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The Classic Sport watch face is made with the athlete in mind, but retains a sleek analog design. The layout includes step distance, date, battery charge, and Bluetooth status indicators.</p><p>Please configure your watch face via Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin Express. Here is how to do it:</p><p>This app requires access to ...

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Průměrné hodnocení: (31 hodnocení)

12. leden 2018 | Verze 3.3-upd1

Colors are much more muted than shown in Connect IQ Store. Second hand randomly stops or disappears altogether. More customization would be nice. Only colors can be changed and only 4 of them to choose from.

9. listopad 2017 | Verze 3.3-upd1

ziet er niet het zelfde uit

29. září 2017 | Verze 3.3-upd

תמונה לא חדה ורק בצבע כחול

18. červenec 2017 | Verze 3.2-u

Very nice

12. červen 2017 | Verze 3.2-u

Resolution for analog faces is a massive disappointment.

11. červen 2017 | Verze 3.2-u

Second hand works once selected for about 10 second then it disappears, I expect more from a a garmin watch face!

26. duben 2017 | Verze 3.2-u

Very nice in bleu. Data could be configurable

18. duben 2017 | Verze 3.2-u

It's ok - better than a lot but the daytime visibility isn't great

9. březen 2017 | Verze 3.2

Where is the second hand?!This seems to be a problem with other watchfaces from Garmin as well

16. září 2016 | Verze 3.1-upd


29. červenec 2016 | Verze 3.0

Nefunkcni vterinova rucicka. (Malfunctioning seconds hand.)

21. červenec 2016 | Verze 3.0

The watch face itself is handsome and you can change the accent colors. Functionally, I think it falls short and the design language seems unclear. The left dial tells you the distance, but the segmented ring is just a canned animation. I was hoping it was indicating step progress or something else useful. 3 of the rings tell you a single piece of information and all 3 in a different way: - Bluetooth via active icon - Battery via passive icon and number - Distance via number, text units, and unrelated animated ring The 4th ring jams in 3 pieces of information via number, text, and functioning ring indicator. (does anyone actually forget the month?) I do appreciate the stability and clean design. Hopefully in a future release they can clean up how the 4 rings are used.

15. červenec 2016 | Verze 3.0

The colour options and overall design give this 2 stars otherwise it would only have 1 star. Poor number definition and barely readable text on the days-of-the-week dial let this watch down. In reality it is not as crisp or defined as the misleading images. Other developers also have settings where you can change the information displayed on the small dials designed to provide customised and immediate data to it's owner. Strange that Garmin do not do this themselves yet.

15. červenec 2016 | Verze 3.0

Like the analog designed wf, but hard to read day font.

9. květen 2016 | Verze 2.1

2.1 version stopped working...

18. prosinec 2015 | Verze 1.0

Been looking for an sporty analog watch so this is near perfect for me. However the distance not matching the system settings is a definite oversight. On the visual side, color options through Garmin Connect would be a huge plus. And just personally, I don't feel the stencil style numbers fit the otherwise sleek display. Thanks for the new analogs though!

17. prosinec 2015 | Verze 1.0

Very low quality, has any of Garmin developers ever checked how it looks like on the device?

15. prosinec 2015 | Verze 1.0

Nice !

14. prosinec 2015 | Verze 1.0

Good but I wish it had the antialiased view on the watch too... :D

14. prosinec 2015 | Verze 1.0

Very clustered and difficult to read on fenix 3. Blue colour is way off from pic. For a garmin made face you'd think it would have smoother graphics.

13. prosinec 2015 | Verze 1.0

with Fenix 3 updated 5.1 Got a very weird result as I used it for one day and night and this morning 12% left battery even I started with 94% yesterday... Anyone have the same problem? Yes, the blue on the interface could be (if possible) a bit more brighter. Thank you. Sincerely.

12. prosinec 2015 | Verze 1.0

Nice but on Fenix 3 the contrast of blue is not as nice as shown in connect IQ. It also slows down a lot the watch reaction when you want to navigate between widgets and I have now some crashes with cyclism application (with 2 ConnectIQ data field).

12. prosinec 2015 | Verze 1.0

Could be in b/w colours

9. prosinec 2015 | Verze 1.0

Very nice looking face. But, it shows Km for the step units when my watch is set to miles - can it follow the system unit setting? Also would be great if the color was configurable.

9. prosinec 2015 | Verze 1.0

Great design. Like it!

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