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Time in Hand, ACP-90 rules


Detailed documentation and source code for this calculator is available on github: </p><p></p><p>This data field calculates your 'Time in the Bank' (minutes) while you ride - control closing time (for a control right where you are) minus your elapsed time. Positive numbers mean you are ahead of schedule. Caveats - If you start your ride before or after the official ride time you must make adjustments. For example, if you start 5 minutes late you must finish with at least 5 minutes in the bank. ACP Rules actually give you a little more time for 200km and 400km events - you get an additional 10 and 20 minutes, respectively above the number calculated. When in doubt, consult your brevet card! This data field uses the ACP-90 hour rules as described by RUSA (0-600km:15kph, 600-1000km:11.4kph, 1000-1300:13.3kph). This is one of two calculators available for download. The other one calculates uniform time. </p>


Add support for the extra minutes granted by ACP for 200k and 400k events.

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Thomas Thissen
2 de agosto de 2018 | Versión Version 1.0-e81-upd1

Just a short question: Where is the difference between both Randonneur apps you provide? Didn't get it so far ….

Respuesta del desarrollador
3 de agosto de 2018, robertbsexton

There are two different sets of rules for calculating control close time. One app uses the ACP 90 hour rules - 40 hours for the first 600k, then 35 hours for the next 400k, then 15 hours for each subsequent 200k. (PBP is similar to this). The other app calculates straight time, as used by the SIR 1200k.

Derk von Moock
22 de septiembre de 2016 | Versión Version 1.0-e81

Is there any reason why the seconds are based on a 100 seconds per minute?

Respuesta del desarrollador
20 de mayo de 2018, robertbsexton

Its an artifact of the way that the data field calculates the result - it performs the calculation in seconds, but converts to minutes for display.

Chris H
17 de septiembre de 2016 | Versión Version 1.0-e81

Works perfectly on my 520. I set up a screen with the banked data field this ap provides plus average speed and lap speed fields. The page then shows overall average (banked time), moving average and moving average since i last pressed the lap button - useful towards the end of a long audax to see if you are slowing down more than you realise.

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