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Configurable watch face inspired by the Star Trek movies</p><p>You can support my work with a small donation.</p><p></p><p>V 1.01 - Added compatibility for new beta firmwares

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Tato aplikace vyžaduje přístup k:

  • údajům o krocích (počet kroků za den)
  • vívoactive® HR vívoactive® HR
Průměrné hodnocení: (78 hodnocení)

15. června 2016 | Verze 1.00

Awesome job! please add HR and a option to hiding the Star Trek logo. Live long and prosper

Simon Clare
15. června 2016 | Verze 1.00

Great watch face!!

13. června 2016 | Verze 1.00

Love it big star trek fan!

2. června 2016 | Verze 1.00

Excellent Love it, but more customisation options would make it 5 stars. Hat off to you good sir!

Tirza Ollrich
29. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

Great stuff, but please tell me what means "msg"????? This is not a floor I climbed?!!

Jan Pichrt
25. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

Good sking, but for perfect rating, please add HR and colon options! :)

24. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

Love it, just wish had Heart rate as option for the data fields

Alexander Hall
16. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

Excellent, but needs some more customization options in order to be 5 stars. Would like to see the move alert as one of the lines for example. Plus show average heart rate, min heart rate, max heart rate for the day as other configuration items.

15. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

top rated watch face, but i just can not customize it....

15. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

I really like this watch face and use it as standard, but the only reason I swap it sometimes, is to see the move alert status on other watch faces, if one of the colour lines on the display could transition through the statuses of move alert, it would be perfect!!

13. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

Best thing ever.

Roger Goswell
12. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

Love this face. Would live to see the HR as an option. But all in exceptionally good stuff

11. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

Best watch screen for the vivoactive HR. Asking the developer to put in an option to remove the Star Trek logo (since I'm really a fan) and maybe include some other items for that location like HR or activity (for the top red bar maybe?).

9. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

Nice geeky watch face. Would love to see HR and move bar options in configuration screen.

6. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

Soo cool but the 24h time seems not working and the seconds disappear sometimes

6. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

This is an excellent watch face. Has almost all the info I want/need on it. Could do with having HR on it but other than that it's great. Also some serious geek cred!

4. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

Would like to be able to customize the colors and data fields, as well as logo off/on/alt options, but 5 stars as it is now amazing!

4. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

Could be slightly better for 5 stars but cool none the less. I will be using this one for awhile.

2. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

Super cute! Really well-designed watch face for Star Trek geeks. Shows most info I need easy access to, would be nice to be able to customise it more and the logo symbol needs a polish, but still cool enough to be 5* from me. Great work.

Mario Schnitzler
1. května 2016 | Verze 1.00

Sieht schick aus. Evtl könnte die Schrift insgesamt etwas größer sein. Aber ich finde dennoch 5 Sterne wert.

Je nám líto, ale zatím nejsou k dispozici žádné statistiky.