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For Garmin 230/235 and 630 make sure you have installed Garmin watch update 7.60.</p><p></p><p>MAJOR UPDATE version 6.8: Updated for new FR230/235/630 firmware 7.60 - includes new hand and tick mark design, option for battery indicator next to 9 o'clock with different icons to represent battery level, option for including the day with the date next to 3 o'clock, altitude now with meters and fee...

What’s New

v6.8.1 - bug fix</p><p>v6.8 - Updated for new FR230/235/630 firmware 7.60, new hand and tick mark design, option for battery indicator next to 9 o'clock with different icons to represent battery level, option for including the day with the date next to 3 o'clock, altitude now with meters and feet options</p><p>v6.7.1 - additional thickness options on hands, option for box around bottom data fie...

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This app requires access to:

  • Run in the background when it is not active (potentially affecting battery life)
  • Sensor data (i.e., ANT+, heart rate, compass)
  • Heart rate, barometer, temperature, and altitude history
  • Approach® S60 Approach® S60
  • D2™ Bravo D2™ Bravo
  • D2™ Bravo Titanium D2™ Bravo Titanium
  • D2™ Charlie D2™ Charlie
  • Descent™ Mk1 Descent™ Mk1
  • ForeAthlete® 735XTJ ForeAthlete® 735XTJ
  • Forerunner® 230 Forerunner® 230
  • Forerunner® 235 Forerunner® 235
  • Forerunner® 630 Forerunner® 630
  • Forerunner® 645 Forerunner® 645
  • Forerunner® 645 Music Forerunner® 645 Music
  • Forerunner® 735XT Forerunner® 735XT
  • Forerunner® 935 Forerunner® 935
  • fēnix® 3 fēnix® 3
  • fēnix® 3 HR fēnix® 3 HR
  • fēnix® 5 fēnix® 5
  • fēnix® 5S fēnix® 5S
  • fēnix® 5X fēnix® 5X
  • fēnix® Chronos fēnix® Chronos
  • vívoactive® 3 vívoactive® 3
Average Rating: (56 Ratings)

January 20, 2018 | Version 6.8.1

I really like this watchface. It can be completely customized to fit your own taste. This is the first watchface where I can see everything I want on one screen thanks to some clever options. The developper has clearly put a lot of thought and effort in this. I have a Forerunner 230 on version 7.60.

January 14, 2018 | Version 6.7.1

If you are looking for an elegant and practical analogue watchface, CleanAnalog is simply the best! It allows to display simple watchfaces like real needle watches but also to add specific data (number of steps, heart rate, ...) with many options but always remaining elegant. Warning: if you have a Forerunner 235, you will first need to download firmware version 7.52. This can be done easily on the Garmin website: Enjoy CleanAnalog! André

Developer Reply
January 16, 2018, sedwards

Garmin has just released software version 7.60 for Forerunner 230/235 and 630. This includes "Added support for Connect IQ 1.4.4." which is required by this watch face and was included in the beta version 7.52. If you update your watch to software version 7.60 you do not need to install the beta 7.52. In a few days once the roll out of software 7.60 is complete I will release an update of CleanAnalog.

January 11, 2018 | Version 6.7

Great work. Looks smart and good. Could you insert an option to set the second hand permanetly? It would be great ;-)

Developer Reply
January 11, 2018, sedwards

Hi there, thank you for the review. The second hand is permanent but only on some watches. Garmin only allow the one second update on some of their watches, even though their in-built watch face show it permanently. An example of this is the Fenix 3’s where the in-built Garmin watch has a permanent second hand but they don’t allow this for watch app developers. Can you email me at with the watch you have so I can check if is one that allows the permanent second hand. Thanks again, Simon.

January 10, 2018 | Version 6.6

I downloaded and installed the app which looks very nice but I failed to have the watch face on my forerunner 235. Is it any specific process for this app ? All other watch faces I tried to install on the forerunner 235 were Ok. Thanks for your answer. Best,

Developer Reply
January 10, 2018, sedwards

Could you please email me at with some more information regarding how you downloaded and installed it so that I can help resolve your issues. It has been successfully tested on the FR235. Also please see my notes on the CleanAnalog watch face page regarding firmware issues with the FR235, you may need to install the Garmin beta software for the FR235 for the watch face to work successfully.

December 30, 2017 | Version 6.5.1

Excellent Watchface.. A request to put the bottom infos to be stacked vertically for long infos (currently using digital clock and steps. Can be a bit long when they are side by side)

Developer Reply
December 30, 2017, sedwards

Unfortunately I have hit the Garmin allowed memory limit with this app and so only have a small amount of memory space left to add new features. If you have a D2™ Charlie, Forerunner® 935, fēnix® 5, fēnix® 5S, fēnix® 5X, fēnix® Chronos, vívoactive® 3 then you might like to try "CleanAnalogPlus" in which I will be bringing out more features due to the additional memory space resulting from the new SDK.

December 28, 2017 | Version 6.5.1

Excellent watch face. The best I have seen and I like the regular updates. Well done!

December 27, 2017 | Version 6.5.1

Nice watchface app, but there is big lag every minute (~600-700ms) and also when returning to watchface. (Vivoactive 3) Can you do something about that? I am also concerned about battery life, if it takes so much time to redraw. Configuration: day-date-month, steps, heart rate

Developer Reply
December 27, 2017, sedwards

Thanks for the feedback. I am currently running the Watch Face on a Forerunner 935, Vivoactive 3 and a Forerunner 735XT and do not see any lag at the minute mark, hence the second hand runs smoothly past the "12" without skipping from the 59 seconds mark to 1 second mark. Also when returning to the watch face from widgets or events, the watch face appears instantly without any visible lag at all. I am wondering if your watch is doing something else in the background. Can you turn off the bluetooth on your phone and see if this makes a difference, also can you email me the settings you have selected for the watch face setting to Regarding battery life, I have been running it on my 935 since Sept'17 and do about 25 hours of GPS a week, and get 7+ days of battery life. I have seen in the Garmin forums that people are not getting the published battery life from their Vivoactive 3's.

December 26, 2017 | Version 6.5

Works great!

December 26, 2017 | Version 6.5

Doesn't work with forerunner 235 v7.50

Developer Reply
December 27, 2017, sedwards

Please see the notes on the watch face app info page. Garmin is rolling out software updates to support the new SDK 2.4.1 that this watch face requires, however it is not yet available for some watches including the FR235. I have included these watches as available so users can be aware that it will very soon work on your watch. Watches that do not yet have full support for SDK 2.4.1 (however do have beta software that does) include Forerunner 230/235/630 (7.52 beta), Approach S60 (3.71 beta), beta software can be found here

December 26, 2017 | Version 6.5

Watch face doesn’t load, just reverts to default watch.

Developer Reply
December 27, 2017, sedwards

Can you please email me with the model of the watch that you have. If it is an FR230/235/630 or Approach S60, there is an issue with Garmin firmware software on your watch as it does not support the new SDK that this watch face requires. Garmin have beta firmware available that does resolve this and can be found at You will find further details on the App Info page for this watch face.

December 25, 2017 | Version 6.5

Excellent watch face. The best I have seen and I like the regular updates. Well done!

December 21, 2017 | Version 6.4

Why is there every Day a Update? Thaht is terrible!

Developer Reply
December 22, 2017, sedwards

You do not need to install an update when a new update is released, the watch face will function perfectly well without updating. You can choose how often you want to update and wait for major release changes that are indicated by version numbers x.0. There are two main reasons for regular updates at the moment, (1) many users are requesting good quality recommendations for improvements, you will see from other reviews that users appreciated the quick turnaround on improvements and (2) Garmin recently released a new Software Development Kit and new firmware for all their watches requiring software changes to the watch face app.

December 21, 2017 | Version 6.3

Hi I was wondering is there any way you could make it so you can change the size of the digital clock and battery on the bottom of the watch like the date on the top it would be great if you could Mick

Developer Reply
December 21, 2017, sedwards

Hi Mick. At the moment the data at the bottom of the watch uses a custom font which isn't scale-able so as to be able to show the symbols next to the data. Unfortunately the watch app is very close to the memory limitations of the watches and so having multiple sized custom fonts is tricky. What you can do in the settings is turn off the selection "ICON FONTS" and then the font reverts to the in-built font that is the same as the date and the "Font size" setting then takes over.

December 19, 2017 | Version 6.2.3

The best by a long way thanks so much if you have a donate page I would be happy to Thanks

Developer Reply
December 19, 2017, sedwards

I'm really pleased you like it. Donations are always welcome at

December 19, 2017 | Version 6.2.3

Amazing watch face and great support from developer! Thanks

Developer Reply
December 19, 2017, sedwards

Many thanks, enjoy the update with the modifications for the heart rate you requested.

December 19, 2017 | Version 6.2.1

Really like this watch face! Just wanna point out that heart rate field became empty after some second, showing - - instead of value

Developer Reply
December 19, 2017, sedwards

Thank you for the feedback, unfortunately displaying real time heart rate and a constant second hand is not really possible as measuring the heart rate takes too much time when the watch is in Sleep Mode. Garmin watches go to sleep after a number of seconds, if you wake your watch by flicking your wrist the heart rate will again be displayed, or it is updated every minute. I would like to know which watch you have and if when the heart rate shows "--" are the heart sensor lights on the back of your watch off, can you email me at

December 18, 2017 | Version 6.2.1

Completa, sencilla, queda bien y no es de pago.

December 16, 2017 | Version 6.1

Super clean and simple watch face. Very customization and works great with my Vivoactive 3!

Developer Reply
December 17, 2017, sedwards

Thank you for the feedback. I have re-optimised how the memory is used in version 6.1 and added some new custom options. For some users this may require an uninstall and reinstall of the Watch Face. I have been extensively testing the app on the Vivoactive 3 (also FR 735XT and FR 935), however if you have any issues please email me first at and I will very quickly resolve them and issue a new version.

December 16, 2017 | Version 6.0

After installing and trying to customize Vivoactive 3 got stuck on the start-up screen…looked like is rebooting itself constantly. Fortunately it still showed on my Garmin Express app and I was able to uninstall the watch face. After that it went back to normal. You might want to do more testing before accepting such apps on the Garmin Connect IQ Store.

Developer Reply
December 16, 2017, sedwards

This watch face has been rigorously tested on a range of watches including the Vivoactive 3. As you will see by the other reviews this watch face also successfully works on a range of watches. The issue you are experiencing sounds like the Garmin Express app did not successfully install the app, which is an issue I have experienced with the Garmin Express App. Could you email me on simon@bstrategic as I am keen to help you solve this issue.

December 15, 2017 | Version 5.4

With the updates and continued support hands down the best watchface in the IQ store!

December 12, 2017 | Version 4.9

Can add "Move bar" anywhere? Thanks again!

Developer Reply
December 12, 2017, sedwards

Thanks for the rating. I will have a look at this. Unfortunately I am close the memory limitations allowed for watch faces, but will look at this for an alternative version of my watch face.

December 11, 2017 | Version 4.8.5

pls add top field "Day Month Date" and "Month Date Day", thank you ^_^

Developer Reply
December 12, 2017, sedwards

Thanks for the feedback, this has now been added in the new version.

December 10, 2017 | Version 4.8.2

Excellent support and communication. Great idea, clean design with a lot of information.

December 9, 2017 | Version 4.8

Brilliant watchface. Would use it as my daily driver if I could choose week number to display. Unfortunately it looks like that's not possible at this moment.

Developer Reply
December 9, 2017, sedwards

More than happy to add this. Can you email me at with what your looking for.

December 6, 2017 | Version 4.3

Very clean! One request - with the new ability to set the background colour, can you add black to the text field colours? Couldnt see it there, but then that could be me!

Developer Reply
December 6, 2017, sedwards

Well spotted, all fixed now. I have added Black colour to all colour fields. You may need to uninstall and reinstall the watch app to get the new settings to function correctly.

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