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The world's biggest artists. Now playing on your wrist.</p><p>Access and Download your playlists, albums and podcasts for listening anywhere. Grab music that’s Made for You or for Workouts to find fresh tracks to enhance your performance while you sweat.</p><p></p><p>Note: Spotify on Garmin requires a Spotify Premium Account</p><p>SPOTIFY and the Spotify logo are among the registered trademarks of Spotify AB.


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  • Captain Marvel Captain Marvel
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  • D2™ Delta S D2™ Delta S
  • Darth Vader™ Darth Vader™
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  • Rey™ Rey™
  • Venu Venu
  • vívoactive® 3 Music vívoactive® 3 Music
  • vívoactive® 4 vívoactive® 4, GarminActive
  • vívoactive® 4S vívoactive® 4S, GarminActive S
Average Rating: (637 Ratings)

Khristopherson Agüero
17 January 2020

I get the Garmin connect error image on my wstch AND ir Is imposible yo get ir yo play música. Nerd muy Money back

17 January 2020

Cannnot login in via the app! Main purpose of me choosing this watch

Anne Adam
17 January 2020

Same issue as Laura . Really annoying.

17 January 2020

Have never been able to get it to sync on my fenix 5+. It either gets to 97% and then tells me some files could not be downloaded and then there is nothing in the library or just tells me sync failed. They should hopefully fix it after reading all these bad reviews. You can even go as for as emailing [email protected]

Jennifer Schauer
17 January 2020

I'm having the same problem as Laura and Liam.

17 January 2020

The app doesn’t work on my StarsWars Garmin watch. Keep freezing on ‘ Syncing Spotify’ screen. Playing spotify is one of my reason to buy this watch. So disappointing !!!!!!

17 January 2020

I’m having the same issue as Laura. It keeps asking me to log in, but never does.

16 January 2020

Garmin Venu doesn't recognize that I've logged in to Spotify on Connect app... can't pass from the message "open Garmin connect mobile on your phone to log in into spotify"... so frustrating!

Jon Chin
16 January 2020

It works on the Vivoactive 4, but it's so limited. You cannot pick a song from the playlist, but only on random. It's great that I don't have to bring my phone into the gym but it's so limited and it unnecessarily so unless the Garmin developer platform is that garbage.

Jen Riddle
16 January 2020

I bought the Garmin 645 Music because of its music function. After the most recent update on the app, music will not play. After reinstalling and restarting both my watch and my phone, Spotify repeatedly requests for me to log in and won’t play music from the watch. Frustrating!

Tien Chai
16 January 2020

Installation was rough. Had to remove Spotify watch app and turn off Fenix 5 plus completely, but then was able to install. But it’s well worth it. Got our playlist cover art back!

Mark Canavan
16 January 2020

Vivoactive 3 Music won't recognise that I've logged in to Spotify on Connect app

16 January 2020

Utter rubbish

Joey Baker
16 January 2020

This function was one of the main reason I bought this watch. I have spent hours trying to get it to work. And now it has completely froze my watch and I can’t use it at all anymore. Guess I will have to wait for the battery to die to reboot it. I hope this is being worked out!

George Young
16 January 2020

What has happened to my watch?? Does Spotify work anymore? After being unable to play music due to freezing in the app, I've hard reset, tried to re-sync my playlist... but now it won't synch and runs the battery down. The reason I bought the watch was that it had spotify capability. Hopefully this is being addressed and fast.

16 January 2020

Isn’t working on Garmin connect app or Fenix 5 Plus. Been trying for 4 days.

Anatoli Iliev
16 January 2020

On my F 5 plus I get "Open Garmin Connect mobile on your phone to log in to Spotify". I log in successfully to Spotify in Garmin Connect mobile, but the watch still shows that msg.

Braliner 🇩🇪
16 January 2020

Aktuell sind Playlists von Spotify auf Garmin Fenix 5plus nicht übertragbar. Bitte schnell beheben. Danke!

Laura Cadaval
16 January 2020

Not working on Garmin Venu and I just bought the device because of it. Very disappointing!

16 January 2020

Na update garmin en opnieuw installeren spotify is het eindelijk werkend op mijn vivoactive 4s.

Kenneth Fiskvik
15 January 2020

Not working on 5x pluss , this was a huge selling point for me ☹️

15 January 2020

Not working with Fenix 5S Plus

Rebecca Moore
15 January 2020

Not working at all on Garmin Venu

Henrique Longati
15 January 2020

Shuffle doesn't work properly. I have alt of songs (158) in my single playlist, but in the shuffle mode it only plays around 3 to 10 songs. So I need to turn off the shuffle and then turn on again.

Fanie Nel
14 January 2020

Works very well for music. Podcasts very disappointing though. Need to skip or go forward more than 15 sec... Min, 5 min would increase the usability ten fold. Resetting playback spot after resyncing.

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