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OCD HR-ETA (Heart Rate-Estimated Time of Arrival)

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DF for bikers</p><p></p><p>Why and What? Using the bike computer I miss two features: to check in a glance all related with HR (current bpm, Zone, %HRMax…) and to have an estimation about the time I need to spend to reach certain distance to fit my available time with my workout time on the fly</p><p></p><p>Basically, the data field has 2 main functions or sections:</p><p></p><p>=====Time estimation section (upper)</p>


1.8 IMPROVED auto rotate ETA values.</p><p>1.7 IMPROVED ETE & Next distance Goal format (showing a minus before the values and adding a h to split hours and minutes when remaining time is not about minutes but hours). Minor fix issued alternating grey and black colors for current and next estimated values.</p><p>1.6 ADDED new calculation method for %HR based on Karvonen's Method (taking into account RestingHR and MaxHR) in addition to currently method based on Maximum HR.</p>

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Ken Tobias
21. října 2017 | Verze 1.4a

This would be my favorite data field if the top fields could be set to something more practical like speed/distance/altitude data. Very few (none) of my rides have goals or routes so these numbers are just gibberish that jumps all over the place. I'd guess this is true for most riders.

Je nám líto, ale zatím nejsou k dispozici žádné statistiky.