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You can use this widget to download and show any image which is available online (such as weather map, online camera picture, etc.). Just configure the URL in the application settings in Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile.</p><p>The URL must be in the form of http://....</p><p></p><p>Supported are JPEGS, GIFs and PNGs.</p><p></p><p>Here is how to configure:

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This app requires access to:

  • Send/receive information to/from the Internet
  • D2™ Bravo D2™ Bravo
  • D2™ Bravo Titanium D2™ Bravo Titanium
  • Edge® 1000 Edge® 1000
  • Edge® 520 Edge® 520
  • Edge® 520 Plus Edge® 520 Plus
  • Edge® 820 Edge® 820
  • Edge® Explore 1000 Edge® Explore 1000
  • Edge® Explore 820 Edge® Explore 820
  • epix™ epix™
  • ForeAthlete® 230J ForeAthlete® 230J
  • ForeAthlete® 235J ForeAthlete® 235J
  • ForeAthlete® 630J ForeAthlete® 630J
  • ForeAthlete® 735XTJ ForeAthlete® 735XTJ
  • ForeAthlete® 920XTJ ForeAthlete® 920XTJ
  • Forerunner® 230 Forerunner® 230
  • Forerunner® 235 Forerunner® 235
  • Forerunner® 630 Forerunner® 630
  • Forerunner® 735XT Forerunner® 735XT
  • Forerunner® 920XT Forerunner® 920XT
  • fēnix® 3 fēnix® 3, quatix® 3, tactix® Bravo
  • fēnix® 3 HR fēnix® 3 HR
  • fēnix® Chronos fēnix® Chronos
  • vívoactive® vívoactive®
  • vívoactive® HR vívoactive® HR
Average Rating: (28 Ratings)

July 21, 2018 | Version 1.0.3-upd1

There is no way to type in the url for the vivoactive.

May 20, 2018 | Version 1.0.3-upd

cant upload in 235

Michael McCarty
March 30, 2018 | Version 1.0.3

This would work for me if I could turn the picture a 90 degree for the vívoactive® HR.

February 7, 2018 | Version 1.0.3

It was kinda hard to figure out but i finally got it to display. Basically i uploaded the image to imgur and copied the direct link associated with the picture and huzzah i got it!

June 30, 2017 | Version 1.0.3

Didn't work. Image is not available Error: 0

June 11, 2017 | Version 1.0.3

Excellent !

Alberto Salvi
May 19, 2017 | Version 1.0.3

beautiful - works as advertised on my FR 235

Masato Fujino
May 16, 2017 | Version 1.0.3

No picture cannot be applied.

Michał Daniel
May 4, 2017 | Version 1.0.3

Works fine. There is a bug that I can't set up url address via Garmin Express, I need to do it via mobile Garmin Connect app. But did anyone know is there a solution to modify url attributes to crop and resize source image? I have an url to real time rain radar ( but on 400x240px screen of Edge 1000 it's just to much compressed and i don't 'see anything, so I want to just pick a fragment of this image to show only my region on Garmin.

Surisarai Vazquez Murueta
April 30, 2017 | Version 1.0.3


Peter Offerman
April 1, 2017 | Version 1.0.3

No way to set the URL for Vivoactive HR

March 9, 2017 | Version 1.0.3

Add a feature to download small pictures in the watch!

Richard King
February 9, 2017 | Version 1.0.3

Thank you for the widget. It works fine on my Garmin edge 820. Widgets are a little painful to get to on the 820 but that is not this developers fault. That is Garmin's design. I am displaying the rain radar here in Melbourne. What dithering choices does the API give you? Can they all be exposed in the configuration? Cheers

Pirate Hawkins the Runner
February 5, 2017 | Version 1.0.3

Can't write/set URL when in the Settings of the Any Picture app through Garmin Express. Forerunner 235

January 26, 2017 | Version 1.0.3

Works realy fine! How to set an url? Looks easy to me: PC: Connect your Garmin to Garmin Express Choose any picture app and then setting set the url you want (i use for picture of rainforcast in the Netherlands) Save and it should work Smartphone: Connect your Garmin to Garmin Connect Choose you connected device in the Garmin Connect app Choos Connect IQ apps, then Widgets and then instaaled Choose any picture app and then setting set the url you want (i use for picture of rainforcast in the Netherlands) Save and it should work

January 9, 2017 | Version 1.0.3

does not work on my edge 1000, i can't set a url

January 6, 2017 | Version 1.0.3


Patrick Dominic Teo
January 5, 2017 | Version 1.0.3

Do anyone have the steps on how to configure the url settings??

December 28, 2016 | Version 1.0.3

I cannot input the url on the configuration form in garmin connect :Simply I cannot see any input box for the url, onlt the title

Jiří Kašpárek
December 27, 2016 | Version 1.0.3

Super app. I can show my actual house webcam image on my garmin :). Cool

December 25, 2016 | Version 1.0.3

Image is not available Error: 0

Alejandro Campos
December 16, 2016 | Version 1.0.2

Same issue, Image is not available Error 0. please help

Sascha Pasdziernik
December 11, 2016 | Version 1.0.2

Always get Error:0 Age is not available. Can you make a detailed description? Thank you

December 7, 2016 | Version 1.0.2

Great Work, Petr! it would be nice if it works with an api like this. i installed Any picture on my edge and it shows the first picture, but it would be nice if it would show the rest of it too. It shows in pictures the rainforecast in the netherlands, any many cyclists in NL are watching it. Hope that the memeory isn't the limitation for it. And if so, would it be possible to configure the right down under button for a refresh like AccuWeather MinuteCast has? Thanks anyway!

Anthony Robertson
December 7, 2016 | Version 1.0.2

Pretty cool! Would it be possible to display the last image it downloaded instead of having to re-download every time? And of course, cycling through more than one would be great too!

Developer Reply
December 7, 2016, Petr.Koula

Hi, unfortunately there is no available memory to save downloaded image or to download more than one at once in this size.

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