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Discover, Improve, Perform with Xert Breakthrough Training - Two Time Winner Best Connect IQ App Award!</p><p></p><p>The Xert Workout Player offers athletes the most advanced workout capabilities available on the market today. Xert's SMART workouts are the only system calculated, dynamically adjusting workouts. The system and players can determine your unique interval targets based on your fitness as of today and can also adjust across a variety of dimensions such as target power and interval duration *as you perform the workout* to improve the overall training you receive. Paired with Garmin Connect Mobile, the Xert Player logs in to Xert Online (, obtains your latest Fitness Signature, downloads your selected workout, configures the exact workout interval intensities and durations specific to you and then plays the workout using your power meter and/or smart trainer. With your smart trainer, it will do trainer control. If you have both a power meter and smart trainer, it will do powermatch and trainer calibration on-the-fly. The app also sends telemetry back to Xert Online so you can view your data online via the Xert Remote Player ( and follow your workout progress. </p>

What’s New

Version 3.3 brings exciting new features that enable greater variety in your workouts including ramps, slope-mode (mixed-mode) and smart, dynamic power intervals based on target MPA that adjust their target power based on your fatigue at the moment. </p><p>Version 3.5 Workaround that addresses 3rd Party ConnectIQ datafields with Background Service conflicts.</p><p>Version 3.6 Improves access to more workouts using more Garmin Edge devices.

Additional Information


This app requires access to:

  • Send/receive data via ANT radio to/from third-party sensors
  • Send/receive information to/from the Internet
  • FIT files (activity recordings)
  • Record additional information into activity files
  • GPS location
  • Sensor data (i.e., ANT+, heart rate, compass)
  • Edge® 1000 Edge® 1000
  • Edge® 1030 Edge® 1030
  • Edge® 1030 Plus Edge® 1030 Plus
  • Edge® 1030, Bontrager Edge® 1030, Bontrager
  • Edge® 520 Edge® 520
  • Edge® 520 Plus Edge® 520 Plus
  • Edge® 530 Edge® 530
  • Edge® 820 Edge® 820
  • Edge® 830 Edge® 830
  • Edge® Explore 1000 Edge® Explore 1000
  • Edge® Explore 820 Edge® Explore 820
Average Rating: (48 Ratings)

James Arthur
May 21, 2021 | Version 3.3

I run both this and the Android version on occasion. I use this version mostly for outdoor intervals. I'd like to see both the target and length of the upcoming interval displayed on the screen somewhere since its hard to focus on the screen for short intervals when out on the road.

David Higgins
April 12, 2021 | Version 3.3

Randomly disables sensors in the 1030 (go check your sensors). When playing via the Garmin 1030 indoors on a Wahoo Core - the app simply cannot keep up (ERG mode) with it's own workout power levels.

Developer Reply
July 13, 2021, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Hi David. We just posted and update (3.5) that does some code ninja to handle the conflicting Connect IQ datafields. Can you check it out and let us know if the problem persists? Thanks.

Simon Pugh
February 5, 2021 | Version 3.3

I think the app as designed by Xert is very good and will support doing outdoor sessions very well if you have a power meter, although for indoors sessions ai find the mobile app version running on phone or iPad much better. I have two bugbears with the Connect IG version on my Edge 1030: 1. While in a workout the app takes complete control of my Edge meaning I cannot swipe to another screen - eg to check if BLTE is on etc or use the power button to lock the screen 2. After the workout all my sensors are disabled and so I have to go into every one and re-enable them ready for my next use of the Edge. Conclusion: the integration of this well-designed app into the Garmin environment could do with some improvement.

Developer Reply
February 5, 2021, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Hi Simon. Connect IQ apps are by design apps that take over the unit. It's not like an Android or iPhone where you can run multiple apps at the same time. The issue with ending an app and have all the sensors disabled is an issue with the system firmware that we hope to see Garmin address in a future firmware release. The ConnectIQ system does not allow apps to enable or disable Garmin sensors you have configured.

Daniel Wiebke
January 19, 2021 | Version 3.3

This app crashes every now and then, very ugly interface, extraordinary bad handling. Just like the mobile app this is a very poor app but you have to use either the mobile app or this one to sync your trainer with Xert. This is real garbage.

Developer Reply
January 19, 2021, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Hey Daniel. Reach out to [email protected] for help with this. Other ConnectIQ datafields can cause this to happen unfortunately. It's a problem with the underlying handling of background services that our app doesn't control unfortunately. There are solutions we can help you with though.

Robert Corry
December 23, 2020 | Version 3.3

I installed the App on an Edge 1030 Plus. Couldn’t initiate the App, kept getting an Unknown Error when Authorising it. Contacted Support, they were very helpful, they advised to try logging in with WiFi disabled on the Edge. The App then logged in correctly. Haven’t tried using it yet, wanted to post the above for the benefit of others trying to get the App installed.

Bart Bloomquist
June 26, 2020 | Version 3.2

How come its not available for the Edge 1030 plus?

Developer Reply
July 13, 2021, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Latest version should support the 1030 plus. Thanks.

June 26, 2020 | Version 3.2

Flawless for me on my 530. Indoors use. This a very high quality, feature packed app in par with the built in Garmin software. Beautiful, functional, useful, can even do powermatch and broadcast to the remote player! I can now free my phone and get rid of the ant+ dongles. Nice touch, it adds extra information on the fit file that goes to garmin connect. Excellent!

Alexander Liffers
June 20, 2020 | Version 3.2

The player works a treat, although I always struggle to keep the power in the green zone while cycling outdoors, but hey I'm new to this. The problem, however, is after using the workout player, the next time I turn on 530 to just use the normal built-in activities I find that all the sensors I have registered are disabled and I need to individually enable them all again. Not just power/speed/hrm, but all the others like lights. Somewhat related, is Xert at looking to integrate with Garmins workout API to push workouts that way, rather than a dedicated app, or possibly making the workout player a field? At least for users that are using it outdoors and don't need it to control trainers.

Alessandro Busetto
May 2, 2020 | Version 3.1

Hi, I have installed version 3.1 on a Garmin Edge 820 and there are various issues. 1. Cannot access the app menu 2. Cannot exit the app once opened 3. App freezes when discarding an activity Pairing with trainer is ok, but given the above issues the app is unsable. Please help! Thank you

Developer Reply
May 2, 2020, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Hi, Kindly send support requests to our support group: [email protected] Thank you.

Michał Szaliński
March 28, 2020 | Version 2.08

All is good and really improvig, however it does not save GPS data when doing workout outdoors. Garmin Edge 530

Developer Reply
April 6, 2020, Xert-BaronBiosystems

You can enable GPS in the app!

March 7, 2020 | Version 2.08

I installed it and set as instructed, but when I went to discard workout, Edge 1030 froze on on this page and nothing else helped, than holding power button to perform hard reset. This happened 4 out 5 cases when. Set up for powermatch with pedals as instructed. I dont have any other installed apps and no datafield, that could cause conflict

Graham Turner
March 4, 2020 | Version 2.08

Installed and signed up but after authentication and returning to device there is just a small error picture and so doesn't work, not sure what's going wrong.

Developer Reply
March 5, 2020, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Hi Graham. You can try and disable wifi. There are known issues with Garmin devices. If that doesn't work, get help with our support team at [email protected]

Mårten Larsson
January 6, 2020 | Version 2.08

Great app EXCEPT Evert other time I try to start the app on my Edge 1030 the app refuses to login. Most of the time it works after a reboot but sometimes it takes 10-15 minutes just to get going.

Developer Reply
January 6, 2020, Xert-BaronBiosystems

The app relies on connectivity to the Xert server through your Garmin Connect Mobile interface. If the Garmin isn't connected to Garmin Connect Mobile, the app is not able to login. Ensure your Garmin is connected to Garmin Connect Mobile and your phone is connected to the Internet prior to starting the app. It will work 100% of the time if there is proper communication to the server.

January 2, 2020 | Version 2.08

Excellent, there is a learning curve in to it but it is wonderful app once you figure it out.

Mohammad Faisal Bin Abdul Ghani
November 11, 2019 | Version 2.08

Love it!

October 31, 2019 | Version 2.08

Tengo continuas desconexiones con el teléfono desde mi edge 520 plus cuando quiero usar el remote player en el pc. He probado a reinstalar la aplicación y connect mobile pero sigue igual.

Developer Reply
January 6, 2020, Xert-BaronBiosystems

You should remove all datafields (except for Xert datafields) on your Garmin since some interfere with running apps.

Henry Tambor
September 28, 2019 | Version 2.08

The Xert workout player is innovative software. There is a learning curve to the Xert approach to power metrics, so don't expect to use this software intuitively. Spend some time getting to know their system and you will find that this is great software.

Lok Chai
August 26, 2019 | Version 2.08

Xert is adaptive. Just follow the Advisor whenever you want to workout. This app is great for indoor and outdoor rides. The premium monthly plan is 9.99 so... just cost you a few beers to try and you get the added benefits of weight loss.

July 25, 2019 | Version 2.08

Top! Just invest some time to figure out Xert.

July 2, 2019 | Version 2.08

...geht überhaupt nicht, lässt sich nicht synchronisieren, immer dieser Ärger mit den unvollkommenen Apps :(

Developer Reply
July 2, 2019, Xert-BaronBiosystems

It works perfectly when configured properly. Contact support and we can help you.

DONNAY Jean Francois
February 21, 2019 | Version 2.07

Well’really great, when Work , (1 Time by month )

Developer Reply
February 21, 2019, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Hi Jean Francois. Contact support at email address [email protected] for help in using the software. It works every time when you follow the correct steps. Thank you.

DONNAY Jean Francois
January 29, 2019 | Version 2.05

Really great but....why so small characters? impossible to read on the bike. What a pity :-(

Jon Bekenstein
December 28, 2018 | Version 2.05

Fantastic workout player on the Edge 1000. The XERT workouts have helped me improve my FTP by more than 20% last year. But the power button broke on my 1000 and I have switched to the Edge 1030. Unfortunately, some (apparently not all) of the Edge 1030 devices freeze/stall with the workout player, and mine is one of them. I have 3 bikes with 3 different power meters and the problem occurs with all 3. Developer is working with me to trouble shoot. My old 1000 still works great indoors and outside (I use a paper clip to turn it on/off) with the XERT workout player. There seems to be some connectivity issue between the 1030 and the IQ Connect servers. The player freezes after an elapsed time reaches any number that ends __9:59. It restarts with reconnecting, but you will miss the intervals changing when it is stalled. I will update when this is resolved. I am using Public Beta 6.46 firmware. Same thing happened with the official 6.30 firmware. UPDATE: It turns out that using XERT workout player with Stanislav Bures' My Edge2 on the device causes the problem. Both data fields use Background Services, and maybe My Edge2 uses Background services even when it is only loaded and not just when it is running. Maybe Stanislav can fix that. All is great in the universe of XERT, though I also like My Edge2.

Justas Mažuolis
December 10, 2018 | Version 2.05

I have edge 820, started the smart workout - "Hot blooded-2" and after few minutes it freezes the display. you can pause workout or select trainer menu, but in the main workout window all data some king stopped and did not change. i dont know what to do, tried reinstall app several times. :(

Developer Reply
December 10, 2018, Xert-BaronBiosystems

If you're not using a power meter for powermatch, configure the trainer on the Garmin sensors menu. If the Garmin works with your trainer natively, it should also work without issue in the app.

Roland Philipp
October 24, 2018 | Version 2.05

Love the app. Used it with my Edge 1000 without any problems. However, I switched to Edge 1030 and the app keeps freezing after a few minutes. Same problem after re-starting the app or the unit and also after re-installing the app.

Developer Reply
October 24, 2018, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Hi Roland, Kindly send an email to our support group at [email protected] with some details (username, workout you are using) and we can help troubleshoot. Cheers.

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