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Los mejores artistas del mundo suenan ahora en tu muñeca.</p><p>Accede a tus listas de reproducción, álbumes y podcasts, y descárgalos para escucharlos en cualquier parte. Escucha canciones de la categoría Creadas para ti o Sesiones entrenam. y encuentra las pistas más novedosas para que tu rendimiento no decaiga mientras haces ejercicio.</p><p></p><p>Nota: para utilizar Spotify en Garmin es necesaria una cuenta de Spotify Premium


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  • vívoactive® 3 Music vívoactive® 3 Music
Calificación media: (295 calificaciones)

Isaac Emett
4 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Its cool but I am so confused can someone help me please

4 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Same issues as everyone else. Can’t connect to Spotify and listen to music. I can’t even remove the app as it gives an error message that it failed. No ability to login as it sits at a blank screen.

4 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Was having issues updating my Vivo Active 3 Music and getting spotify to work but my watch recently updated itself and everything is working great. Can download and sync spotify with no complications. Also have not experienced any cut out from Bluetooth to headphones like I have read in other reviews. With this last update, very satisfied with this product

4 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Was having a great time with the Spotify app for Garmin. But now when I go to add new content, it says "Unable to get content.". And looking at the reviews, it looks like this has been happening for wr least a couple weeks. Who's the goof over there who touched the code for the app and didn't fix it back?

4 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

App works on my Vivoactive 3 music. However when syncing a playlist from Spotify, the order of the songs on the watch is completely random compared to the original playlist on the phone/pc. Any fix?

Jaime Montemayor
3 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Update to 5 stars since now Spotify is working for me perfectly!

3 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

My Spotify was working really well on my Fenix 5S, now I have nothing. Not sure what happened with the latest update. I have spent hours trying to re-load my music and having no luck at all! Please help!!!!! I can't even remove the Spotify from my Connect IQ (which someone suggested) to try to re-install. I get a message saying "error occurred". :(

Joe Connor
3 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

I previously had a 1 start review but after a bunch of googling and reinstalling - it works fact it works pretty well. It took way to long to get it to work (2 hours). Note - when synching list and songs be patient - it looks like it is frozen for a bit and then it starts.

Victoria Micheal
3 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Spotify is connected to my Vivo active music 3 but whenever I open the app on the watch , it’s always searching for wifi available and will end up displaying the logo IQ! Please help!

Flavia Leao Carvalho
2 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Rubish! Spotify stops working in the middle of my run and somehow it interfere with my Vivoactive Music 3, which doesn’t save any data from that run. Got a replacement but the same issue is happening with my new watch. I’m so disappointed!

Mark Burns
2 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

It works but the setup was tricky. Took me about 45 minutes of messing with settings. Garmin Connect IQ is the “mobile app”. Forgot to pair headphones. Using Airpods and can change songs, etc.

1 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

First installed this with my new 245 music. Larger playlist synchronisation (more than 100 songs) doesn't work at all, WiFi syncing always gets stuck. Smaller lists work sometimes, with multiple restarts of the syncing required. Podcast scrolling beyond the initial pre-loaded short list fails with a Bluetooth connection error. This app certainly needs a lot of improvement

1 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Działa bardzo dobrze. Zdecydowanie polecam.

1 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Doesn't work

1 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

It doesn't work,or I am to stupid.

Ian Wilson
1 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Bought 945 for music. Cant sync or upload as many say in this forum. Have I wasted £500?

1 de junio de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

syncing doest work anymore. Already synced lists are gray and don't play anymore. When id dit work there was a terrible lag almost every second there was a little "crack". Gonna try deezer and if that works cancel my spotify. if not return the watch.

Jason Morris
31 de mayo de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

I can see my playlist, but when i sync, says it can't connect to WiFi. No idea how to fix, tried various WiFi's.

31 de mayo de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Terrible with a caveat - It was working then stopped. Working with support, we finally got it to work using the following steps: 1. Sign-out of Spotify on your watch 2. Uninstall Spotify on your phone's Garmin Connect app 3. Reinstall the app 4. Re-sign in Hopefully, this will help

Anthony Brookes
31 de mayo de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

It's OK but not great. It doesn't sync BBC podcasts, it's often slow but the worst bug is that moving between Spotify and run data screens I occasionally get a blank screen. Restart then required.

Jennifer Vega
31 de mayo de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Me funciono perfecto con iTunes. Solo hice la configuración inicial de aparearlo con mi celular, luego apague el reloj, esperé 10 minutos y lo encendí y automáticamente se conecto a mi celular

30 de mayo de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

爛透了我的garmin 645 music根本不能同步

Ho Tran Tuan
30 de mayo de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

I cant download my playlist. Update please

28 de mayo de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Tengo cuenta primium en Spotify y mi vivoactive 3 music me sigue diciendo que no puefo utilizarlo por no tener cuenta primuim. Como puedo arreglar esto?? A alguien mas le ha pasado?

L.Cecilia Yáñez R.
28 de mayo de 2019 | Versión 1.3.13

Complicadisimo lograr la sincronización del programa. Hay que intentarlo muchas veces, desactivar y activar el programa. No reconoce la cuenta de Wi-fi. Toma mucho tiempo bajar la música después.

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