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You can support me by following this link</p><p>-------------</p><p>Digital desing WatchFace</p><p>Features for now</p><p>- Movebar</p><p>- StepBar(with double goal feature)</p><p>- Color Configuration</p><p>- 12/24 Hours Format</p><p>- Km or miles, based on watch settings</p><p>- Connection Status</p><p>- Notification Status</p><p>- Alarm Status</p><p>- AmPm Indicator</p>


Version: 0.4.0b</p><p>- Date Format Settings</p><p>- Fix Battery Icon (Now its more correct)</p><p></p><p>Version: 0.5.0b</p><p>- Additional date format(As requested by users)</p><p>- Add color configuration for 2xgoal inticator</p><p>- Add color configuration In circles text data</p><p></p><p>Version: 0.6.2b</p><p>- fēnix® 5X fēnix® 5 quatix® 5 Support</p><p>Version: 0.7.1a</p><p>- forerunner 645/music forerunner 935 Support</p>

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Tato aplikace vyžaduje přístup k:

  • Ponechat spuštěné na pozadí, když není aktivní (může ovlivnit výdrž baterie)
  • Historie srdečního tepu, barometru, teploty a nadmořské výšky
  • Váš fitness profil v aplikaci Garmin Connect™
  • Forerunner® 645 Forerunner® 645
  • Forerunner® 645 Music Forerunner® 645 Music
  • Forerunner® 935 Forerunner® 935
  • fēnix® 3 fēnix® 3, quatix® 3, tactix® Bravo
  • fēnix® 3 HR fēnix® 3 HR
  • fēnix® 5 fēnix® 5, quatix® 5
  • fēnix® 5 Plus fēnix® 5 Plus
  • fēnix® 5S fēnix® 5S
  • fēnix® 5S Plus fēnix® 5S Plus
  • fēnix® 5X fēnix® 5X, tactix® Charlie
  • fēnix® 5X Plus fēnix® 5X Plus
  • fēnix® Chronos fēnix® Chronos
Průměrné hodnocení: (61 hodnocení)

18. května 2019 | Verze 0.8.0a

Very nice watch face (one of my favorites), but very limited data fields to select from and no option to set all icons to white (which makes the watch face to colorful).

Jose Luis
30. dubna 2019 | Verze 0.8.0a

Me parece un fondo de pantalla top simple y muy moldeable y colorido

20. září 2018 | Verze 0.8.0a

I really like this watch face. I'm using it for well over 6 months now and it's great. Try some others, always returned to it a day after, tops. And now, when the seconds pops up when I turned my wrist is finally working it turn from great to superb. If you're able to make it an always on option, than it will be awesome.

Odpověď vývojáře
20. září 2018, Solte

Thank you for your review. Not all devices support always on seconds and yes it would be added in future updates.

11. září 2018 | Verze 0.8.0a

Hi! Would you mind add time to next sun event (Sunrise/Sunset) to available data?

Odpověď vývojáře
11. září 2018, Solte

Hi there. Thnks for review. I'll add this feature to the user's wishlist.

Gerd Müller
10. září 2018 | Verze 0.7.3a

After the new update watchface crashed on my fenix 5! Please fix! THX

Odpověď vývojáře
10. září 2018, Solte

Unfortunately for now I can't detect what cause of the problem. I don't have any Fenix 5 series watch and can't property test what wrong with watch face. However I want to asure you that do day evening I'll be able to try figure out what problem is.

Gigity Cristian
8. září 2018 | Verze 0.7.3a

Very nice watch face, worked fine and without issues, but after the new update the watch face crashes :( Re-installed and is crashing again :( Request via e-mail for support - no answer :( Deleted :( # For Garmin Fenix 5

3. září 2018 | Verze 0.7.3a

I think it’s a great face and I really do enjoy it but it has stopped working on my Fenix 5x. When I scroll through the faces on my watch, it displays “IQ” with a little exclamation mark. I have uninstalled and installed the face and have even turned my watch off and back on and still nothing.

31. srpna 2018 | Verze 0.7.3a

Can you add floor climb option?

27. srpna 2018 | Verze 0.7.2b

Es mi favorito sin duda alguna

Mihai Campan
23. srpna 2018 | Verze 0.7.2b

Foarte Practic!

Tim Reiter
30. července 2018 | Verze 0.7.2b

How can the altitude be changed from meters to feet?

Will Cowell
24. července 2018 | Verze 0.7.2a

How do I change the calories icon to show HR instead?

24. července 2018 | Verze 0.7.2a

please add support for the 5 plus line! I just upgraded to the 5X plus from the 5X and would love to have the best watch face on my new watch! It just won't be the same without it...

Odpověď vývojáře
24. července 2018, Solte

Thanks for kind review. I will try find time to add support for new devices.

24. července 2018 | Verze 0.7.2a

Great, but there is a problem with the seconds in a fenix 5s, it shows -- It could be possible to fix it or add the possibility of remove it? Adding recovery time also will be great.

Odpověď vývojáře
24. července 2018, Solte

Hi there. I will add possiblity to disable seconds in a next few days.

Henning Borgmann
19. července 2018 | Verze 0.7.2a

Love this Design - sadly with the last Update the Seconds are sometimes there and sometimes not... Then the Display shows „ — „ instad of the seconds. Is it possierlich to fix this?

Odpověď vývojáře
19. července 2018, Solte

Hi there. Two dashes indicate that device in low power mode. Unfortunately most of all old devices didn't support partial screen refreshing. So until I have my own device to test it though I will not release update. For now I will add possibility to switch off seconds

10. července 2018 | Verze 0.7.2a

Nice watch face and faster than other third party watch faces. I think i will keep it for a while. If the developer is looking for inspiration, i would suggest the following: 1.) monochrome icons and let the user select the color. 2.) add more data fields, like intensity minutes, recovery time, floors climbed and training stress value.

9. července 2018 | Verze 0.7.2a

Bitte Display Top Battery Icon mit %

Marcin Karkut
19. června 2018 | Verze 0.7.1e

I try many watch face's but this one is the best. Recommended!!!?

Rob Kenjiwhe
28. května 2018 | Verze 0.7.1e

Makes my F5 freeze. Not funny!

24. května 2018 | Verze 0.7.1e

If the time was a bit bigger on the 935 it would be great. The font size for the three circles is perfect so don't shrink those ! :)

20. května 2018 | Verze 0.7.1d

Würde es gut finden wenn die Akku Anzeige mit oben in der Mitte wäre. Hat man unten ein Feld mehr.

12. května 2018 | Verze 0.6.2b

Just perfect, thanks a lot.

Robert Williams
3. května 2018 | Verze 0.6.2b

Love this watch face, very crisp and clean design. Keep up the great work

14. března 2018 | Verze 0.6.2b

Great watchface. Pls add %for battery. Minutes color pls make chanchable. Dots between hour and minutes add. And make left line looks like a chain from small cubes.

Oliver Simon
13. února 2018 | Verze 0.6.2b

Great watchface, I love all the fields for information. But would be great if the font for the time could be changed to make it look even better

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