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What’s New

v4.5 New stroke rate algorithm. Small bugs and improvements.

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This app requires access to:

  • FIT files (activity recordings)
  • Record additional information into activity files
  • Sensor data (i.e., ANT+, heart rate, compass)
  • ForeAthlete® 230J ForeAthlete® 230J
  • ForeAthlete® 235J ForeAthlete® 235J
  • ForeAthlete® 630J ForeAthlete® 630J
  • Forerunner® 230 Forerunner® 230
  • Forerunner® 235 Forerunner® 235
  • Forerunner® 630 Forerunner® 630
Average Rating: (60 Ratings)

23 March 2017 | Version v4.5

First time use today on FR235, seemed to work great in the pool and stats showing in Garmin Connect dashboard but no distances or other data transferring to Strava as with runs and bike rides... is there a fix for this?

Developer Reply
24 March 2017, danielp27

Hi, yes, this is a garmin issue, and documented in my user guide and blog

17 March 2017 | Version v4.5

hi.itcounts more laps than i swom especially by back stroke.

Developer Reply
17 March 2017, danielp27

Hi, could you contact me? If you provide information I could fine tune the algorithm for backstroke.

11 March 2017 | Version v4.5

I have a small issue that after swimming laps in a pool and uploading the data from my Forerunner 235 to Garmin Connect, the distance swum in GC displays as zero, so I'm having to enter the distance manually. Not sure if it is a bug in PoolSwim or GC.

Developer Reply
11 March 2017, danielp27

Hi, yes, this is a garmin issue, and documented in my user guide and blog

05 March 2017 | Version v4.4

Can display HR on main screen? Thanks!

Developer Reply
05 March 2017, danielp27

Hi, thanks for.the review. It is foreseen that the fields in the summary screen will be configurable in a forthcoming version. Stay tuned!

04 March 2017 | Version v4.4

I have try ver 4.3 4 times and ver 4.4 only 1 times. The last working good. Today: pool 25 meter, change frog/crawl more times and the algorithm calculate meter perfectly on my 630. It's possible to show the max speed of a single pool?

03 March 2017 | Version v4.4

Hey, man, you are a genius! Well, it's not perfect, but given the possibilites of CIQ on 230, it gets as much as possible. Thank you!

01 March 2017 | Version v4.4

Hi! I have been using the app in a 50m pool 1 time with v4.3 and 2 times with v4.4. I like the buzz while sliding after the turn. It seems to log more laps than actually. I swim non-stop over 20 times back-and-forth in a 50m pool, and still it records some 3 extra laps. Saving and upload is easy. Then I just count the visual markings from the 'heading' chart in Garmin Connect -- that's how I calculate the real distance. It is a pity that none of those stats get imported into Endomondo. Thanks for the app. Saves me from counting the laps. :)

Developer Reply
01 March 2017, danielp27

Thanks for posting. If you provide one fit file recorded with v4.4 I could try to figure out why it counted three laps more and try to improve the algorithm. Cheerio

28 February 2017 | Version v4.4

App is counting time, HR, and number of lines you swum. Analysing with GarminConnect is very simple. Line detection works great.

Developer Reply
28 February 2017, danielp27

Thanks for posting. Glad you like it!

28 February 2017 | Version v4.4

spend ages trying to install this thing finally get it installed come home from my swim and nope no data was even recorded what a waste of time all it does it record your time i could do that with a stop watch!

Developer Reply
28 February 2017, danielp27


20 February 2017 | Version v4.3

it does perfectly what it design to do... for a runner watch it works great !

18 February 2017 | Version v4.3

Amazing App! Kudos to the developer! He has achieved something spectacular! My FR230 is now a super watch that can assist me from my running to swimming :) Thank you!

18 February 2017 | Version v4.3

Hola , la aplicacion esta muy bien pero tiene un problema . Me da los metros exactos en este sentido es perfecta pero al sincronizarlos con la aplicacion movil nunca me marca los metros reales y al intentar ponerlos de forma manual tampoco me deja . Si no fuera por esto seria perfecta . En la zona de configuracion pone debug info in fit file ? que significa ? GRACIAS .

Developer Reply
18 February 2017, danielp27

Hola Oscar, la respuesta a las dos cosas las ecuentras en el manual ;) y tambien en el articulo de los chicos de LBDC, Asi que me debes una estrella :)

14 February 2017 | Version v4.3

Hi there! It works! I swim in a 20m pool. I found how to change this parameter, and in the first training session I swim 1800 meters, and it counted 2100 meters. Then, I contacted Dani to discussed what it happen. Dani founded a bug and he solved it in a day! Afterthat, I had swim 2 days and it works perfect! Congrats Dani! Mi FR235 is a new watch, thanks 2 u!
14 February 2017 | Version v4.3

SAME RESULT: The app does not work accurate with my FR230. I swim in 25m pool and a distance differ a lot. Need a fix or update...

Developer Reply
14 February 2017, danielp27

If you need support then contact me. I cannot fix an issue if don't know the causes. The app is working great for most of the people.

09 February 2017 | Version v4.2

The app does not work accurate with my FR230. I swim in 25m pool and a distance differ a lot. I followed the manual and tips without any progress. I understand there are Garmin limitations(make me think to change for a competitor watch) and I really appreciate an effort from developer. However, it is not working and I give two stars.

03 February 2017 | Version v4.2

Using the app for several months now, was good at the start and keeps getting better with every update! Automatic turn detection works without a hitch. Just remember to pause the activity while resting.(FR235)

Developer Reply
03 February 2017, danielp27

Thanks for the review :)

27 January 2017 | Version v4.2

I use an FR630. The app is great and extremely well supported. Additionally, the user guide provides a comprehensive overview of the app functionality. The v4.2 update provides great improvements for the FR630.

Developer Reply
28 January 2017, danielp27

Thanks, glad you like the new 630 UI :)

24 January 2017 | Version v4.1-upd.1

Great app seems to be pretty accurate on every swim with garmin 235, only gripe is the distance isn't transferred to garmin connect and when I try to add after it says an error has occurred, am I doing something wrong or is this usual? Thank you

Developer Reply
25 January 2017, danielp27

Hi, this is described in the user guide

22 January 2017 | Version v4.1-upd.1

Still having difficulty with phantom lengths being triggered. Today I was swimming 2800 m in a 50 m pool configuration. For one direction of travel (shallow end to deep end) the app worked well, on the opposite direction (deep end to shallow) three or four length completions would be triggered. I believe this happened in every set. This issue has occurred before in the same pool when it is configured for 25 m but this was my first time there for 50 m set up and the app sure didn’t perform well at all today on one direction (deep end to shallow). I would have posted to on the forum but can not find it anymore. My swim.

Developer Reply
22 January 2017, danielp27

Here you can find the user guide. You'll find troubleshooting tips there.

16 January 2017 | Version v4.1-upd.1

It works well during rhe activity, but when i try to save after the training it doesn't sync any datas. I've a forerunner 230: how can i solve the problem?

Developer Reply
22 January 2017, danielp27

Here you can find the user guide. You'll find troubleshooting tips there.

15 January 2017 | Version v4.1-upd.1

Great app! I've been using it for about a month now. Very easy and simple. Works like it should. In the end I don't know it it's exactly the number of laps I've swim (because I don't swim nonstop, sometimes I wait for a few seconds), but it gives a good estimate. Compliments! I really enjoy that I can use my watch (FR230) now also to track my swimming.

14 January 2017 | Version v4.1-upd.1

I've a FR630. I appreciate the effort to develop the app, but I believe the heading function (which triggers distance) needs some improvement. I swam 1400 yd, but the app recorded 2175 yd. Also, it would be great if the touchscreen would be deactivated automatically when the app is running. I'm looking forward to further developments. I have the feeling that the app is on its way from 'Okay' to 'Great'.

Developer Reply
15 January 2017, danielp27

if you are having problems with the app, i suggest you to visit the forum. this is the place to post for support.

13 January 2017 | Version v4.1-upd.1

App is great as made my forerunner 235 able to track my swim. It works well and it is easy to use. So far no mistakes (added lenghts) in my experience. App is well maintained and updated regularly with new features. Lap distance is not available but due to Garmin Connect, not to the app. Total distance is available anyway (and editable on Garmin Connect). For deeper activity analysis, I use Sporttracks where lap distances are correctly displayed.

Developer Reply
13 January 2017, danielp27

Thanks :—)

12 January 2017 | Version v4.1

Hi .. the last update is not working on my 235..before that was perfect error or automatical closed the session before u start ..

Developer Reply
12 January 2017, danielp27

Yes, there seems to be a problem. So far only users with fr235 have reported it. I will revert back previous version and analyze the problem. It will take a couple of hours. Sorry for this.

11 January 2017 | Version v4.0

This could be user-error, but my FR 235 wouldn't sync with my phone after using this app for the first time. After four attempts to sync, I gave up and deleted the activity from my watch. Synced right up after that.

Developer Reply
11 January 2017, danielp27

weird. never heard of that. sorry.

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