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** User mit bereits installierter App vor der Version 0.5.8, bitte neu installieren! **</p><p>Speichere bis zu 16 Barcodes und zeige sie als Widget an. Sehr nützlich, um Kundenkarten abzuspeichern. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Apps braucht Barcode Wallet keine Internetverbindung. Alle Codes werden über die Garmin App synchronisiert.</p><p></p><p>Derzeit unterstützte Formate:</p><p>* EAN8</p><p>* EAN13</p>


v0.7.0</p><p>* added support for Codabar (see FAQ!)</p><p>v0.6.0</p><p>* added support for Code39</p><p></p><p>v0.5.8</p><p>* fix crash for wrong properties</p><p></p><p>v0.5.7</p><p>* some layout changes to EAN8 codes</p><p>* more error messages in case of wrong codes (also prevents a specific crash)</p><p>* greatly reduced memory footprint</p><p></p><p>v0.5.4</p><p>* as per request added 4 more codes</p>

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: (37 Bewertungen)

🇮🇹 Francesco Romeo 🇮🇹
25. Februar 2019 | Version 0.7.0


19. Februar 2019 | Version 0.7.0

Great App, thank you. It would be great if you could add ITF!!

Dmytro Kyrpatyi
13. Februar 2019 | Version 0.7.0

Great app! Please continue to support it. It will be cool if it will be possible to add cards by camera scanning, like in Google Pay...

27. Januar 2019 | Version 0.7.0

Just awesome, works like a charm!

16. Januar 2019 | Version 0.7.0

Slight learning curve to this but using the barcode reader on my phone as suggested in the FAQ helped a ton! Also, for the library codabar code, I never got it to work properly or scan correctly from my phone or at the library, until I switched it to a Code39 numeric entry, now it scans great! For now I use this at the gym and library but will be adding more as required.

10. Januar 2019 | Version 0.7.0

Jednoduché a funkční. Dobrá práce.

Andreas Keck
8. Januar 2019 | Version 0.7.0

Thanks for this widget. It would be great if you could add ITF-16!

8. Januar 2019 | Version 0.7.0

Nice application, but missing UPC-A format (my most often used shopping card)

Rob N
31. Dezember 2018 | Version 0.7.0

Entered all of my store loyalty cards into the widget. Has worked flawlessly with both ean & parkrun barcodes. Wallet will be much lighter not having to carry multiple loyalty cards.

Nick Watton
30. Dezember 2018 | Version 0.7.0

This is the only barcode app I can find which supports CODE128 (for Parkrun), but the barcode is far too small on my watch screen (vivoactive3 music). There is plenty of extra space available for the size of the barcode to be increased, is this something that can be implemented in the future?

Pete the Geek
29. Dezember 2018 | Version 0.7.0

Very useful. Takes away my need for lots of cards. Some retailers look at me strange though :'-) Support for more barcodes and QR codes would be nice but I've seen this app improve greatly over time. Keep up the great development!

Maciek Sz
29. Dezember 2018 | Version 0.7.0

Parkrun barcode is too small on Fenix 5 to be scannable

Anton Benda
26. Dezember 2018 | Version 0.7.0

Easy to use with examples by default. Thank you!

Jan Kulhavy
22. Dezember 2018 | Version 0.7.0

Hellow, How i Can upload my barcode? Can you help mě? Regards Jan

19. Dezember 2018 | Version 0.7.0

Bravo! Application très utile. Fonctionnelle, efficace...

11. Dezember 2018 | Version 0.7.0

Hi!Thank you so much fir this widget!!!Can you please add support of UPC_A and UPC_E formats?

Keith Williams
1. November 2018 | Version 0.7.0

Parkrun bar code is displayed so small on the Fenix 5 plus screen as to be unscannable at the events. Makes it rather useless.

Harry Oosterveen
31. Oktober 2018 | Version 0.7.0

Nicely done, easy to use, works well.

28. Oktober 2018 | Version 0.6.0

Use EAN13 for PayBack. Work very well. Thanks a lot. Great Job.

Antwort des Entwicklers
29. Oktober 2018, TheCodeDude

Glad it works for you. Thank you for your rating.

2. Oktober 2018 | Version 0.6.0


Antwort des Entwicklers
29. Oktober 2018, TheCodeDude

Thank you for your rating.

Ted Rosen
26. September 2018 | Version 0.6.0


Antwort des Entwicklers
29. Oktober 2018, TheCodeDude

Thank you!

17. September 2018 | Version 0.6.0

Hey Cool app, appreciate not having all cards with me :o) Do you plan also to support QR codes - some cards use those?

Antwort des Entwicklers
17. September 2018, TheCodeDude

Thank you for your rating. Since I need to write the code generators all by myself and QR is a rather complicated code it not likely be soon if at all. I have a few cards requiring QR myself so I'm at least thinking about it.

16. September 2018 | Version 0.6.0

Very useful app ! Vivoactive 3

Neysan Schaefer
11. September 2018 | Version 0.6.0

The app does what it's supposed to do. Excellent support. Yesterday evening I contacted the developer with a feature request and this moring he had already implemented Code39 barcodes.

Darrin C
28. August 2018 | Version 0.5.8

Works great once you know what type of barcode you have. To find out the barcode type, 'freescanner' by n3rds works great too.

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