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Configurable data field. ( )</p><p>=================================</p><p></p><p>Do you like it? You can donate me a beer - go to the web and click to "Donate" button. 1USD = 25CZK = 1 BEER</p><p></p><p>=================================</p><p></p><p>V 0.10 - first release for testing..</p><p>V 0.20 - added...

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15. august 2017

I hardly use anything else since I installed Charts. Great. One question: can the cadense max value be made adjustable like the speed max setting. The default max of 200 is of no use. Thanks!

11. august 2017

Very good IQ app. Clear information at a glance. Only issue so far is the incorrect labels for the left and right (3s power & HR) scales. Please fix if not too much trouble.

6. august 2017

Genius! I used it today for the 1st time on a 100M+ ride, and I love it. At a glance, you can see the three parameters that matter the most (at least to me) - speed, power and cadence. And if you look closer, it has all the other data that you need. Jut brilliant! A few bugs: The left and right scales have a min-max that seem to not be affected by what they represent. A nice addition will be to allow us to set the min/max value for whatever we use these scales for. BUT -- The app is so useful even with this bug, that I still give it a 5+ rating.

22. juli 2017

Absolutely Brilliant......only problem or suggestion is to make the average speed dot a bit bigger or into an arrow or diamond shape Beers coming your way

22. juli 2017

Ne fonctionne pas avec mon Garmin1000 !!!

19. juli 2017

This is excellent! All data I need to know + more in one single screen, presented in a smart way.

19. juli 2017

App downloads, but when I go to set it as a data field, it displays for a split second and then just displays the IQ logo with a mellow exclamation mark, would love to be able to try it Edge Explore 820

15. juli 2017

it doesn't work on my 520. maybe it is me not able to configure it. could you be of help?

6. juli 2017

Excellent, thanks

19. juni 2017

Garmin 520 Love it. Minor bug... I have power 3s and HR as my data fields. They work perfectly apart from the labelling on the scale is wrong. Power max is 200, HR max is 1000. I assume these should be the other way round and the bar in the graph works as if that is the case so it appears to just be the label rather than the actual scale. Doesn't affect the use of the display for me (other than my OCD) Thanks

18. juni 2017

Works perfect on 520 ;))) but as it was mentioned before - is there a possibility to add: ascent, descent and grade? (I think distance, clock and ºtt is at the best place it could) but it would be perfect to know the grade at the mountain races :))) "Hello on the garmin 520, 3 data are not displayed (the last 3 at the bottom of the screen) is it possible to put them ??"

1. juni 2017

Bug. Causes Edge 520 to continually power-cycle when connected to Garmin Vector 2 pedals. Developer contacted.

6. maj 2017

Great, enjoy your Beer !

30. april 2017

Really beautiful, it works perfectly on my Edge 1000. He definitely deserves a beer

29. april 2017

Could you plz make it possible to choose 10 sec. power and 3 sec. power. And also lap time. Thanks a lot and i hope you will consider my question. Marcel

22. april 2017

Super, Bravo. You have your beer :-)

16. april 2017

Would be perfect to customize the some of the data fields. But really great so far!

16. april 2017

Perfektná na Edge 1000

14. april 2017

Hello on the garmin 520, 3 data are not displayed (the last 3 at the bottom of the screen) is it possible to put them ??

2. april 2017


25. marts 2017

Fantastic! Loving it.

18. marts 2017

Trop dla balle...avec 15 donnes affichées de facons tresl lissibles sur un seul écran...gebial

12. marts 2017

Die beste iQ APP bisher!! Sehr übersichtlich. Grafisch topp gestaltet! Danke ;-)

10. marts 2017

Still my favorite of the customized dashboards for Edge 1000.

1. marts 2017

Fix this bug and the app would be perfect! Thanks!

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