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Neat Weather WatchFace


Further information, support, and donation: ⭐ ⭐ ALL THE INFO IS HERE❗❗</p><p>Please, donate to support the hard work and further development. It will be greatly appreciated! We send an Unlock Code to our registered users that unlock all the ADVANCED SETTINGS AND FEATURES!</p><p></p><p>Neat Weather WatchFace a carefully designed, data and feature rich, fully configurable and battery efficient premium watchface.</p>


Please! check our web page or follow us in social media if you want to know about what we are planning in next releases!</p><p></p><p>Actual v1.1.7d</p><p>- Added support for fr745</p><p>- Added ISO 8601 system for week number calculation, when monday is first day of the week.</p><p>- Added localisation languages: Norwegian (thnx Erlend), Dutch (thnx Marc), Danish (thnx Tom) </p>

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Diese App muss auf Folgendes zugreifen:

  • GPS-Position
  • Verlauf für Herzfrequenz, Barometer, Temperatur und Höhe
  • Ihr Garmin Connect™-Fitnessprofil
  • Captain Marvel Captain Marvel
  • Darth Vader™ Darth Vader™
  • First Avenger First Avenger
  • Forerunner® 245 Forerunner® 245
  • Forerunner® 245 Music Forerunner® 245 Music
  • Forerunner® 745 Forerunner® 745
  • Forerunner® 945 Forerunner® 945
  • fēnix® 6 fēnix® 6
  • fēnix® 6 Pro fēnix® 6 Pro, fēnix® 6 Sapphire
  • fēnix® 6S fēnix® 6S
  • fēnix® 6S Pro fēnix® 6S Pro, fēnix® 6S Sapphire
  • fēnix® 6X Pro fēnix® 6X Pro, fēnix® 6X Sapphire, fēnix® 6X Pro Solar, tactix® Delta Sapphire, quatix® 6X Solar, tactix® Delta Solar, tactix® Delta Solar Ballisitcs
  • MARQ™ Adventurer MARQ™ Adventurer
  • MARQ™ Athlete MARQ™ Athlete
  • MARQ™ Aviator MARQ™ Aviator
  • MARQ™ Captain MARQ™ Captain, MARQ™ Captain: American Magic Edition
  • MARQ™ Commander MARQ™ Commander
  • MARQ™ Driver MARQ™ Driver
  • MARQ™ Expedition MARQ™ Expedition
  • MARQ™ Golfer MARQ™ Golfer
  • Rey™ Rey™
  • vívoactive® 3 Music vívoactive® 3 Music
  • vívoactive® 4 vívoactive® 4, GarminActive
  • vívoactive® 4S vívoactive® 4S, GarminActive S
Durchschnittliche Bewertung: (542 Bewertungen)

19. Januar 2021

I tried almost every watch face in the store of which I thought it would cover my needs, unfortunately (although a lot of these are looking good and functional) none of them fit my requirements 100% This one does the job, all details available and nicely presented. Absolutely worth the donation to release the option to change settings! One small suggestion would be the option to have hours and minutes set in the same colour instead of having minutes a bit darker. Nevertheless even if it would not be able to change it is definitely the best watch face I used.

Gregory Daris
18. Januar 2021

Excellent watchface!!!

David Fernández
18. Januar 2021

Perfecto, mi pantalla favorita

Luke Smit
18. Januar 2021

Best watch face I have tried to date on my VivoActive 3. The donation is well worth it to get access to the settings. The client service is excellent and developer responsive. Features suite me perfectly. I don’t think I’ll be needing another face while I have this watch!

17. Januar 2021

Best looking, feature rich, watch face available. A little buggy with my watch (Fenix6). After I end an activity the watch face freezes and requires a restart. I'm on firmware version 13.10

17. Januar 2021

Very simple with as much info on a clear screen. Good stuff!

17. Januar 2021

Velmi rychle jednani a velka spokojenost. Dekuji

17. Januar 2021


16. Januar 2021

Le meilleur écran !!!! Mais il reste toujours un bug sur l amélioration du design pour ma vivoactiv 4 , cela éteint toutes les informations sauf le rythme cardiaque . Continue comme ça ton écran est le meilleur !!!

Amï 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
16. Januar 2021

Działa pięknie! Mój ulubiony WF. Czytelny, pokazuj wszystko czego potrzebuję, nie drenuje baterii. Warto mieć:) Works fine! My favorite WF. Readable, show everything I need, does not drain the battery. It's worth having :)

Libor Ticháček
16. Januar 2021

Really cool! Nice, easy to set and usefull. I wonder, if it could be there next data to choose - Bitcoin price in EUR (rate from Coinbase besause of biggest stock exchange)?

16. Januar 2021

Great and perfect face watch! Everything i want and i need! Aslo great costumer service, had some issues with code (my bad i gave them the wrong ID for my watch haha) and they helped me within the next few hours and everything is as i wanted! Cannot be more happier!

Umberto Straguzzi
16. Januar 2021

Ottima Watchface completa e che finalmente non consuma batteria in modo smisurato,spero che gli sviluppatori continuino con migliorie.

Gabriel Cristof
16. Januar 2021

Great watch! One face with everything you need! Thank you!

Christian Pomar
15. Januar 2021

Great watchface. Nice and clean, and battery friendly (even when not using the optimised drawing) Everything you might need is on the screen. My only suggestion would be to allow to have less fields and a bigger font.

Will Brown
15. Januar 2021

Best watch face ive found! Has all the relevant data that i want on one screen.

14. Januar 2021

Only updated with wifi, forerunner 945 is very slow, disappounted, la aplicacion de tiempo no es real, solo se actualiza con wifi y tarda una eternidad, no la aconsejo.

Antwort des Entwicklers
15. Januar 2021, surfr.dsign

Weather data is updated through the mobile phone. No matter what type of data connection it has. Please, check the tips that we have in the support section of our website to help you make a proper setup: And please!!!! do not ever leave a bad review before contacting us. There is a lot of effort behind the product and it is not fair to get this kind of reviews without even asking before. We appreciate your feedback and we are willing to help if you have a problem, but there are other ways to contact us and let us know. Leaving a bad review straight away is ungrateful with our hard work and anything but gentlemanlike. Honestly.

Víctor Feito Feito
14. Januar 2021

After talking to the developer about the screen freezing issue it has been fixed. 5 stars now

13. Januar 2021

Looks good on phone But very dim to see clearly on watch. Reuctant to purchase, as requested trial, but to no avail I went for the other watch faces. Much BETTER in the long run, with more info

Antwort des Entwicklers
13. Januar 2021, surfr.dsign

Sorry, but we are not giving away the code just because you ask to. The locked version (even it is not configurable) + all the pictures and descriptions in or web page, we think it is enough information to let you make a good idea of how it will look like when fully configured. We work like this. Take it or leave it. On top of that, we think that doing otherwise would be unfair to other users, that have already supported us. And leaving a bad review just because you did not get what you wanted is childish, ungrateful with our hard work and anything but gentlemanlike.

13. Januar 2021

Świetna i moja ulubiona tarcza zegarka. Żadnej innej tarczy nie używałem tak długo. Prosta, konfigurowalna i czytelna.

Jorge Bandeira
12. Januar 2021

Excelent Watch Face. I recommend

Gosia Stwora
12. Januar 2021

Great WF!! Does not drain the battery !!

ioannis greberis
12. Januar 2021

Its very useful for everyday use and quite accurate in WeatherCast but in my fenix 6 with xiaomi note 9 pro it lugs in the Bluetooth message connect-disconnect on screen of the watch and has to push the menu button to dissapear otherwise its very handy

11. Januar 2021

Great App! Highly recommend! Please donate the great work of developer, definitely deserve!

11. Januar 2021

Hi! Very cool watchface I have registered. Used 2 weeks The weather stoped updating 4 Jan. What can i do? Thank you

Antwort des Entwicklers
11. Januar 2021, surfr.dsign

Please, check the tips in our webpage, in the support section, to get a proper setup for the weather information!!

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