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LCD like walking watch face.</p><p></p><p>!!! Biker Monkey (CIQ 2) firmware REQUIRED !!! Latest VHR firmware is OK.</p><p></p><p>- Configurable</p><p>- Digital time or Analog time</p><p>- Graphical steps display with count, goal, percent, move bar and Mr.G</p><p>- Graphical floors display with count, goal, percent and another Mr.G</p><p>- Graphical sun/moon display with sunrise, sunset, time to sunrise/set, moon phase, next golden hour (for us, photomaniacs ;-)</p>


- added Metric/Imperial switch to App settings

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Rodolfo Pinto
16 de junio de 2020

Great watch face. Sun rise and sun set doesn't work.

Fernando Abilio
18 de julio de 2019

Muito bom watchFace, mas não funciona a s horas de sol e lua.

9 de julio de 2019

Definitely the best watchface for the HR but the sun rise/set not working kills it. Still haven't found another I would replace it with.

Craig Birchall
3 de junio de 2019

Love this face except the sun rise and set used to work. Now I can’t get it to work. One of the reasons I downloaded this face. All the other info is great at a glance.

10 de mayo de 2019

Saw this watch face on a buddies VHR, love at first sight! I literally went and bought a VHR second-hand just for this watch face. Bummed to see it lost some functionality with the update. Would donate many beers to see this updated.

Ben Gardner
14 de abril de 2019

Love this watch face! A wealth of data at a glance.

9 de abril de 2019

It was the best watch face but for a long time now the sunset sunrise is not fixed. I believe that the developer does not deal with it anymore. I think that unfortunately it will remain so...what a pity....

20 de marzo de 2019

Still not fixed the sunset sunrise and still no response!! Many people have this issue and it's annoying!!

Nigel Felton
15 de marzo de 2019

Best face when it works, needs the sunrise / sunset fix. Might buy a different watch with the working feature if this isn't updated soon.

10 de febrero de 2019

Michal, this is still the best watch face for vivoactive HR. How many beers do we need to pay, to get the GPS 5.0 issue fixed?

Peter Ammann
24 de enero de 2019

Love this display design, please fix the 5.0 GPS issue.

17 de enero de 2019

Отличный экран, но хотелось бы обновления по быстродействию. данные пульса, высоты и шагов подвисают.

10 de enero de 2019

Best Watchface out there! Since the 5.0 Watch Update i can't get the GPS sunset/sunrise data to work though sadly :/

Christopher Gransbury
13 de diciembre de 2018

Love this watchface!

Oscar Rivera
28 de agosto de 2018

Súper !! Todo en un vistazo

Benjamín Torres🏓🏃
28 de agosto de 2018

It is super useful, I now have a Garmin 645 and can't find any watchface I like more than this one... I hope the developer makes a watchface for other watches like this one.

26 de agosto de 2018

I cant run the app doesnt fit and it was working before....

17 de agosto de 2018

Outstanding! :-) Everything you need and still easily readable.

Martin Holmes
29 de junio de 2018

Time saver, all on one screen rather than navigating menus

Emanuele Iotti
11 de junio de 2018

best watch face. Tons of infos on the display. GPS working properly

4 de junio de 2018

Would of given it 5 stars but the GPS doesn't work for my vhr would love if you could find a solution to the problem.

26 de abril de 2018

Best face for watch... Almost gives all the info on the top.....

Timothy Leinen
13 de abril de 2018

I love this watch face, but there is some sort of bug that does not let me see the actual watch face but one of the other watch faces installed. I do not actually get to see the right one. can you fix this.

Hans Schaller
6 de abril de 2018

Nachdem ich hier nur gute Bewertungen lese habe ich mir diese App installiert. Nun möchte ich allerdings das Display auf HELL ändern, kann dafür aber keine Einstellung finden. Wer kann mir hier helfen? Danke.

Stefan Dirkes
28 de enero de 2018

Perfekt für die Vivoactive HR! Tolle Gesamtübersicht und tolles Design!

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