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Traditional flowers in Chinese culture, the peony, lotus, chrysanthemum, and plum blossom, adorn this watch face and change with the seasons.

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1. November 2017 | Version 1.0

I agree with Ineke. I love the flowers, it helps to somewhat feminize the watch. The little box makes it look a little weird.

3. August 2017 | Version 1.0

it really looks great only thing is if it has one digit in date then it is looking like this 8/[]3 like the [] is some funny spot not supposed to be there if that can be fixed to just black like background in the one digit numbers would be great thanks

3. November 2016 | Version 1.0


Rhonda Farrell
20. August 2016 | Version 1.0

I love the flowers, I can't wait for the next season to see them change!