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This is a Datafield for usage on the map while navigating. Garmin allows only two datafields on the map screen.</p><p>If you want more data you can use this datafield as a mini dashboard below your map. </p><p>The dashboard contains 6 fields which are configurable via Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile. </p><p>The three bars change colour to indicate in which HR-zone you are.</p><p>To use this datafield go to Settings - Activity profiles - [your profile] - Data screens - Map - Layout and Datafields - Choose "1 " - Choose Connect IQ - choose MapDashboard.</p>


1.0.6 Removed Edge 1000 support, it doesn't work on the Edge 1000. Abbreviated some french words.</p><p>1.0.5 Fixed bug in 12 hour time display</p><p>1.0.4 Added support for the Edge 1000, added support for 12 hour time (am/pm)</p><p>1.0.3 Added support for italian, added elapsed distance.</p><p>1.0.2 Added support for spanish.</p><p>1.0.1 Added ETA-field and support for german and french. The ETA field will start calculating after 500 meters of elapsed distance.</p>

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Esta aplicación requiere acceso a:

  • Ejecutar en segundo plano cuando no está activa (podría afectar la autonomía de la batería)
  • Datos de sensores (es decir, ANT+, frecuencia cardiaca, brújula)
  • Tu perfil de fitness de Garmin Connect™
  • Edge® 1030 Edge® 1030
  • Edge® 1030, Bontrager Edge® 1030, Bontrager
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DONNAY Jean Francois
10 de febrero de 2019 | Versión 1.0.5

Yessss top with « distance » Ps would be even better with a smaller field description, they overwrite (in French language)

Respuesta del desarrollador
10 de febrero de 2019,

Thanks. I'll fix it.

DONNAY Jean Francois
3 de febrero de 2019 | Versión 1.0.2

Pas trop de champs donc cela reste lisible, il manque juste la distance parcourue et ce sera parfait

Lo sentimos, aún no hay estadísticas disponibles.