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Are you in the gym .. ? Time to Push It with Push It Gym. No GPS required. </p><p>But .. wait for the Green bar. That is your signal to go. </p><p></p><p>If you like my applications ... feel free to support their continued development below. </p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>Push It Gym has been tested with VivoactveHR firmware versions 2.60, 2.65 beta, 2.71 beta, 2.74 beta, 2.80, 3.30 and 3.40. </p>


[Version 1.18] June 7 / 2017</p><p></p><p>- Fixed a bug where the app may crash with the new Vivoactive HR firmware. It is my fault and I do apologize. </p><p></p><p>[Version 1.17] December 2 / 2016</p><p></p><p>- maximum HR value and zone data is now pulled from User Profile. It will use the heart item in Garmin Connect Mobile. </p><p>- removed zone 6. Any HR values greater than zone 4 will now be strictly zone 5.

Información adicional


Esta aplicación requiere acceso a:

  • Archivos FIT (registros de actividad)
  • Datos de sensores (es decir, ANT+, frecuencia cardiaca, brújula)
  • Tu perfil de fitness de Garmin Connect™
  • vívoactive® HR vívoactive® HR
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Casey Hickey
29 de abril de 2017 | Versión 1.17

Awesome app covers total gym time for people who do cardio and weight training and want to get one app total picture of training daily.

1 de marzo de 2017 | Versión 1.17

Can't use this yet because it sticks on the "finding HR" with the red bar screen. Couldn't figure out how to message without leaving a review, sorry. Will definitely resubmit if able to fix!

Respuesta del desarrollador
2 de marzo de 2017, VivoactiveHRGuy

If it stays on the 'red bar' that means that it is not receiving your HR data. You need to check for the green light on the back of the unit. That means that it is attempting to get that data. I would recommend that you restart your Vivoactive HR. It can take some time for it to get that data .. so be patient. I just tested the Push It Gym app .. and it is working as it should.

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