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Runcasts is a podcast player designed to make syncing podcasts to your Garmin watch as simple and quick as possible, no iTunes or computer necessary.</p><p></p><p>Runcasts works by constantly monitoring your podcasts for new episodes and once new episodes appear, our servers proactively compress and store them until your next sync.</p><p></p><p></p><p>=== How It Works ===</p><p></p><p>• Sign up at</p>


!!! NOTE: Some users are reporting that installing Runcasts is causing issues with other music apps. We've reported this issue to Garmin and will update once we have more info !!!</p><p></p><p>=== 4.1 ===</p><p>• More accurate download progress (captures more samples to better estimate download speed)</p><p></p><p>=== 4.0 ===</p><p>• Runcasts now supports cover art!</p><p>• New 'Sync' menu for Vivoactive 3 Music</p>

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Gennemsnitlig bedømmelse: (38 bedømmelser)

23. august 2019

Cant uninstall the app and cant open my Spotify. Any ideas? This is rubbish

Nicola McFarlane
18. august 2019

Can’t access my Spotify anymore and I can’t uninstall this!!

17. august 2019

Can’t do anything with this. Can’t even uninstall...

Amy Bartell
16. august 2019

Used to work, with some glitches, but now the website is no longer accessible when I try to access it via the Garmin connect app.

Neil catley
14. august 2019

Works well, but very overpriced at $60/year! I'd be tempted to pay a one off charge, but the license/subscription model adds up too quickly.

Scott Boyle
12. august 2019

Be warned: Installing this wiped the rest of my music off my FR645. I don’t know how, or when exactly. I went for a run immediately after installing it and it worked well for that one run. But later that day I opened the music app, tried to change providers, and found that there were no other providers. Only Runcasts. And I mean ONLY runcasts. No Spotify, but also no “my music” and even the “Control Phone” and “Add Provider” options was gone! The entire music functionality had basically become only the runcast app, because that was the only option I had to select from the Providers screen. I had to uninstall runcasts and Spotify to get my Garmin default options back. I added Spotify back on and now I’m sitting here re-syncing hundreds of songs from Spotify. -_- a huge waste of time. Spotify has podcasts. This app is undoubtedly better suited for them, but I am hesitant to resinstall it....

Udviklerens svar
12. august 2019, rconradharris

Thanks for the details, we'll be contacting Garmin to figure out what's going on here and get a fix out ASAP. -Rick

Darren McEntee
9. august 2019

Works flawlessly. First time setup was quick. Sync'd perfectly. I'm now out running with all my podcasts. Great app! ... if (very) limited on the free option.

Ken Hohenthaner
7. august 2019

DO NOT DOWNLOAD ON 645 MUSIC. Somehow erased my entire synced Spotify library and will not allow any other music app to be used and will not let me delete it. My music is not in another folder somewhere as the developer mentioned either. The are very clear glitches happening within the music function on my watch now and Garmin has confirmed this. Have to completely reset my watch per Garmin to resolve this. Horrible app, not ready for public use by a long shot. Absolute nightmare and the app kept giving some error and never worked in the first place.

Udviklerens svar
14. august 2019, rconradharris

Ken, that sounds absolutely awful, and I 100% agree that it's unacceptable for your Spotify to be affected by Runcasts. I've spent time focusing on what the root cause is, and it appears to be a problem with how the underlying Connect IQ interacts with these applications - unfortunately, to my endless frustration, at this time I have no access into the Connect IQ internals to make changes to how Connect IQ talks to music apps. I've raised the issue with Garmin, and they've let me know that they're tracking the issue. As soon as I hear more, I'll post an update. -Rick

3. august 2019

Manual syncing is extremely unreliable. There is no way to remove a podcast from the queue on the website.

Udviklerens svar
12. august 2019, rconradharris

Hi Beeng, the reliability of the syncing is usually dictated by the quality of the Wi-Fi signal at the location you're syncing from. The app internally performs 'retries' to try to fetch content in the face of poor signal quality, but that only helps so much. I'd recommend trying from a different location to see if that helps. For 2) you can remove a podcast by clicking 'Unsubscribe' on the podcast page for a whole podcast, or if an individual episode 'Played'. If you still run into issues, please contact [email protected] and I'd be happy to help! -Rick

20. juli 2019

It's a pretty seamless app: a nice web interface to manage podcast subscriptions and a reliable watch app to play them locally. Download performance is really good too because their servers intermediate between the watch and the source. I'm really happy with it. Would like to have a few playback features like fast-forward and rewind. Still, I'm overall very happy with the features, e.g. variable playback speed and private podcast feeds.

Jon Manning
6. juli 2019

My Garmin 645 Music can no longer see any installed music after loading this app. Still broken after uninstalling this app. Never was able to get any podcast to do anything either.

Udviklerens svar
9. juli 2019, rconradharris

Hi Jon, Your music should still be there: it's likely just under the 'My Music' provider (or 'Spotify' if you use that). You can switch between 'My Music' and 'Runcasts' by holding-down the UP button on the player to bring up the menu. The 645 Music is probably our most tested device, so if you have any trouble syncing podcasts, let us know at [email protected] and we'd be happy to get it sorted out for you!

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