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7 Minute Workout - High Intensity Circuit Training


This is a 7 minute workout timer for Vivoactive. You can Google more information about the exercise itself (High-Intensity Circuit Training Using Body Weight). This app follows the original exercises in that programme.</p><p></p><p>The 7-Minute Workout is a combination of circuit training and high-intensity interval training. Circuit training is essentially the use of sequential resistance exercises with little rest and has been proved to improve muscle fitness. High-intensity interval training is characterised by burst exercises with short recoveries and is a great way of improving aerobic fitness. </p>

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This app requires access to:

  • FIT files (activity recordings)
  • Sensor data (i.e., ANT+, heart rate, compass)
  • vívoactive® vívoactive®
Average Rating: (13 Ratings)

Kurtis Ford
August 12, 2016 | Version 0.8

Awesome really great little workout for when ever.

Paul Jewkes
January 22, 2016 | Version 0.8

It's a great little workout and works perfect. My only suggestion is that it doesn't upload to Connect as a bike ride? But maybe that's just my default setting Nd not the apps problem.

January 7, 2016 | Version 0.5

Great app and I'm starting to use it every day. It would be helpful if you'd take advantage of Garmin's features to automatically add this workout as an activity in my Garmin, instead of me having to do it manually. You'd get 5 stars then.

Tom Stead
January 7, 2016 | Version 0.5

great app - please make it connect to heartrate monitor and also save as activity

December 22, 2015 | Version 0.5

OKAY ... but agree with other reviewers' requests for adding activity logging, calories burned, heart rate monitor (min/max.) Otherwise, I might as well continue to use the original 7 minute workout as a browser app on my notebook, with sound. The only advantage for having a Garmin app is to track/record it, to have that history, improvement monitoring, etc.

Hayden Leacock
November 25, 2015 | Version 0.5

I know the app is called '7 Minute Training' but could you provide the ability to increase the time for each activity and the rest period?

August 31, 2015 | Version 0.5

What's good - great workout. What would be better - If it would actually integrate the workout as an activity on my vivoactive and use the heart monitor.

August 17, 2015 | Version 0.5

Love this. Wish I knew how to create apps. Any chance of you creating one to accompany the "Insanity" work out by Shaun T. That would be awesome.

Paul Pabian
July 12, 2015 | Version 0.5

Nice app I use it for a tabata timer for anything I'm doing.

July 10, 2015 | Version 0.5

This is great! I hope there would be more workout options in the future. Thumbs up!

July 10, 2015 | Version 0.5

Love this! Like another reviewer stated, a calorie guesstimator would be amazing!

June 5, 2015 | Version 0.5

nice i like it. i use this every day

Ivan Lozuk
June 4, 2015 | Version 0.5

Cool, but it would be nice if it can record the calories burned as an activity with duration, specifically with the use of a heart rate monitor.

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