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Pink digits


Simple watchface to match pink vivoactive band. For Anna.

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Imaan Tahir
June 28, 2019 | Version 0.1-upd

Why can't I uninstal. Other reviews are saying the same thing!

May 28, 2017 | Version 0.1-upd

Please add seconds and weather

March 6, 2017 | Version 0.1-upd

I love this watchface. Doesn't eat my battery. Installed a battery app to take care of that. Had a different watchface for awhile that had tons of info but my battery only lasted a few days.

July 11, 2016 | Version 0.1-upd

The pink is very dark. Cannot see it very well. I tried to delete the watch face but keep getting an uninstall error. Very disappointed.

Jillian Rodriguez
February 28, 2016 | Version 0.1-upd

I love pink so no complaining here! Love how simple it is.

February 12, 2016 | Version 0.1-upd

Nothing like the picture. I would say the colour is more grey pink then bright pink. Massive disappointment

Candy MacLaren
January 4, 2016 | Version 0.1-upd

Love the color, needs to have battery life and seconds as noted in other posts! Adding too much more would take away from the size of the digits! Like the day and dates also! I Have steps walked on my vivoactive by just swiping one swipe away, which is good by me.

November 27, 2015 | Version 0.1-upd

Black background with brighter pink would make this more awesome. How about a purple version the match the purple band please.

Beck Fahey
November 1, 2015 | Version 0.1-upd

Pink nothing like in the picture. And it needs battery and steps.

September 28, 2015 | Version 0.1-upd

Please please please add seconds!!

Aimee Sears
August 12, 2015 | Version 0.1-upd

I like the pink! Seconds would be nice...

July 30, 2015 | Version 0.1-upd

Please add seconds.

Theresa Heesemann borowski
July 26, 2015 | Version 0.1-upd

The pink on mine when I download just comes out a very bland grayish pink..... Nothing like the pic. I have a Vivoactive..... Thoughts???

July 12, 2015 | Version 0.1-upd

Please Add Seconds!!!!!!

Tammie Parker
June 21, 2015 | Version 0.1

Agreed! Please add seconds.

Aimee Sears
June 7, 2015 | Version 0.1

Love the pink. Just wish it showed seconds so i can use it to take pulses at work without having to switch to stopwatch

Scott Miller
May 29, 2015 | Version 0.1

I like it a lot! I think my wife is going to want one of these now, same colors as your picture. She's such a girl.

May 13, 2015 | Version 0.1

Love the watch face, would be awesome with a small battery monitor in centre.

Jeff Wettig
May 3, 2015 | Version 0.1

So, Anna you like this watchface?

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