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In The Zone


This App has been written specifically for cycling devices that can handle the newer Connect IQ and device firmware. It includes many new features and configuration options, particularly display of current weather conditions and a localised (depending on GPS) forecast for the next 3 hours.</p><p></p><p>REQUIREMENTS:</p><p></p><p>** This data field requires a power meter, HeartRate monitor and cadence sensor to be connected to your Garmin device. **</p>


** Full Release History and What's new can be found here:</p><p></p><p>Latest Release: v1.2.3</p><p>- Fix: Tyre Diameter was being overwritten in On Device Settings by Wheel Diameter.</p><p>- Fix: When you stop the timer at the end of an activity sometimes WP would show a large negative number.</p><p>- Fix: Show a label (Done) at where to touch on the In App Menu to confirm update of a setting.</p>

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Esta aplicación requiere acceso a:

  • Ubicación GPS
  • Tu perfil de fitness de Garmin Connect™
  • D2™ Mach 1 D2™ Mach 1
  • Edge® 1030 Edge® 1030
  • Edge® 1030 Plus Edge® 1030 Plus
  • Edge® 530 Edge® 530
  • Edge® 830 Edge® 830
  • epix™ (Gen 2) epix™ (Gen 2), quatix® 7 – Sapphire Edition
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Patric Dietvorst
2 de marzo de 2022 | Versión 1.0.7

For me "In The Zone" is the best Datafield App when training and correctly trying to stay in a specific Power or Heart Rate Zone on a Garmin Edge equipped with a Power Meter and Heartrate sensor.  Each HR or PW zone has a recognizable color and is changing in a complete circle before going to the next or the previous zone. This is a fantastic concept!  The middle Circle with Wprime (Joules) gives a good indication of your actual available anaerobic work capacity.   For me combining Power, Heart Rate and Cadence in the upper part of the screen and still having some other basic information such as Speed, Average Speed, Time and Moving Time in the bottom part of the screen is perfect! A lot of things are configurable. I like most the detailed Averaging of the Power settings because then the Power values are not jumping up and down too much. Also, the 1-minute histograms are helpful! It is even possible to change the interface, setup values, ... on the road during a shortstop!   Worth downloading and trying. I think you will like it! 

10 de septiembre de 2021 | Versión 1.0.4

Hi Rob, I love your app. But It would be possible to set: 1 circle: Power (and NP) 2 circle: Heart Rate (and avHR) 3 circle: Speed (and avSpeed) 4 circle: Cadence (and avCadence) Thank you so mucho for your job.

Respuesta del desarrollador
14 de septiembre de 2021, RobAyris

Hi there, this is a good suggestion on the surface. In practice, though, I'm not so sure... In order to draw the circles, I need a reference value (for Power and HR I have things like MAXHR, LTHR, Resting HR, FTP, etc), but what reference is there for Speed, especially as it's easily affected by fatigue, weather, gradient, etc? Similarly for Cadence. It's all well and good to say aim for close to 100RPM, but what if you climb better at 70RPM or find it better when you sit between 85-90RPM? If you're riding into a headwind, this also affects your cadence output. In short, I don't count Speed and Cadence as training metrics as much as I do Power and HR - which is why the latter are prominent and the former less-so, in my apps. There is certainly merit in monitoring your cadence in certain situations, but not as much as Power and HR (IMHO). I'm happy to keep this discussion going. If you can convince me, I'll certainly consider adding this ability in... Do you accept the challenge? (use the contact developer link on the right side of the App Info TAB)...

David Cohen
13 de julio de 2021 | Versión 1.0.2

A solid improvement over Rob’s combined Training Power and Training HR data fields. This combines everything you need in one download. I’ve bounced back and forth between this set of data fields and other more “speedcentric” data field sets (i.e., ones that look more like speedometers). Those other data sets just don’t provide enough enough data fields or don’t combine current values with average values within the same vicinity of each other. Ultimately, it’s nice to have a page dedicated to each depending on your mood. I find myself using “In the Zone” primarily though. This project is about as data dense as you can get without too much clutter on your page. Worth a download!

Respuesta del desarrollador
14 de julio de 2021, RobAyris

Thanks for the terrific review David, much appreciated. I agree with you, I love the look of some of the other datafields out there that resemble analogue speedometers, but I just found that when I'm training for cycling events I'm more focussed on Power and HR zones and averages and with the smaller screens of the 530/830, being able to read the figures is important (challenging when on the move), so I've focussed more on function, though at the same time, I'm pretty happy with how it looks now. I was also quite excited to get weather capability into the App as it saves me having to stop and take out the phone when I'm on the longer training rides. All the best. Cheers, Rob.