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Beschreibung</p><p></p><p>V 1.00 - first release - more functions will be added in next update</p><p>V 1.10 - added more color schemes and battery indicator</p><p>V 1.1x - bigger font for better readability</p><p>V 1.20 - Added compatibility for new beta firmwares</p><p>V 1.30 - new options for configuration</p><p></p><p>Do you like it? You...

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Diese App muss auf Folgendes zugreifen:

  • Daten zur Schrittanzahl (Anzahl der täglich zurückgelegten Schritte)
  • vívoactive® HR vívoactive® HR
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21. Januar 2017

Best layout I've found

18. Januar 2017

Love it and I figured out how to change colors...just add a move bar for the 5th star!

11. Januar 2017

This is my fave watchface. Works great. Only other info I would add to this face is temperature (I have the vivoactive HR) - please let me know if and when you do this update. (Message for the developer) For people who are asking how to change colour setting, you will need go into the garmin connect App on your phone, go to connected devices, select the watch you want to change settings. Then You will need to get into the watchface App you want to change. In Setting, you will be able to select different colour configuration. The developer has a written up on how to do this.

10. Januar 2017

How do you change the colors the sample shown had various colors to choose from Thanks

3. Januar 2017

Hi, How can i change colours ? I don't see this option in parameters. Thanks for your help

2. Januar 2017

Joli design

24. Dezember 2016

Pretty cool screen display. But disappointed I can't change the colours though. For some reason I don't have this option when I choose it in watch faces

24. Dezember 2016

Just downloaded this, looks great. Everything you need on the front screen

19. Dezember 2016

Best watch face, has so much data. Maybe add move bar?

18. Dezember 2016

Wow I love this watchface ♡ please make more colours possible :)

17. Dezember 2016

This is my favorite. It has all of the data that I need on my home screen, but it is still easy to read and not too cluttered. And it's configurable in your Garmin Express app on your computer.

8. Dezember 2016

how do you change colour?

6. Dezember 2016

My favourite watch face. Just need to be able to change the colour of the black half too, and add green to the colours

1. Dezember 2016

Very Cool! 5 star if you introduce displayed parameter configuration as you did in other your application.

1. Dezember 2016

Very Cool! 5 star if you introduce displayed parameter configuration as you did in other your application.

30. November 2016

Very god watch face, I like it. Just a little bug : If I choose color to grey, after locking, the watch face change to the design of modern watch which is preinstalled but it's always the Split watch face that's configured. Work fine with the others colors.

30. November 2016


27. November 2016

One of the great looking watch faces. I would appreciate if you could add some for info(Goal,floors climbed...) in the page. I always switch to different watch face with more info even though it looks ugly.

17. November 2016

This is how you change the color: press the 3 lines on your top left, press the device picture, press connect IQ apps, press watch faces, press split and finally press setting

12. November 2016

i can t change coIor ? why?

29. Oktober 2016

Great watch but how d you change the colours :)

13. Oktober 2016

Awesome watch face! I wear it as permanent face! I would like to change the calories with floors.. Thank you, awesome work!!!

13. Oktober 2016

I like this style!! thank you!!

7. Oktober 2016

Great! !!!! Can your add floor?

15. September 2016

Great face, love the design and information, could use more colors and maybe some data field customization

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