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Fenix3 titanium bezel and band looks sharp while also reducing weight. The watch face layout is inspired by a car instrument panel, clearly shows your elevation, step count, the current day, date, and remaining battery charge. Let you enjoy a simple and stylish life.</p><p>* This app requires access to: </p><p>Your Garmin Connect™ fitness profile.

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Průměrné hodnocení: (133 hodnocení)

Blues Lewis
17. březen 2018 | Verze 1.7-upd4

No Second hand showing and the Minute hand was red (like the second hand in the picture).

6. březen 2018 | Verze 1.7-upd2


Dirk 🇳🇱
9. únor 2018 | Verze 1.7-upd2

Cool face, but like others have said, the second hand disappears. I like that I can choose distance instead of altimeter.

Harri Toivonen
7. únor 2018 | Verze 1.7-upd2

Now clock face changes itself all the time. After not used a while normal analog face and after checking another widget titanium come back.

31. leden 2018 | Verze 1.7-upd

Developer!! what r u doing? It's been so long time not shows a second hand. Is it critical problem? Why nobody have not response!!!!

23. leden 2018 | Verze 1.7-upd

Downloaded and installed it on my watch on 10pm yesterday with 80% battery. I woke up in the morning with my watch showing 1% battery left.

Erwin Bischofberger
23. leden 2018 | Verze 1.7-upd

Schönes Design. Das "Problem" mit dem Sekundenzeiger, welcher nicht immer sichtbar ist, hat System ;-). Der Sekundenzeiger erscheint nur, wenn die Beleuchtung der Uhr, durch Bewegung einschaltet. Schaltet die Beleuchtung wieder ab, verschwindet der Sekundenzeiger. Bei manueller Aktivierung der Uhr (Beleuchtung) erscheint der Sekundenzeiger nicht. Vielleicht ist das eine neue Art um Energie zu sparen....?

20. leden 2018 | Verze 1.7-upd

La lancetta dei secondi scompare su fenix 5x

Jose Manuel
12. leden 2018 | Verze 1.7-upd

El alimento no funciona nada bien y es a mi parecer el principal atractivo de esta face

Eric Spero
11. leden 2018 | Verze 1.7-upd

Would be nice to be able to customize the data fields since altitude is not something of high importance. Also, the wavy lines in the background of the photo do not render on my fenix 5X, and the white accent ring is just a bunch of disconnected tick marks. Having owned this watch for less than a week I am a little disappointed that the white doesn't "pop" as much on the watch as it does on any of these watch face pictures. White shows up more as a light-grey with a little bit of blue.

Christi Johnson
11. leden 2018 | Verze 1.7-upd

Second hand appears and disappears. It isn't visible most of the time on the FR935. The Altimeter is alsi inaccurate showing a negative value. It was nice to be able to change it to distance instead. It's my favorite watchface so far. Thanks for all the work you put into it.

7. leden 2018 | Verze 1.7-upd

Schaut eigentlich schön aus, aber leider spinnt der Sekundenzeiger. Manchmal ist er sichtbar, dann wieder nicht.

Todd B
31. prosinec 2017 | Verze 1.7-upd

Nice face but altimeter not accurate and no way to adjust it even though there is a manual calibration in settings it doesn’t change the altitude on the face. Usually off by 500ft or more.

Aaron Meyer
29. prosinec 2017 | Verze 1.7-upd

Cool face, but like others have said, the second hand disappears. I like that I can choose distance instead of altimeter.

Martin Libal
29. prosinec 2017 | Verze 1.7-upd

It looks like great but the second hand disappears after a while:-( please check it. Fenix5 FW:7.10

Lorenzo B Merrill
13. prosinec 2017 | Verze 1.7-upd

No second that’s a bummer!

Jürgen Dorfer
7. prosinec 2017 | Verze 1.7-upd

Great watch face, but we want to change the colour! ( into white )

Guillaume Huteau
7. prosinec 2017 | Verze 1.7-upd

Doesnt look good on vivoactive 3. Probably better suited to bigger frames. Customisation options limited.

Michal R
29. listopad 2017 | Verze 1.7-upd

1) Why is the height displayed always lower -1 meter versus altimeter? The same value for the battery: -1% than the value in the setting. 2) Add more color selections than just red.

28. listopad 2017 | Verze 1.7-upd

Second hand worked for about 15 seconds after installing, then gone. I'm in health care, I need a second hand. Don't show it in the description if it is not functional.

Giancarlo Capanni
27. listopad 2017 | Verze 1.7-upd

ok, funziona.... ma senza personalizzazioni

Milton Styron
26. listopad 2017 | Verze 1.7-upd

It shows a second hand as red with the watch hands as white but not what I have. So it is hard to read in low light. Also don’t really need altitude. It is easy to read when I can read it.

Jan Kotva
24. listopad 2017 | Verze 1.7-upd

Very nice and readable. But after one day i have on screen only "17: " and nothing else.

13. listopad 2017 | Verze 1.7-upd

Great watch face - conveys lots of information whilst remaining easy to read. It would be nice to be able to configure the data fields though - as for example altitude is not useful at all for me, but HR would be.

10. listopad 2017 | Verze 1.7-upd

My favorite so far. I would totally love it if secondary arm was visible AND if the Garmin logo was visible too (as shown in the pictures). I have a VA3.

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