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Very usefull basic calculator for the vivoactive hr watch.</p><p>Use the touchscreen to perform your operations!</p><p>To reset the current operation press the menu button.</p><p>To exit just press the back button.</p><p>Don't forget to leave your comment and rate. </p><p>Enjoy it!

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4 de agosto de 2021

Awesome little gadget but I can't find how to use multiplication and division of anyone knows how please let me know

Ben Goldberger
28 de junio de 2019

Exactly what I needed

14 de febrero de 2019

Unfortunately I cannot delete it from my device

Cadran Waldner
3 de febrero de 2018

This is a very nice simple widget

7 de octubre de 2017

Parfait , simple efficace , fonctionnel.

13 de febrero de 2017

Très pratique

David Howe
30 de enero de 2017

*Brilliant* idea for an app which I find I use a lot. Much quicker to use than my phone. Only 3 stars because there's a rounding issue on subtracting (e.g. 13.69 - 2.38 returns 11.309999). If this was fixed and there was a button or a way to clear and start another calculation it would be a 5 star app for me!

Respuesta del desarrollador
31 de enero de 2017, wearapps

Hi, Thanks for your review. There is a button to start a new calculation. Press the right physical button of your watch and the calculation will be reset. Regards.

25 de enero de 2017

It wont sync to my vivo active hr

Respuesta del desarrollador
25 de enero de 2017, wearapps

Hi, What do you mean? We really don't understand your review, the application has nothing to sync with the watch. For future reviews, you can always send a message to the developer instead of give a bad calification. Let us know if you need any help with the app. Regards.

Elias Fabricius
11 de enero de 2017

This calculator works great!

Ismail Dakrory
4 de enero de 2017

I love this one.

Ricardo Rabella
30 de diciembre de 2016

Good idea to have a calculator in the watch as old casio calc. Why not a watch face with hh:mm. Works well and touch keys enought big. Some posible improvements: show *-+/ simbol, change color of key numbers to improve contrast, haptic option.

Ben Hollingsworth
28 de diciembre de 2016

Best calc app I've used, would prefer it shows the operation (+/*) so I know I've pressed the right button.

28 de diciembre de 2016

Very nice, simple app that gets the job done! The buttons are just big enough that I can get the one that I want, but not too big.

25 de diciembre de 2016

Great thanks!

14 de diciembre de 2016

Great apps, thanks! Same comments as others though, please make the keys black as the grey is washed out and hard to read.

28 de noviembre de 2016

Klasse! Nur schade, daß derzeit keine Farbauswahl möglich ist. Vielleicht läßt sich das noch verwirklichen? Ansonsten wirklich prima und funktioniert!

27 de octubre de 2016

Awesome, thank you. Could you make the keys black so the numbers are easier to see? The grey is too washed out.

Respuesta del desarrollador
27 de octubre de 2016, wearapps

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we can! We will release a new version where you can configure the scheme colors. Regards.

Liam Frauenfelder
20 de octubre de 2016


Michael Seiler
18 de octubre de 2016

Funktioniert wie er soll. Perfekt!

Daniel Pinnock
16 de octubre de 2016