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Simple walking face.</p><p></p><p>!!! Biker Monkey (CIQ 2) firmware REQUIRED !!! Latest VHR firmware is OK.</p><p></p><p>- ENG, CZE</p><p>- Configurable colors</p><p>- Digital time and Date</p><p>- Selectable Date size</p><p>- Steps info with count, goal, percent and movebar</p><p>- Floors info with count and goal</p><p>- Heart rate and battery info</p><p>- 12/24</p><p>-------------------------------------------</p>


fixed Date color settings

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Karl Hackbarth
4 de enero de 2020

This is my primary watch face. I can easily read the time and data in which I am most interested. The date is a little small, but still easy to read. The important stuff is right there and easy to see. It is also configurable, which is a plus.

26 de agosto de 2019

The best ever for me.

Teddy Melton
6 de julio de 2019

Great watchface with the important things right in plain view.

28 de abril de 2019

If I could add dark blue to hour color will be just great.

Rajesh Bedi
3 de agosto de 2018

Great watch face. :) I was using Simple Activity which is awesome as well. I would love the option of moving the box containing HR and Battery to the top (just so that the time/date are more centered).

pablo cifuentes camacho
3 de agosto de 2018

Very nice and readable watch face. Just if it was configurable it would be perfect!!!

7 de julio de 2018

Everything on the screen and easily readable. Just perfect. I've tried other faces, but keep coming back to this one because everything I need is at a glance.

Artur Baikov 🏊 🇺🇦🚶🏃
24 de junio de 2018

Great - Great & Great

4 de abril de 2018

Perfection. Thank you.

Baisan Adrian
14 de diciembre de 2017

Nice to have: More color faces Seconds Goals can be removed to make room for other details But I like it very much right now too

25 de noviembre de 2017

Perhaps the best watch face available. Most of what you want to see is available in single screen. Can we have the option of not displaying goals? Unless the goal is changing frequently, its moot to have it on screen.

25 de septiembre de 2017

Super WatchFace, klasse waere, wenn Bluetooth, Nachrichten und evtl. Ruhemodes noch angezeigt werden

25 de agosto de 2017

Best watchface for me.

25 de julio de 2017

Super watch face. Since some days i have the problen that my heartrate is the whole tim 65. If i go to hr display it shows another hr like the 65. Where is the problem?

4 de junio de 2017

Can't be better! Though may not be the best in individual aspect like aesthetic, function, etc., it is definitely the best in terms of simplicity and function! That's what Vivoactive HR is about: Daily Fitness. Steps and Floors! Not forgetting important info on heart rate and battery life besides being a watch (date & time)

Albert Grau
10 de mayo de 2017

Great watch face. When avaliable for Garmin Fenix 5X?

9 de mayo de 2017

Great watch face! I love that I can see almost things on the screen without sliding the screen to see how much I did for the day.

6 de mayo de 2017

Bellissimo!!Ci sono problemi di configurazione..Quando si cambia colore delle icone cambia anche quello dell' ora..

6 de mayo de 2017


9 de abril de 2017

Like this face cos all my important stats are on one screen so it's easy to see where I'm at for the day at a glance.

8 de abril de 2017

Great watch face for the Vivoactive HR. Just wish It had a Bluetooth icon or some other indicator that its connected.

Dennis Parent
8 de abril de 2017

My favorite watch face so far. It is easy to read and not cluttered.

5 de abril de 2017

My favorite watch face. Has everything you need.

29 de marzo de 2017

l'interface est relativement sobre tout en proposant les infos essentielles pour ma part le HR. bref j'adore le seul point négatif, il n'a pas d’icône pour la connexion Bluetooth, c'est une notification qui apparait à chaque changement de statut de connexion ce qui recouvre intégralement l'affichage de l'heure :( dommage pour une montre. Il est sera tellement plus simple de remplacer l’icône de la batterie bleu en bas à droite (le pourcentage suffit) par celui du Bluetooth

Sandrine Sandrine
26 de marzo de 2017

Ecran très complet. On visualise tout en un coup d'œil. Heure, date, pas étage, pulsations, batterie.

Lo sentimos, aún no hay estadísticas disponibles.