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Did you always want to be able to wear a matrix scoreboard on your wrist? Now you can! It even tells you time, date, steps and battery level and whether your watch is connected to your phone. Could you ask for more? </p><p></p><p>*********** Feedback and support ***********</p><p>General feedback and support:</p><p>To support the developer:</p>

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  • epix™ epix™
  • ForeAthlete® 920XTJ ForeAthlete® 920XTJ
  • Forerunner® 920XT Forerunner® 920XT
  • vívoactive® vívoactive®
Průměrné hodnocení: (51 hodnocení)

Erik Wilde
11. března 2015 | Verze 1.1

love it! dream up some nice way to make it even better! so much better than the garmin face (which gets stuck at 100%).

6. března 2015 | Verze 1.1

Very clean and easy to read! Can bring the Bluetooth icon back pls... Thanks developer !

David Lago
5. března 2015 | Verze 1.1

It looks awesome! Way better than the default one. And I like that you can see the percentage of battery left.

John van Duijne
3. března 2015 | Verze 1.1

Great view, absolutely my favorite. Is it possible to display the time and other information in diverent colours?

27. února 2015 | Verze 1.1


Mike Wright
23. února 2015 | Verze 1.1

Really like this watch face, just wondering if you could make a version without the steps field, replaced with the day of the week. also is it possible to use a zero when the hour field does not have two digits like 09:30 instead of 9:30?

19. února 2015 | Verze 1.1

Very good concept but very hard to see

18. února 2015 | Verze 1.1

Best one so far!

17. února 2015 | Verze 1.1

Easily my favorite watch face.

16. února 2015 | Verze 1.1

Excelent watch Face. Now it's the default in my forerunner 920. The only things I miss are the Alarm and Bluetooth icon. I hope you can add them in the next version. And the zero under 10 hours will be great too.

11. února 2015 | Verze 1.1

Really good. Simple to see with good presentation The only one I can see without glasses.

9. února 2015 | Verze 1.1


8. února 2015 | Verze 1.1

This is the cleanest watch face available. Really like the layout, though there is a bit of empty space during single digit hours. Would really like to see a ":" between the hour and minute (just seems like it would make sense with this design).

4. února 2015 | Verze 1.1

By far the best of the watch faces to date. Clean, professional looking and attractive.

David Williamson
27. ledna 2015 | Verze 1.1

I agree with SRWilson. The look is very pleasing and one of the only ones that I have used for more than a few hours.

Frank Williams
27. ledna 2015 | Verze 1.1

Love the look

Bernhard Raggam
25. ledna 2015 | Verze 1.1

This one is absolutely my favorite watch face. The only thing that annoys me a bit is that the display looks a bit empty/strange when the hour value is lower than ten. Could you probably add a 0 in front of the hour value for that case? Would be great!

24. ledna 2015 | Verze 1.1

I really like this one and the only one I've left on my watch for more than a couple of hours. It would be super nice if you could change the colors to match the selected activity.

Stephane Lefebvre
21. ledna 2015 | Verze 1.0

My preferred! Just miss the bluetooth, alarm and sleeping icon.

20. ledna 2015 | Verze 1.0

Sleep indicator would be nice

Radek Brunner
20. ledna 2015 | Verze 1.0

only slow swipe between screens but very nice look