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Los mejores artistas del mundo suenan ahora en tu muñeca.</p><p>Accede a tus listas de reproducción, álbumes y podcasts, y descárgalos para escucharlos en cualquier parte. Escucha canciones de la categoría Creadas para ti o Sesiones entrenam. y encuentra las pistas más novedosas para que tu rendimiento no decaiga mientras haces ejercicio.</p><p></p><p>Nota: para utilizar Spotify en Garmin es ne...


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Esta aplicación requiere acceso a:

  • Enviar/recibir información a/desde Internet
  • fēnix® 5 Plus fēnix® 5 Plus
  • fēnix® 5S Plus fēnix® 5S Plus
  • fēnix® 5X Plus fēnix® 5X Plus
Calificación media: (62 calificaciones)

16 de octubre de 2018

Increíble por fin !!!

Yamil Valentin
16 de octubre de 2018

Works Great!

Martin Mikulka
15 de octubre de 2018

Garmin + Spotify = thx

Víctor Araneda Zanzi
15 de octubre de 2018

Perfect !!!!... Amaizing !!! It works wonders.

Albert Navarro
15 de octubre de 2018

no consigo configurar

Stephen Moffatt
15 de octubre de 2018

Useless. ‘Installs’ but isn’t visible on 5X Plus. Pity.

14 de octubre de 2018

Doesn't work. Installs but unable to select as a music provider. Very disappointing.

Tommi Ratamaa
13 de octubre de 2018

Wow! Thank you Garmin and Spotify! I was really looking forward to this and thought it wouldn't be published so was about to switch to Deezer (having been Spotify premium subscriber for 10 years) but now and donn't have to and I am really happy about it. Also the app is much better than Deezer. Works great, has its own custom UI and usual Spotify experience. Easy to setup, use and sync. Syncs much better tham Deezer (doesn't heat up or crash the watch every other time) and allows to sync much more songs than Deezer. I also very much appreciate the ready made runnung playlists for certain BPMs (had to collect those manually in Deezer).

Patricia Campos
12 de octubre de 2018

Playlist does not easily synchronize. Playlist on GARMIN shows 16 songs but actually plays only 5 songs. So basically you can get the app but it doesn't work as well as it does on your phone

11 de octubre de 2018

Having the ability to Sync my playlists and podcasts and leave my phone at home on a run is *MAGICAL*. Setup is very easy and straightforward. Picking playlists and podcasts to sync can be slow (shows pages with limited number of results, and each page takes a bit to load), but downloading is pretty swift. I also love that the controls on a podcast become 15 seconds forward/back instead of next/previous track. Well done Spotify! Thank you for pushing my watch from "excellent" to "perfect!"

10 de octubre de 2018

Looks well, but today I had to force reset my Fenix 5 plus twice after it got stuck during synchronisation of playlists

10 de octubre de 2018

Just works!

10 de octubre de 2018


Gero Seils
9 de octubre de 2018

I love it

Ian Gibb
8 de octubre de 2018

very nice and thank you. I also requested this like I guess many others. spotify will be doing well out of it also as I just rejoined as premium. All we need now is the garmin pay , eg hsbc , barclays etc.

7 de octubre de 2018

Perfect. App works well. Very easy installing. Sync of playlist was extremly fast. Thought that this might took a while but it was really fast. Good job

7 de octubre de 2018

How to change account in garmin aplication ?

7 de octubre de 2018

Thanks garmin for finally getting spotify n thanks to spotify as well a big thumbs up

6 de octubre de 2018

Constant Sync Failed on every playlist. Can’t seem to remove the app either.

Lasse Gråberg
6 de octubre de 2018

Finally :-) Good work Garmin! Just got used til Deezer, but prefer Sporify where I already have a subscription.

6 de octubre de 2018

Just great! Thanks for implementing.

Shahram Khorsand
6 de octubre de 2018

Works just fine. You need to have premium account. add it to your watch, choose a new music source on the phone, choose spotify and login using your phone and connect app.

Sindre Weisten Kristiansen
6 de octubre de 2018

Finally, love the app! Can sync playlists easly without phone (need wifi).

6 de octubre de 2018

My app can't sync. Anyone can help me?

Rob Van den Boomgaard
6 de octubre de 2018

Very happy to see spotify support finally. It looks like a good start. But during my first sync I received a notification on the watch, which completely locked the watch. Had to do a hard reboot. Maybe some teething problems?

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