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Pool Swim


Track your pool swimming activities with your Garmin FR230, FR235 and FR630. </p><p>Read the user guide for more information</p><p>Get support per email or by posting in this garmin forum thread</p>


v4.8 minor fixes.

Información adicional


Esta aplicación requiere acceso a:

  • Archivos FIT (registros de actividad)
  • Registrar información adicional en archivos de actividad
  • Datos de sensores (es decir, ANT+, frecuencia cardiaca, brújula)
  • ForeAthlete® 230J ForeAthlete® 230J
  • ForeAthlete® 235J ForeAthlete® 235J
  • ForeAthlete® 630J ForeAthlete® 630J
  • Forerunner® 230 Forerunner® 230
  • Forerunner® 235 Forerunner® 235
  • Forerunner® 630 Forerunner® 630
Calificación media: (227 calificaciones)

20 de febrero de 2019

Todo bien excepto, y es muy importante, se graba la actividad pero no marca distancia... Soluciones??

29 de enero de 2019

Premier tes hier soir et très belle surprise. Peut être une sensibilité pour le calcul des longueurs, quand j'ai fait un pause, l'appli à détecter une changement de direction. Ce qui m'a mis un défaut de 50m mais sur 3000m au total, c'est un détail. Petite bémol, je suis obligé de rentré en manuel ma distance sur Garmin Connect mais bon on va pas se plaindre pour une application installé sur un Forunner 235 qui n'est logiquement pas fait pour la piscine!

Lee Addison
25 de enero de 2019

Since downloading, my watch has turned useless. Changes time itself, wont track distance, GPS turns off, doesnt track training and any slightest touch on buttons knocks the whole training session off. Will be deleting

Neale Shelver
22 de enero de 2019

Its and ok app but I have set the pool length to 25 meters, it shows the distance that I have swam on the app but when it links to Garmin connect app, it doesn't show the distance that I swam, why is that?

Bernhard Kolp
20 de enero de 2019

Works well for Forerunner 230 which natively cant track swimming. Outstanding user guide, which perfectly explains how the tracking works. Thank you!

Eduardo Campanario Galán
20 de enero de 2019

Cuando hago el entreno me dice el tiempo, ritmo, etc. pero cuando acabo el entreno me pone que he hecho 0 metros... como se arregla eso? gracias

18 de enero de 2019

Just wondering if this app still active, as I cant get it to download onto my new Garmin FR 235.

Baptiste FULLEDA
17 de enero de 2019

Les premières activités s'enregistraient. Mais plus maintenant. :(

Antonio Gil
14 de enero de 2019

It does not work!! record the activity when it is done, but then do not record it

10 de enero de 2019

Very useful.

8 de enero de 2019

I like the app pretty much but when synchronized to Strava it synchronizes as a bike ride (wasn't doing this before), and does not save distance, laps etc on the main screen. Other apps for hiking are able to do so. I don't understand the limitation.

Brodie Dalton
7 de enero de 2019

Would be 5 stars if I don't have this issue, cannot turn off the compass in settings, when I turn off auto lap and rest between laps it adds a distance each time I turn around, I want to use this in manual mode adding a lap each time I press the button

7 de enero de 2019

Deleted previous 3 star review to give 4 stars. Distance won't save on watch, or in GC at first glance (I understand this is a Garmin limitation) which is a disappointing, BUT I have since discovered that you CAN drill down the data in GC to show the distance, then edit to reflect in stats. Thank you for writing this app.

Sara Leyshon
1 de enero de 2019

Hi Thank you for making the app. It is great. I have recently started swimming in a 20m pool. Is there a way for me to put in 20m? I am probably showing how tech unsavvy I am here as I have seen that someone else put 20m in on this thread. Thank you Sara

1 de enero de 2019

don't work well

29 de diciembre de 2018

En Forerunner 235 suele ser exacto si no lo pausas o te pausas tu. Pero al guardar la actividad se pierde la distancia nadada. Te tienes que acordar de mirarlo antes de guardarlo o deducirlo por las gráficas, un error grave de la app

Jim Arrasmith
27 de diciembre de 2018

Got the FR235 for Christmas. Installed this app, read the directions (very important), customized Screen 2 to show Lap Lengths, Total Lengths, and then hit the pool today. Perfect - it performed just as advertised and kept count of my laps. Then after upload to Garmin Connect, I did a simple edit to change Total Distance from zero to the actual value, and I have all the metrics. Don't be put off by all the low ratings - if you understand the limitations forced on such apps by Garmin and follow the directions, this will work as advertised. Many thanks to those who wrote similar reviews and gave me the confidence to give this a try.

Eyav z.
27 de diciembre de 2018

לא ניתן לשמור נתונים. ממשיך "לספור" בריכות גם אם לא שוחים אי אפשר לעצור בזמן שחיה ואחכ להמשיך

17 de diciembre de 2018

La app es muy buena, pero al grabar la actividad se pierde el dato los metros nadados. No quedan registrados ni en el reloj ni el la aplicacion de Garmin Connect o Strava. Es un defecto de la applicacion o estoy haciendo algo mal?

13 de diciembre de 2018

Cuando nado crol o braza las mediciones son exactas pero cuando hago estilo espalda me empieza a sumar largos demás alguien me puede ayudar para ver si es mi reloj o que pasa gracias tengo el Forerunner 230

Emma Tudor
9 de diciembre de 2018

Great information screens when swimming and paused but distance doesn't copy to Garmin Connect, if you pause the time keeps running and the final time does not copy to connect - about 10 seconds difference.

Valtteri Salmijärvi
3 de diciembre de 2018

It works well! First when I test it and I haven't read your istructions, i think that this is bad. After I read instructions i understan how it works and now I thin wow it is nice! But please fix it to show the full lenight on garmin connect! My friends wont see on my profile how much I have swam ;) You will get five stars when this is fixed

1 de diciembre de 2018

The app it's ok, but, why i don't see the total distance in garmin connect?

20 de noviembre de 2018

The only app I actually use in my Forerunner 230. So... Best app ever! Love it.

Jaap Francke
8 de noviembre de 2018

I tried the app for the first time this morning on my ForeRunner 235. And it works nicely: it counted the number of lengths I did, which was my basic requirement. Cool, no need to buy an expensive watch! I do believe important it's importnat to read the manual! Some points of attention: - In Garmin Connect you don't get to see the distance automatically in the field where you would expect it. You have to open the details of your activity and then you see the actual distance you did. I believe it is a limitation that the app-developer can't resolve. I updated the distance in Garmin Connect Manually - When you pauze your activity, the app doesn't pauze the elapse time for the activity. - Heart-rate capturing didn't work that well. Next time I'll try to put my watch more tight. I think it's the water that made the heart rate tracking fail. I recommend it!

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