the app works very well. (*****) Nevertheless, the intensity minutes calculations have a bug. Often times they are not not summed up and displayed in garmin connect. Also there's an additional bug with the calculation itself: Although, the tracking of the HRZ during a 3h low intensity run worked, and the graphs are shown in garmin connect, the app calculated 45 min in low and 6 min in high intensity - what happened to the 129 remaining minutes?

Luís Miguel Ferrão
30. toukokuuta 2020 | Versio 1.6.1

Great app for running... One doubt from my side... Where can I switch between imperial and metrical pace in the settings? Thanks

Kehittäjän vastaus
30. toukokuuta 2020, EHO-Systems

Hello, switching units is done in the system settings. Open the options menu of the watch. Choose "Settings" - "System" - "Units". Change "Pace/Speed" here to kilometres or miles.

24. toukokuuta 2020 | Versio 1.6.1

This is a truly great app to have if you follow 80/20 and want to see zones easily using 80/20 7 zone system. Like others, I’d love to see a way to have Hrm and Pace zones on 1 screen. The either or method is the only draw back. It installed easily, setup is clear and it performs exactly how it should. Can’t ask for more! I look forward to future enhancements.

13. toukokuuta 2020 | Versio 1.5.0

Although I dont care about avoiding ZX and ZY zones, this data field is a fantastic tool to see which zone I am in. A development idea: what if one could see his present pace and HR at the same time, and while the actual pace zone would be depicted as the upper arc, then the actual HR zone would be drawn as the arc in the lower half? Or vice versa based on the users’ setting. Certainly this solution could work only in full screen mode, and not half screen, and I guess without showing low and high percentages. Or maybe with them too, but in this case low% should be put left to pace and HR, and high% should be put right to them. In this last case there would be 8 precious data on the screen: 2 arcs, 2 low%, 2 high%, actual pace and actual HR. Moreover upper and lower half could be coloured differently based on the actual zones. And finally any 2 of pace, HR and power could be chosen. So it is my idea! :-) Keep going...

Bo Driscoll
12. helmikuuta 2020 | Versio 1.1.3

Great for training, only really works as a full screen data field though. Hopefully the devs will make the less than full screen data fields more useful later on (just displays Z1, Z2, etc... could display the range in half mode at least)

Kehittäjän vastaus
2. maaliskuuta 2020, EHO-Systems

Hi, thank you for the request. Half mode will be added with the next update!

11. helmikuuta 2020 | Versio 1.1.3

Brilliant!! Just what I needed!!

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