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Configurable watch face inspired by the Star Trek movies</p><p>You can support my work with a small donation.</p><p></p><p>V 1.01 - Added compatibility for new beta firmwares

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  • Skridtdata (antal skridt, du tager dagligt)
  • vívoactive® HR vívoactive® HR
Gennemsnitlig bedømmelse: (78 bedømmelser)

10. april 2017

Do not install .. i cant delete it from my watch

Scott Rider
4. april 2017

I would give 5 stars if it could display my heart rate.

30. marts 2017

I always come back to this one. Great appearance and very useful.

22. marts 2017

My favorite watchface. Incredibly functional and appeals to my Trek side, BUT it would be nice if I could display my HR in the custom datafields. Only reason I couldn't give a 5 star. 4.5 if I could.

26. februar 2017

Great watchface

9. januar 2017

I love 95% of this watch face! Not only does it play to my nerd nature, but it's actually quite functional and useful, with all the data visible on the screen. As others have mentioned, I do wish that the seconds were visible more of the time, but that's really not THAT important. 5/5; It's my preferred watch face

6. januar 2017

Übersichtlich und Perfekt für jeden Nerd :-)

24. december 2016

This made my day! would it be possibible to add heart rate at the bottom and ad seconds to the 24hr time?

27. november 2016

The two dashes next to the time are where the seconds are supposed to display. They need a little bit more room so the font can actually render. Other than that, I love the design.

27. november 2016

Really liked the look. Very polished. Would like to see more customization options.

27. november 2016

Great watchface. I like how it looks, good balance of info per space. 5 stars if heart rate included. Thank-you!

Horiguchi Masato
24. november 2016

If the SFAPS logo can be used as a notificarion icon, it will be more COOL & useful.

Kevin Jamieson
7. november 2016

Needs heart rate as a field option.

Vladimír Bugdol
6. november 2016

Pro fanoušky Star Trek nutnost! Díky moc.

27. oktober 2016

Boldy Going Where No Watch Face Has Gone Before!

7. oktober 2016

LCARS is my mobile OS of choice!

Tobias Unterstenhöfer
11. september 2016

Great Watchface with all the info I need except for hr. Love the look too although I'm more the Star Wars guy.... :)

31. august 2016

Great for Trekkies, but I miss heart rate as a data source, which I find more interesting than calories.

27. august 2016

GREAT! I totally agree with everything everyone else has said. A BEER for you Stanislav.

Ríona Sutherland
17. august 2016

Splendid combination of functionality and Trekkie goodness

25. juli 2016

It looks amazing!

19. juli 2016

Classic look, all the info.

18. juli 2016

Everything I want to know at a glance in an easy to read format. The fact that it's also Star Trek themed is just a happy bonus.

24. juni 2016

Excelent! Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam

Chai Ukosaramik
23. juni 2016

Love it.

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