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v4.8 minor fixes.

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This app requires access to:

  • FIT files (activity recordings)
  • Record additional information into activity files
  • Sensor data (i.e., ANT+, heart rate, compass)
  • ForeAthlete® 230J ForeAthlete® 230J
  • ForeAthlete® 235J ForeAthlete® 235J
  • ForeAthlete® 630J ForeAthlete® 630J
  • Forerunner® 230 Forerunner® 230
  • Forerunner® 235 Forerunner® 235
  • Forerunner® 630 Forerunner® 630
Average Rating: (83 Ratings)

24 June 2017 | Version v4.8

Tired using, the distance started to jump even though I'm stationary. It worked for first two laps (100m) and then it started to jump by itself.

23 June 2017 | Version v4.8

The app works great but my pool has 20m and there is no option for that size of pool. Could that size be included or put an option to type the size manually?

Developer Reply
23 June 2017, danielp27

I do not provide support in the review section. Read the app description. What you request is already posible.

22 June 2017 | Version v4.8

I have tried using this app multiple times and it is not accurate. Also you can't pause it with out it restarting the lap count. Difficult to figure out the total amount swam.

07 June 2017 | Version v4.8

Great App. In the few times I used it it tracked the distances spot on. It is a bit of a pitty, that the total swum distance does not get transfered to Garmin Connect, but I guess that is just a system limitation I have to live with. Still, it does exactly what I want it to do during my swim.

Developer Reply
07 June 2017, danielp27

thanks for the review James. the distance is there. you just have to find it. I give you a hint: read the manual! ;-)

20 May 2017 | Version v4.7

Great app on my watch but same problem as the other reviewers. Once I sync I lose the data! I really liked the average per 100m on the watch. I'd like to understand the distance I swam and the time it took. Any way to fix it so it mentions distance? Thanks!!

Developer Reply
20 May 2017, danielp27

I do not provide support in the review section. Read the app description.

17 May 2017 | Version v4.7

I have the same problem as the review below me. While using the app, it is great. The avg/100, total time and distance are displayed and accurate. When I look at the data in garmin connect, only the total time and avg heart rate are displayed. I can manually put in the distance (from what I know I swam) but that is the only data I can edit. I wish the app would sync all the data that was collected and displayed through the app on the watch. Also, it would be great to record time/100yd instead of manually having to hit the lap button on the watch every 100 to record that lap time. Please let me know if I am not doing something correctly! Otherwise, the app works well and gives great feedback through the app on the watch while in the activity. I have the forerunner 235. Thanks!

14 May 2017 | Version v4.7

I have a Forerunner 235 and I have the same issue as another 235 owner that wrote a review. While swimming it shows the time and distance and calculates it well. After saving the activity though and uploading it on Garmin Connect it said the distance was 0 instead of 875 meters... Please advise if we are doing something wrong? I forgot to turn off the activity before getting out of the pool and walked around a bit. Could this cause a problem?

05 May 2017 | Version v4.7

Which watch face is suitable for this app?

05 May 2017 | Version v4.7

Hello, This Apps corresponding exactly of my need.... I changed my TomTom (down) to a FR 235 and this App cover the lack of this Garmin Model.... ... except... the distance ! I don't know why, when the activity on Garmin Connect is OK except the distance, and so... it's the same in my Strava account. Is it a bug or a Garmin restriction ?.... Please help me because you Apps, except this point, is really what I need. Thks a lot for your time and involvement ! Nicolas (French guy)

29 April 2017 | Version v4.7

Great app. Lap count and pace are spot on. The only issue that I have is that for some reason it seems to continue counting when you hit pause. In another words, it makes a distinction between total time and moving time. This leads to trouble if you use third party apps because the average pace is calculated using the total time, not the moving time.

Developer Reply
01 May 2017, danielp27

Thanks for the review. Could you contact me and tell me which 3rd party app are you seeing this issue with? I set a field in the app to distinguish between rest intervals and active intervals. It seems that app is not detecting this field. I can contact them and ask them to read it. By the way, garmin connect does unfortunately not read it

29 April 2017 | Version v4.7

Great app, fantastic job! If you need any help to translate in Italian, just let me know. I'll be glad to support.

Developer Reply
29 April 2017, danielp27

Thanks! Good idea, I might do it. I will let you know

19 April 2017 | Version v4.6

Great app. Works perfectly fine for me. Heading calibration works well. Counts laps accurately. Really great to have this functionality with my runner watch!! My biggest problem is that the data does not show up in the native fields of Garmin Connect. Uploading to 3rd party website now needs to be done manually in order to get all data transferred.That is not the developers fault though.

13 April 2017 | Version v4.6

Il timer passa da 9 a 11 senza contare le decine, quindi faldando i dati relativi al tempo. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,21... Ecc...

12 April 2017 | Version v4.6

Peldot baseinā neprecīzi rāda distanci. Nopeldot 25m programma piefiksē 50m tad 75m, katru reizi savādāk. Beigās nesaproti cik tad esi nopeldējis. Lietoju forunner 325.

09 April 2017 | Version v4.6

Muchas gracias. La he probado hoy y me ha encantado.

Developer Reply
10 April 2017, danielp27


01 April 2017 | Version v4.5

Bonjour je trouve cette application interessante car elle permet de visualiser les performances effectuees avec l'affichage du résumé sur la montre (forerunner 235 ). Toutefois, je la trouve trés limitee dans le transfert des donnees vers la tablette qui ne sont pas completes. elle ne transfere pas la distance par exemple. Lorsque je renseigne manuellement les informations sur la tablette, l'application mentionne "erreur survenue " et ne les enregistre pas. quelqu’un pourrait -il m'éclairer ? merci beaucoup.

30 March 2017 | Version v4.5

Ayer use por primera vez la aplicación y acabé muy contento, ritmo de vueltas, distancia total, cadencia... Sin embargo hoy cuando he sincronizado mi Garmin Forerunner 235, me dice que he nadado 0 metros y aparece diferentes los resultados a nivel de ritmo cardiaco que me ponía durante la sesión de entrenamiento. ¿Alguien le pasa o puede ayudarme???

30 March 2017 | Version v4.5

Awesome App. The lap count for my last few swims has been dead on.

Developer Reply
30 March 2017, danielp27

Thank you for the review. Glad tou like it :)

29 March 2017 | Version v4.5

how can i change the lenght of the pool from 25m to 50m ?

27 March 2017 | Version v4.5

Hi, I'm liking your app, but like a few others have noted, I've also found some instances where extra laps have been added. The swim I've just completed added an extra 4 laps (200m) - I only picked this up when looking at the distance increment graph. I'm using a Forerunner 235. Fixing this would be great. Thanks

25 March 2017 | Version v4.5

how can i change the lenght of the pool from 25m to 50m ?

23 March 2017 | Version v4.5

First time use today on FR235, seemed to work great in the pool and stats showing in Garmin Connect dashboard but no distances or other data transferring to Strava as with runs and bike rides... is there a fix for this?

Developer Reply
24 March 2017, danielp27

Hi, yes, this is a garmin issue, and documented in my user guide and blog

17 March 2017 | Version v4.5

hi.itcounts more laps than i swom especially by back stroke.

Developer Reply
17 March 2017, danielp27

Hi, could you contact me? If you provide information I could fine tune the algorithm for backstroke.

11 March 2017 | Version v4.5

I have a small issue that after swimming laps in a pool and uploading the data from my Forerunner 235 to Garmin Connect, the distance swum in GC displays as zero, so I'm having to enter the distance manually. Not sure if it is a bug in PoolSwim or GC.

Developer Reply
11 March 2017, danielp27

Hi, yes, this is a garmin issue, and documented in my user guide and blog

05 March 2017 | Version v4.4

Can display HR on main screen? Thanks!

Developer Reply
05 March 2017, danielp27

Hi, thanks for.the review. It is foreseen that the fields in the summary screen will be configurable in a forthcoming version. Stay tuned!

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