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Flip Clock for Vivoactive HR (24Hr Format)


Update 20 March 2018: Hi. I have switched to a new tracker and won't be using the Vivoactive HR anymore. Hence I won't be updating this watch face. But I will leave it up here for those who still want to use it but won't be able to assist in any queries. Thanks for your support.</p><p>*****************************</p><p>As the title of the watch face implies, this is an attempt to simulate retro style flip clocks which I decided to do for the heck of it on a boring Sunday. This is a one off thing so I most probably won't be working to improve it though you're more than free to take the idea and improve on it or create something new.</p>

What’s New

I decided to make the time bigger than the previous version. However in doing so, I had to move the date above and reduce the date's font size. As for the battery strength, to avoid having it crop out the bottom right right of the lower right number, I removed the % sign and reduce the font size for that too.</p><p></p><p>The font I use is the issue as I don't have access to other fonts that may be more suitable. Those I found online weren't free and cost a quite a fair bit and since I don't intend to charge for my watch face, I am not inclined to spend money purchasing new fonts.

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Average Rating: (6 Ratings)

March 26, 2017

nice and plain watchface. beside the battery display it would be nice to have a BlueTooth sign, when watch is connected to mobile phone

March 25, 2017

I wish I could use 12 hour format.

March 20, 2017

Can you make it 12 hour format instead of 24hr? On a vivoactive hr square. Its doesnt respect 12 hour format

March 4, 2017

Really good update now it's a bit bigger :)

March 1, 2017

Thanks for the update. Looks really good :-)

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