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Analog Three Goals


I wanted an analog watch face which shows me the status of my daily fitness goals, plus several watch parameters on one screen and with maximum readability on the Vivoactive HR screen.</p><p>This watch face shows: time, date, move bar, battery level, alarm status, do not disturb status, bluetooth status, message count, calories, heart rate plus 3 _daily_ goals:</p><p>- step goal - according to your step goal configuration (standard Garmin configuration)</p>


V2.8</p><p>New trophy showing every 10th day you consecutively reached all goals (1st time shows after 20 days, from 100 days onwards shows each day you still reached all goals)</p><p></p><p>V2.4 - 2.7</p><p>Cleaned up layout.</p><p>If heart rate not available shows status of weekly intensity goal.</p><p>If phone not connected shows day of the week instead.</p><p>Added setting to substitute the stairs climbed goal by meeting the daily intensity goal twice (handy in areas where you can't climb stairs - yet still want to meet your goals) - default for this setting is 'no' (as of V2.6)</p>

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Andrea Marx
22. Mai 2018 | Version 2.4

Sehr gutes "Watchface" Einfach und trotzdem sehr smart Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen

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