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BF Outdoor Map


The BF Outdoor Map app is a complete app supporting you during your outdoor activities. You can choose in the menu (long press on the lower right button) your sport type among hiking, cycling, running and skiing. This is a special app for the Garmin watches vivoactive 4 / 4s, Venu (round display) and Venu SQ Music. The Garmin watch Venu SQ (standard without music) cannot be supported as it does not have enough memory for this app.</p>

What’s New

Version 10 (May 31, 2021)</p><p>• Fixes UI update problem</p><p></p><p>Version 9 (May 05, 2021)</p><p>• Support Garmin Venu 2/2s</p><p>• Minor corrections</p><p>

Additional Information


This app requires access to:

  • Send/receive information to/from the Internet
  • FIT files (activity recordings)
  • Record additional information into activity files
  • GPS location
  • Sensor data (i.e., ANT+, heart rate, compass)
  • Heart rate, barometer, temperature, and altitude history
  • Your Garmin Connect™ fitness profile
  • Captain Marvel Captain Marvel
  • Darth Vader™ Darth Vader™
  • First Avenger First Avenger
  • Mercedes-Benz Venu® Mercedes-Benz Venu®
  • Rey™ Rey™
  • Venu® Venu®
  • Venu® 2 Venu® 2
  • Venu® 2S Venu® 2S
  • Venu® Sq. Music Venu® Sq. Music
  • vívoactive® 4 vívoactive® 4, GarminActive
  • vívoactive® 4S vívoactive® 4S, GarminActive S
Average Rating: (25 Ratings)

May 12, 2021 | Version 9

Create app. Very recommended!

April 28, 2021 | Version 8

uses extrem amounts of battery. My watch only lastet 5hrs, started on 90%.

Karl Güdel
April 28, 2021 | Version 8

Eine sehr gelungene App. Funktioniert tadellos. Vielen Dank an den Entwickler.

April 2, 2021 | Version 8

Most fields are unresponseives. ie : HR, crossroad, etc never refresh except on pause. Unusable on Venu.

March 8, 2021 | Version 7

Klasse App, einfach zu Bedienen und funktioniert tadellos. Speziell die Kreuzungskarten für die Venu sind top. Und das alles kostenlos....mega.

Jeremiah Pierucci
February 19, 2021 | Version 7

Super slow and laggy

January 22, 2021 | Version 7

Unkompliziert, schnell, top! Für mich die beste App um Routen zu erstellen oder vorhandene GPX hoch zuladen. Ich bin begeistert!

Felix Hau
October 28, 2020 | Version 6

Großartige App. Läuft wunderbar stabil, akzeptabler Akkuverbrauch. Insbesondere die Kreuzungskarten sind hervorragend beim begehen neuer Routen. Schön wäre noch die Möglichkeit das Farbschema zu invertieren um die Ablesbarkeit zu erhöhen (weißer Hintergrund und schwarze Schrift).

October 25, 2020 | Version 6

Super App. Ich nutze sie um Radtouren zu navigieren. Der Bildschirm sollte hierfür dauerhaft an sein. Allerdings verstehe ich noch nicht so ganz wie ich die Anzeige interpretieren soll wenn ich die Route verlassen habe. Top App

October 21, 2020 | Version 6

After 6 hours of walking, the app used up the entire charge on the watch. VA4

James Lewis
October 8, 2020 | Version 6

The functions of this app are terrific. Had difficulties with the previous version, but the developer got it sorted out and it's been great since.

Florian Müller
September 17, 2020 | Version 5

Top App - super Kontakt zum Entwickler! Mit unter das beste was im Garmin Shop verfügbar ist.

m g
September 11, 2020 | Version 5

This hiking+ app is excellent. I've been using this on several hikes lately, and i'm quite impressed. I think it's the best and most configurable out there, and I'm certainly planning to donate, since this developer has put a lot of thought and code into it. I have tried other, similar apps for my Venu, and they have been crash-prone, or not provided the functionality that i am seeking. This BF Outdoor Map app nails it. PROS: it's highly configurable and has tons of screen options... There is detailed doc about it, and it's stable... There is even a free, secured service where you can upload a GPX track to follow on your watch. I would like to know more about how to manage battery life to suit my needs. Sometimes, I'd like a lot of detail, and yet there are times when I'm doing 20hr summit push and i don't want to stop and recharge watch.

August 7, 2020 | Version 4

Very good app, close to perfection. Since feedback is always usefull and everytime there is space to improvement: /First map screen is showing track from start to current position. Not sure what is the point of that but I find it to be totaly useless. I'm not interested of where I have been before, I am interested of where I am and what is in front of me. /Second map screen with 0.5 km grid is perfect, it is a shame that every time the next turn warning occurs, map goes back to first screen. /Would it be possible to make those next turn notifications switchable? Most of the time the are more annoying than usefull so it would be great to have possibility to turn it off. /Instead of them it would be perfect to raise some alert when I am off track /Would it be possible to add value of estimated time at destination? Average speed is there, distance to destination is there, so it is then only simple mathematic. /It would be fantastic to have ability to switch to standard watch face to be able to control music for example or maybe at least pause activity, quit app and then have possibility to return. / In any case thank you for this app, it is really good and if it would be possible to implement something from this suggestions sooner or later, it would be great

Developer Reply
August 8, 2020, BeFitter

Thank you for your feedback. (1) Due to system limitations it is not possibile to add any additional configuration switches. (2) The estimated time at arrival from current distance and average speed is useless, it is precise as the remaining time in file copy dialog from Microsoft. (3) To access the music player long press on the upper key (see manual)

Gerrit Zinnhobler
August 6, 2020 | Version 4

Grundsätzlich tolle app hat sich aber gestern in einer 6 stunden wanderung zwei mal nach ca. 2h von selbst geschlossen, gehängt und die davor aufgezeichnete Wegstrecke nicht gespeichert. Danach ließ sich die app ohne neustart der uhr nicht mehr öffnen. Wenn aufgezeichnete daten verloren gehen is das für mich im grunde der supergau...

Developer Reply
August 9, 2020, BeFitter

Dies ist leider ein Fehler in der aktuellen Firmware der Garmin Uhr. Bitte daher Beschwerde an Garmin richten und dort eine negative Bewertung hinterlassen. Die App hat damit nichts zu tun.

July 1, 2020 | Version 3

Tolle App die genau macht was sie soll. Das war eins der Features die mir noch gefehlt haben. Danke. Excellent Job. Gruß nach Freiburg

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