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Meter / Beat - MpG for the body


A way to measure efficiency in a car is miles per gallon or kilometer per liter. A corresponding measure for measuring efficiency of the body's engine is Meter per pulse Beat.</p><p></p><p>Running 15km/hour at a pulse of 150 beats per minute gives a Meter per Beat of 1,66. Biking at 30km/hour at 150 beats per minute gives 3,33 Meter per Beat.</p><p></p><p>An athlete trains to get better. That means, at the same pulse racing at a higher speed! The key is to improve the Meter per Beat measure.</p>

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Tord Sonander
2 de febrero de 2016 | Versión

Just what I was looking for. Now I don't have to develop anything myself; which I won't and don't have the knowledge to do. Could the next version perhaps sence if I am running or biking? As stated before, the x-axis is very long of you are just running. I could almost not distinguish between a 6min/km jog and a 3:30 interval when it is on half screen. Bra gjort i alla fall!

Leo Contessi
12 de enero de 2016 | Versión

On my 920XT it doesn't show the actual and average value as shown on the pictures...any solutions?

Till ++
1 de mayo de 2015 | Versión

Great idea! This is really a cool app! One suggestion for the next version: Is it possible to make the x-axis of the histogram (automatically or manually) adjustable in order to display a more stretched distribution profile?

Morten Nordahn
28 de febrero de 2015 | Versión

FInally! I have been experimenting with this particular measure by exporting data from connect to Excel manually, but that was only possible in predefined chunks of time (e.g. pr 1 km), or along repeated same routes. Difficult to extract meaning from. I noticed that during a run, the meter/beat reduced as I got more tired. I wonder if the scatterplot with beats on x, and meter on y will actually draw a well-defined line, which indicate the fitness shape you're in? I would be very interested in comparing these beats/meter scatterplots for different runs (maybe even more than the histograms that the app shows). Another input (which is probably more for Garmin): The data seems only available live on the run, where I have no time to analyze and think. Will data be made available in Connect or on the armpiece for postrun analysis?

21 de enero de 2015 | Versión

Really great idea. Nice. Length of you 'race' will also affect result. eg 5k and 10k PBs will both have different meterBeats, I imagine. But it's also a good way to, for example, look at your CP20s - you might hit similar watts/distance as last month BUT this time with lower meterbeats. I used to look at a similar thing several years back.

Markus Hornyik
10 de enero de 2015 | Versión


8 de enero de 2015 | Versión

this meter stopped the 920xt from syncing. had to remove it to fix it.

Stephane Lefebvre
7 de enero de 2015 | Versión


Alpha Monkey
6 de enero de 2015 | Versión

Very cool!