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November 23rd is 2 years of Dozen Run, Thanks for the Support!</p><p></p><p>Always ***Free*** and never 'crippled'ware</p><p>Listed as the Best Garmin Datafield at</p><p>Dozen Run data field is a data field display with race prediction and Lap Pace(IQ2.0 watches). </p><p>If you have a problem installing or for m...


Donations (help keep my effort going )</p><p>Next Update: add an option for IQ2.x to color in full/ half of the cadence/HR fields</p><p>v5.7 removes power data and graphs if watch doesn't not have power. </p><p>v5.6 adds IQ Stryd Power graph and average power, VA3m, f5+ family and SDK 2.4.7</p><p>v5.5.1 correct bug in IQ2.x watches when, graphing is disabled.</p><p>5.5 adds ...

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Gennemsnitlig bedømmelse: (173 bedømmelser)

12. juli 2018 | Version 5.7

This is my go-to data screen for both training and racing. I find it provides me with everything I need in both situations, on one screen. It's also highly legible. I also like how it's configurable. (For example, I like to see both my overall average pace for the entire event, and my average pace for the last segment - I auto-lap at one mile, so it's showing me my average pace for the current mile that I'm running.) I've tried other multiscreen displays. None do it as well as does DozenRun. I'd use it even if I had to pay for it -- and I value this enough that I did make a voluntary contribution -- I want to see this data screen stick around for a long time!

Udviklerens svar
17. juli 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks for the Great Review, I will be here for a while, no worries! Run :)

10. juli 2018 | Version 5.7

Superb allround data field

Udviklerens svar
17. juli 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks, I added Stryd Support to the Dozen Run IQ 2.x watches.

30. juni 2018 | Version 5.6

Great view to run with, plenty of data but not overcrowded on screen

Udviklerens svar
17. juli 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review! keep running happy

Bartosz Dziedzic
30. juni 2018 | Version 5.6

Best screen for running!

Udviklerens svar
17. juli 2018, fbbbrown

thanks, Run :)

20. juni 2018 | Version 5.5.1

Love it... But I never understood how to configure the configurables... :P

Udviklerens svar
17. juli 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review. that is done in Garmin Express or Connect App under App management.

14. juni 2018 | Version 5.5.1

Awesome app for running! I have used it for a long time. All information that you could need is displayed. Other apps by this developer are also top notch.

Udviklerens svar
17. juli 2018, fbbbrown

thanks for the review!

Daniele Margini
11. juni 2018 | Version 5.5.1

Sul mio fenix 3 hr crasha di continuo, mi ha fatto spegnere 2 volte l'orologio in gara

Udviklerens svar
11. juni 2018, fbbbrown

Ci scusiamo per il tuo problema, è meglio contattare lo sviluppatore, prima di effettuare una revisione. Preferirei correggere il problema piuttosto che ottenere una recensione come questa. Al momento ho una F3 e non ho un problema come dici tu. questo potrebbe essere un problema di installazione dell'app Connect in cui l'app Connect non installa i file Settings. se volessi contattarmi, ti aiuterò o cercherò di correggere il problema. ..... ..... Sorry your having a problem, it is best to contact the developer, before putting a review. I would prefer to correct the problem than get a review like this. i currently have a F3 and not having an issue as you mention. this could be a Connect App install issue where the Connect App is not installing the Settings files. if you would of contacted me, i would of helped you or tried to correct the issue.

24. maj 2018 | Version 5.5.1

Great App. Like all from this developer

Udviklerens svar
3. juni 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review! Run :)

Rick Storms
14. maj 2018 | Version 5.5.1

I like the information you get all on one screen but it is harder to read. I run on a track field and when I use this data field for some reason the GPS doesn't accurately track me. For that reason I won't use it. Probably is helpful when running the roads.

Udviklerens svar
14. maj 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review, the data field only displays data and has no GPS control(s). So it is not likely the datafield is interfering with the gps. GPS watches in general struggle with the curves of the track and typically undershoot the distance. Try setting Data Recording to every second for more samples around the curve. Also try my Run+ app, it is a must have, for track running, since it auto-laps by position. The lapping function is usually accurate to 1 meter.

10. maj 2018 | Version 5.5.1

Great datafield which really displays all important fields on the tiny FR235 display! Is there a users guide available? On the bottom left it shows "TA" but I can't figure out the meaning. And what do the five black dots mean in the lower right corner?

Udviklerens svar
14. maj 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review, TA is total ascent. The dots are the gps signal.

5. april 2018 | Version 5.4

Thank you so much, I have another app, and was all the time upset with my results. It was quite demotivating. But your app is really great. With wonderful feedback, with integration into the default running app, which says you: you made a new record today. At the beginning it was quite messy concerning the installation and adjustment at the Garmin vivoactive hr. But as soon as I got it... I can only recommend your app to everyone. Great job, thumbs up.

Udviklerens svar
8. april 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review and keep running :)

2. april 2018 | Version 5.3.0

Absolutely love this view config options are a little confusing, can't always read the whole label, but then again at 2 days old so is the whole watch, I'll work it all out quick sticks. Soo glad I found it, already sent it over to all my garmin comrades...

Udviklerens svar
3. april 2018, fbbbrown

thanks for the review, the android config menu is messy and the iPhone is perfect. I will be working with garmin to improve the Android Dozen config.

1. april 2018 | Version 5.3.0

I've downloaded Dozen Run v5.3.0, Dozen Walk v1.1 and Dozen Cycle v4.5. Neither of them works on vivoactive 3 when the watch has been updated to v3.10. The data field is blank. :(

Udviklerens svar
3. april 2018, fbbbrown

Please contact me directly, I have a VA3 wit v3.10 and I'm not seeing this behavor.

Uccio 🇮🇪ITA
30. marts 2018 | Version 5.3.0

this is great! Thanks from Italy ;-)

Udviklerens svar
3. april 2018, fbbbrown

Keep running :)

Gianni Rondinini
21. marts 2018 | Version 5.3.0

this data field is very close to perfection. thumbs up also to the author, extremely responsive when asked for informations, improvements and the like.

Matthias Hundt
11. marts 2018 | Version 5.2

Please update to Garmin Forerunner 645 music !!!!

Udviklerens svar
12. marts 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review. The All the dozen field are being updated to the 2.4SDK and will include all new watch types.

7. marts 2018 | Version 5.2

The best running data field ever. Just one question... I'm using fenix 5 with Dozen Run version 5.2 and the upper left field displays ''Average Hear Rate'' instead of ''Cadence''. Is there a way to change this?

Udviklerens svar
12. marts 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review, this is a smart field, when moving shows cadence and when your not running the field shows Avg HR.

9. februar 2018 | Version 5.2

it doesn't work on vivoactive 3? open it but field is blank.

Udviklerens svar
9. februar 2018, fbbbrown

thanks for the review, it is a data field and needs to be added to the built-in RUN app. I have the VA3 with v2.90 and DozenRun is functional on the VA3 hardware. if you have question, please contact me using the 'Contact Developer' link. run:)

Andreas Hjalmarsson
28. januar 2018 | Version 5.2

Please describe the differens settings / values in the app information above! Only first part of description is possible to see in GC on Android / Samsung s8

Paul R
17. januar 2018 | Version 5.2

Hands Down the best! Have been using this data field since the first version. Tried heaps of others, but always come back to this! Only suggestion (and it’s a selfish one) would be to include Garmin running power as an option. I currently use both Garmin Running Pod and a Stryd and given they both use custom data fields for power, if I want to use them due to the 2 field limitation, I have to turn dozenrun off :(. Thanks for the great work!

Udviklerens svar
23. januar 2018, fbbbrown

Thank for the review! If Run power becomes available i will add as an option. Keep Running :)

17. januar 2018 | Version 5.2

best field I've found , contains current pace+average pace so more than single field and still readable

Udviklerens svar
23. januar 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review! Run:)

Dave Roberts
1. januar 2018 | Version 5.2

The best multi-view datafield I've found - it actually has useful metrics for most runs! It's a shame that the font sizes are (understandably) limited in some places - not helped by my failing eyesight or the pants backlight on my 235 - but all the main data can be read easily, and the colour coding of the cadence and heart rate helps.

Udviklerens svar
23. januar 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review and i here you with the font type/size(44 years young). There is not much space and that is why i use color and larger fonts for the more important fields.

Random 5
29. december 2017 | Version 5.2

Love it useful data always ready at a glance

Udviklerens svar
1. januar 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review, check out my other Apps! Keep Running!

Mickael S.
14. december 2017 | Version 5.2

Good job, the best data field (at least for my FR935). I hope you will be able to integrate Garmin Power field soon (for example instead of pace by choice).

Udviklerens svar
1. januar 2018, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review, if the Run Power is available i will add. Run:)

4. december 2017 | Version 5.2

All fine but descend is always shown around 100m for every activity

Udviklerens svar
13. december 2017, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review but the Dozen Run does not show Total Descent?

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