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Time in Hand, ACP-90 rules


Detailed documentation and source code for this calculator is available on github: </p><p></p><p>This data field calculates your 'Time in the Bank' (minutes) while you ride - control closing time (for a control right where you are) minus your elapsed time. Positive numbers mean you are ahead of schedule. Caveats - If you start your ride before or after the official ride time you must make adjustments. For example, if you start 5 minutes late you must finish with at least 5 minutes in the bank. ACP Rules actually give you a little more time for 200km and 400km events - you get an additional 10 and 20 minutes, respectively above the number calculated. When in doubt, consult your brevet card! This data field uses the ACP-90 hour rules as described by RUSA (0-600km:15kph, 600-1000km:11.4kph, 1000-1300:13.3kph). This is one of two calculators available for download. The other one calculates uniform time. </p>


Add support for the extra minutes granted by ACP for 200k and 400k events.

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