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NOTE! If you don't have an already have an APIKEY , DO NOT download this, as the policy changed May 15th and API Keys are no longer available.</p><p>I'm trying to work out the details and what I can do.</p><p></p><p>Weather Underground Weather data!</p><p></p><p>Access the local weather from the "Weather Underground"! About 100,000 weather stations are in the US (I don't know about other pla...


2.00 - Internal code cleanup, 645 and 645M support</p><p>2.06 - added gpsmap66, added setting for baro for inches/millibars</p><p>2.07 - bug fix do to the SDK change

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  • GPS-position
  • Approach® S60 Approach® S60
  • D2™ Bravo D2™ Bravo
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Gennemsnitlig bedømmelse: (94 bedømmelser)

Ronald Del Ciello
7. december 2017 | Version 0.66-upd

Works great with patience and a learning curve. Weather Underground site is wonky regarding verifying your email after joining. Click the email verify link and chill out for 15 minutes before trying to get an API code. Cut/Paste API code into app box. Go back to WU website and let it have your location to search for closest data station. Copy/Paste the station code into the app. Entering my city name did not work for me, as my city has numerous stations. DO NOT TURN ON "Always Get Location" if you are inside and cannot connect link to GPS. Pressing start button in the widget switches me from main data screen to sunrise/sunset screen, and description "waning gibbons" moon, whatever the frack that is. :^) Hope this helps.

5. december 2017 | Version 0.66-upd

Works great on my Vivoactive 3 and the information is current and precise. Great job!

Gabriel Fiorenzano
23. november 2017 | Version 0.66-upd

Got the API key and went into Garmin Connect, but when i click on your widget the only option I have is to "View in Store". I have a Garmin Fenix 3 and can't enter the API key...

Udviklerens svar
23. november 2017, jim_m_58

This is a bug in garmin Connect Mobile on iOS, and impacts all CIQ apps. You can go to settings in Garmin Express (PC or mac), or on the phone, there is a thin white line where settings should be, and if you tap on it, you can get into settings

2. november 2017 | Version 0.66-upd

Does not automatically find location. GPS enabled watch and phone. You manually have to enter which WU station to use, might as well goodle search the weather if you have to search for local station to input in the widget. Older version worked fine.

Udviklerens svar
2. november 2017, jim_m_58

Please use Contact developer for this. It will start GPS if needed, and if it's taking too long, first get a GPS lock in a native app, and the run the widget. Nothing has ched in this is some time. The "newer version" is something done in the background by the store to add more devices. (the Descent, etc)

Glen Robertson
17. oktober 2017 | Version 0.66

Won't let me validate my email, won't give me a API key, worst app ever.

Udviklerens svar
17. oktober 2017, jim_m_58

You need to check with Weather Underground to see what's happening. I'm just a user there like everyone else.

Ben Curll
13. oktober 2017 | Version 0.66

looks like a sweet widget, but can't figure out how to get the api key?!?!

Udviklerens svar
14. oktober 2017, jim_m_58

The link to WU is in the description, and I have screen shots on my facebook page as to the steps after you create an account. Use "Contact Developer" if you still need assistance.

1. oktober 2017 | Version 0.66

Fenix 5X user. Needs forecast. I'm forced to use 2 widgets. Also, when I fly to another city, the widget never even try to get new GPS location. Constantly have to turn out on and off, uninstall, to get out to realize Kim in another state.

Udviklerens svar
1. oktober 2017, jim_m_58

Due to memory limits on older devices, forecast is not an option in this widget. (it ever was mentioned as a feature) When you go to a different city, press "menu" and you are given an option to get a new GPS location (I use the last location most times for speed - you get data faster.) With that, you can also see the data for where you are, or switch back to "home" as see the data for the folks at home. Please use Contact developer to ask about problems.

1. august 2017 | Version 0.65-upd

Great app; only weather app that's worth using. Works perfectly in U.K. Many thanks.

25. juli 2017 | Version 0.65-upd

Great app. Getting the API key was easy and once I got a gps signal all data showed up as expected. Looking forward to future updates!

19. juli 2017 | Version 0.65

Very nice Jim, works great!! Could i ask you add background update (like the DS weather widget), and forecast high/low temps? Thanks!

Udviklerens svar
25. juli 2017, jim_m_58

The amount of data received from the WU is too large to work with a background process. Forecast data is a separate request, and it's too large for some of the supported devices even in the foreground

19. juli 2017 | Version 0.65

Very nice Jim, works great!! Could i ask you add background update (like the DS weather widget), and forecast high/low temps? Thanks!

Quintin Wait
10. juni 2017 | Version 0.65

Great app! Works well in South Africa. Worth the effort to install.

Scott B
7. juni 2017 | Version 0.64.1

I have no way to set the API key! My only options in the app settings are 'reorder' and 'delete widget'. I'm leaning toward the latter...

Udviklerens svar
10. juni 2017, jim_m_58

You use Connect IQ app settings from your phone or Garmin Express. Here's a general "how to" for CIQ app settings:

4. juni 2017 | Version 0.64.1

I'm only assuming that the app is okay and yet to use it with making an account at Weather Underground I never got a verification email. Three different email addresses I used and never received an verification in any of them so I am unable to get an API key so this widget goes into the scrap pile

Udviklerens svar
10. juni 2017, jim_m_58

Did to try asking Weather Underground? That sounds like a problem on their end..

21. maj 2017 | Version 0.64.1

The functionality seems okay, but it is buried so deep in the menus that I will never use it. It has to be available with the data screens so that one could scroll to it easily. Otherwise it is easier to look it up on my phone. I uninstalled the widget.

Udviklerens svar
23. maj 2017, jim_m_58

I'm not quite sure I understand. It's a widget and in the widget loop, so easy to get to. With app-settings, it uses the CIQ standard way to do that, and really all you need to do there is set the API key. There is an option with the menu key to change weather stations, but most of the time it's just go to the widget, and after a few seconds it displays the weather. Please use Contact Developer to provide a bit more detail - Thanks!

4. maj 2017 | Version 0.64.1

This is great once set up and running. To make this 5 stars, I'd love to see more forecast related information like daily high/low prediction, 3-5 day outlook with weather conditions, probability of precip, wind. I think weather underground has really nailed it recently with their desktop graph visualizations so maybe there are some good examples there. Thanks!

Udviklerens svar
23. maj 2017, jim_m_58

Doing a forecast is a matter of the memory available to a widget. The forecast I get from WU simply won't fit. I may release a watch-app version that has forecast though.

22. april 2017 | Version 0.64.1

Up and running in 60 seconds, and I get the readings off my home weather station. Thanks! 5x

20. april 2017 | Version 0.64.1

Data fields are great, but acquiring GPS and connecting to WU takes too long.

Udviklerens svar
23. maj 2017, jim_m_58

You shouldn't need GPS all the time, and you can skip it all together by entering the name (current) of your prefered weather station.

8. april 2017 | Version 0.64.1

Works great on my Fenix 5x. Fantastic for monitoring my PWS. Thanks for your efforts

18. februar 2017 | Version 0.63

Great app. I use this more than the default weather app. Thank you!

Kiv Slack
11. februar 2017 | Version 0.63

I'll change my rating if you help fix my issue: I downloaded the widget and using the settings in garmin connect I input the API key and station name. I saved it and synced several times but the widget still says "bad API key!" On my vivoactive hr. ?????

Udviklerens svar
11. februar 2017, jim_m_58

I would be glad to help. Please use either the 'Contact Developer" feature in the store, or the support forum linked in the description. It kind of sounds like you have maybe you didn't enter the API key correctly, or didn't save it.

10. februar 2017 | Version 0.63

Fenix 3 de kullanıyorum gayet başarılı tek sıkıntı api yi alabilmek ondan sonra periyodik olarak internetten güncelleme yapıyor

29. januar 2017 | Version 0.61

No instructions on what to do with the api key once you get it. Vivoactive HR. After getting key and syncing the widget stated "bad api key." Obviously you can't enter it from the watch b/c there's no watch based alphanum input. The widget auto syncs on download, so the api must be loaded be loaded before download. How? No instruction, therefore 1 star until you explain.

Udviklerens svar
29. januar 2017, jim_m_58

You use App settings (your phone or from Garmin Express). It says that on the screen. If you've never used app settings, here's a thread with the general instructions:

Sebastian Spiegelhauer
19. januar 2017 | Version 0.61

did not work. got the api and nothing....

Udviklerens svar
24. januar 2017, jim_m_58

Please use "contact developer" or the link to the support thread if you have a problem. I can't help based on a review.

4. januar 2017 | Version 0.61

Tried on Windows 10 Lumia. After getting the Weather Underground API to work, I now get the Data Error -2 pop-up. Note to users, if you have trouble saving the API key via a bluetooth connection to the phone's data plan, save yourself the trouble and download Garmin Express and plugin the device to the computer and use its WIFI. Much smoother.

Udviklerens svar
24. januar 2017, jim_m_58

I not sure about today, but in the past, Garmin Connect Mobile on a Windows device didn't work with any Connect IQ apps that accessed the internet.

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